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Hi, how i can change the location in the map? thanks

Hi, in your main.js file starting from line 163 you should have google map settins, search for var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(45.738028,21.224535); and marker var companyPos = new google.maps.LatLng(45.738028,21.224535); Thanks.

Wordpress V1.2 has these bugs fixed: Fixed top margin, on colorbox pop-up (news & porfolio) Fixed scroll height in colorbox pop-up (news & porfolio)

Would it be possible to fix it here on this theme?

Hi, i mean on our Ticksy , thx

Thanks again for the great theme. How do i slow down the testimonials or get rid of the auto rotate all together?


Hi, try this edit main.js file located in JS folder (make a backup first), go to line 445 or search for #testimonials-carousel , modify auto: {pauseDuration: 5000} to auto: {pauseDuration: 5000,play :false} , also you can modify rotate animation speed, using this scroll: {duration : 1500} larger is slower. Thanks

Hello, where do I set the offset for the scrollto in the .js? Making the padding-top bigger then 100px it’s not an option.

Hi, just open a ticket on and will give indication for file modification, also we will put the modified files on a ftp for everyone to have access. Thanks.

I fixed it myself :) Thank you.

I’ve found some bugs, bugs that have been reported to you by other members and still aren’t fixed. I’ll conntact you in few days.

Ok, thanks for Feedback

Hello, How to make the Project Portfolio page is centered correctly in the window? for me they are always down the page at the first reading. On the other hand, when I put my website on my server online, no images are loading properly… Thanks Hector18

I do not know how ticksy works. can you give me more information? Thanks

Hi, check here

Hi, I sent a ticket on Clapat Studio. Thanks

hi, I have 1 issue with Paralax scrolling. I’d like to control the scroll speed – make it faster. how do I do that ?

Hi, you should modify the main.js file starting from line 41 for example
$('.separator4-bg').parallax("100%", 0.1);
modify last parameter for each separator background. Note that you might need taller images, if you increase speed.

I am sorry, I need to modify the scrolling speed of whole template, I don’t need to modify the speed of separators. For example: when I click on contacts, I what that it scrolls down more slowly till it arrives at contact info. thanks


The menù doesn’t work with google chrome WHY?


do you always answer the support questions after 3-5 days?!

Hi, sorry for delay , but you got the weekend, also, we have for support, it’s easier and you can search for similar questions. Regarding your question in your main.js file from line 47 replace
$('#navigation ul').localScroll(1000);
    $('#navigation ul').localScroll({
        offset: -100,
Here you can modify duration – larger is slower, and offset, is the top pading, of a section related to navigation bar. Hope it helps Thanks.

Hi Hector,

I have an issue with portrait pictures on the portfolio page, How do I fix the height of the image to fix into a screen without needing to scroll it?

here is the website link.

Hi, for some reason the parrallax background image in site sections does not work – though there was no change on that. Even after a new upload and and a new insert in site sections of the image URL the separator does not show at all.


I get this error when I am trying to upload the zipped file which is only 2.8mb

“The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”

Please help :(

Hi there.

I have the same issue as others (Photo-shop and PiotrG) about the project pages not centering. I tried those fixes posted here, but did not work for me.

I posted a ticksy ticket as well. Please let me know what else i can try to get these to center consistently.


I think I found something that might help:

colorbox.js Line 24:

cboxContent{position:absolute; margin-top:80px; overflow:visible;}

/* changed margin-top from 150 to 80. Added absolute position. This helps, but is ignored on first page load somtimes. */

So I think this is part of the fix maybe? Seems to sometimes on first Project page load, then on second load of same project, it works. Perhaps this needs to be set every time, but not sure where or how to do that.

Please advise.

Hector and Clapat – did you forget about me or what? It’s been nearly two weeks since i first posted the bug that your software ships with. Still unresolved.

Hello! I’m very interested in buying your html theme, but I have a few questions, maybe you can help me:

1. Can I make the portfolio section my homepage? I want something like this:

2. Can I use typekit fonts? (this is the main reason I want this version instead of a wordpress theme)

3. Thank you/ multumesc!

Hello, I wanted to know if you are able to send the code for adding captcha to the site? I have been receiving quite a bit of spam and would love to put a stop to it.


Need some help on the eleven theme please. How do you remove the view details boxes on the services page, we don’t need these?

2. The theme has the bar highlighted over the home page navigation, it doesn’t move from this space when you click on the other services, how can this be fixed

Here is the link to the site

Thanks in advance

When editing and testing, the portfolio detail window is not loading. Error message “This content can not be loaded” Checked the paths, can’t figure it out. please help.

You need to provide us a link with your template, so we can try to fix the problem

nevermind I resolved it. HOWEVER I am also having issue with the project pages not centering in the window. I’ve looked through comments and can’t find solution. please help

This will be solved in the next update

Hi, what would be the easiest way to make the Phone Number portion of the Contact Form optional? I would still like it as a field, but not a required one. Should I just delete the ‘Else if trim phone’ and ‘Else if numeric phone’ lines from contact.php? If so, will this pose any security risks? Thanks.

Need to be deleted from php file and also from contact form js and form html.


I also have the same problem as others where the images aren’t centered in the window. Do you know when the update with the solution will be released? It seems to be a solid template with this one major issue.

We gonna try to release it next week.

Hi, did this ever get fixed?

Hi, we can give you the modification you need to do on Thanks.

I can’t get the portfolio section to load the “project.html” to load. I get a “content failed to load” message. This also happens with the version I downloaded without any modifications. Thoughts?

The portfolio popup is made with ajax and load an external HTML. Browsers don`t support that on local. Just upload your website on your server and will work perfect. Cheers and thanks!

Thank you

Hi, Great theme. Am having a couple of issues: 1) I notice on the ipad and on smaller browser settings, the background images for the separators tile and show a seam. How do I stop them from tiling and make sure that they are centered on all devices ? 2) I want to change the background color of individual sections “like contact” > Cannot figure out where in the css to do that exactly. I can send you the url privately if you need to look at a preview of the site. Thanks

1. Will be fixed in update. 2. You need to add in style.css a background-color, for each section you want. If you want for contact, jus add

 #contact {background-color:#fff;}