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what a disappointment to see such a beautiful theme and not have the main slider touch responsive!

Would have bought it!

I’ve just bought this template and both the portfolio and the news section are not working properly. Whenever I calick to view more, it shows “this content faild to load”. Any help? Thanks

Hi, just check that you have the permalinks configured properly (like in documentation or video ). If you still have issues open a ticket on with access to your installation. Thanks.

I’m currently running the template in a local server, so can’t share an access with you, but will check this and move it online if necessary so I can give you the access

Ok, keep us updated. Thanks.

Great Template, well done!

However when mobile it seems to have a few issues for me…

  • The Map is full screen which is cool, except when you’re on the mobile and you can’t scroll down past the map as you end up just sliding the map around. Tried to add padding to the css for id map_canvas but it seems there is something more controlling it… javascript!?
  • on mobile the parallax backgrounds don’t scale to fill, so it has to tile the background… it looks fine in the browser when scaled down but on the latest iPhone 5c screen it tiles. Perhaps this one could have been due to me changing the fonts a little, but not sure.

Thanks in advance for any help with these, especially the map! Jeff


Here are the google map options:

If you want to disable the touch drag on mobile use the draggable: false function.

For the separator bg you could try these styles: { background-attachment: scroll; background-position: center top; background-size:cover; height: auto; margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; }

Awesome, thank you very much! Maps are sorted! Still wrestling with the parallaxing, some improvement made with the code above. Cheers, Jeff

BIG PROBLEM! The template is beautiful in safari but when viewed in Chrome or Firefox, there is a missing column of pictures in the portfolio section when viewed at normal sized zoom. The sample template does this so it seems to be a problem for everybody.

I really need to fix this. Please help us!


I already tried that but it doesn’t work :(

It’s a problem with the template itself straight out of the box and no matter what I change in the style.css file, so far, it hasn’t resolved the issue.

Doesn’t work.

HELP! I’m still having a LOT of issues with this temp, particularly in the way the site is “responsive” on different browsers & ESPECIALLY problematic on mobile devices – it freezes while loading on most phones and even crashes the browser as it struggles to load. Is there a way to set the default portfolio thumbnails preview to “off” so I can speed up how the page loads? (so you can then click on portfolio filters to reveal images) Loads fine on tablets just so you know.

STILL CANNOT GET THUMBNAILS TO LOAD CORRECTLY on many browsers after trying a half dozen adjustments including line 1545 as you instructed. Thanks for your help.


The update was released 3 days ago. Please re download the template. Regards

Even after the update, the project page still starts viewing the portfolio at the first image no matter which image the user clicks. This appears very unprofessional is a MAJOR problem. Can you fix it or should I just move on to a different template?

Also, it seems that if all the images aren’t the same size and width, the thumbs still won’t load properly. You should at least add this to the instructions.

Hi guys! I wish if its possible to replace de home slider for a youtube video. I tried adding a slide whith the Youtube shortcode but it doesn’t work. Can you help me? this is the site Best regards!

Hi, please check your documentation, and / or open a ticket from the account you purchased the theme. Thanks.

Hi, I’m having an issue getting the portfolio to link to video. Is there documentation or a link you can send me to that I can see how to do this properly. It just come up with “this content failed to load”. Any thoughts? Cheers

Hi! Purchased several of your templates, love them! I would love to incorporate the ‘separator with video background’ that you included in the wordpress version of “eleven”, but I don’t want to use wordpress, I would be happy to purchase the Responsive One Page Parallax Template version of “eleven” if you could include that code. is that possible? Thanks! Kelley


Please open a ticket on our forum. Thanks

I have purchased this theme and updated website at dropbox

1. Portfolio Section Doesn’t load most of the time until i open chrome console window 2. Images get loaded at very down from top when i click portfolio item.

please help

This template seems to be outdated compared to the wordpress version. I have purchased this template and the author doesn’t even provide support for it. I have no way of creating a ticket on his support page because this item isn’t even listed. The menu’s responsiveness is broken. It doesn’t even get displayed fully. The lightbox (colorbox) has been altered and has vertical scrolling in both directions for no reason, just straight scrolling into a black background. It’s also lacking in responsiveness. Please update your product and provide means of support for this item.

Hey there,

I wanted to use the fullwidth-slider as a front page and inside it wanted to give the user the possibility to automatically scroll to the first section smoothly. I do not show the menu at the bottom or top of the front page. I’ve put a link into the slider html content, directing to the first a-name (similar to the first point in menu) like this: #c-page. when clicking on it, indeed the appropriate section is shown, but there is no smooth scrolling happening. do i need to add some IDs or classes in a JS-script? Found this in main.js:

$(’#navigation ul’).localScroll({duration:1500, easing:’easeInOutQuart’, target:’body’, offset: -100});

added below:

$(’#myid a’).localScroll({duration:1500, easing:’easeInOutQuart’, target:’body’, offset: -100});

but no effect :D seems to be the wrong position in code. Would appreciate help.

Thank you!

Hi, please give us your website url and more details. Thanks

sorry, chose the wrong item in this store to comment at. i purchased this version:

Please open a ticket on and our developer will try to help you. Thanks

Hello i would like to ask for help. i purchased this yesterday and when im about to change the eleven logo to my logo (png). and when i viewed it into mobile view the navigation goes down ..

can i ask a code for it in css?

Oh. is there anyway i could replace it that will work? how about the contact us form? is it working? thank you

Contact form is functional. Please read our documentation. About the newsletter, you need to find a script on web. Regards

Okay thanks for helping Clapat :) have a great night

Hi everyone. I´m from Brazil and I don´t have knowledge about webdesign. Is that possible for me to make a new wesite with this template? Even if i´m not a prefessional? Tks

You need to have knowledge of html and css to customize this template. Regards

I am having trouble with the both the portfolio and the news section not working properly. Whenever I calick to view more, it shows “this content faild to load”. WHY?

It is loaded with ajax. Upload your website on server and will work ok. Regards

A quick question, how do I align the bottom of the map marker to the lat/lon instead of the middle of the marker?

As you zoom out the bottom of the marker ends up in the middle of the ocean, so I’d like it to align with the bottom.



Not sure why it’s not saying “Purchased” – let me know if you need me to prove purchase.

Did you bought the wordpress or the html template?

I bought this template and the image gallery does not work!!!. I got the HTML template and i get the message: This content failed to load….



The content is loaded via ajax. You need to upload on your server and will work. Regards

Tks. I managed to have it working. One more question. in the same gallery, when you click any of the image thumbs it opens the first one in the gallery, not the actual thumb you clicke on… how do I solve this?


For each project you need to create a different html page. Now it is only project.html for all thumbs


Are you still making updates to this theme?

I would like to change the Phone dialogue box to a Subject dialogue box, but am getting caught up in the coding.

I was able to change the title of the box in the index.html, but it looks like the contact.php is not up to code.

I tried removing the $phone references and then adding $subject reference in their place, but something is not working because I keep getting an error message asking me to enter a valid phone number.

I’m sure I missing something obvious and basic, but any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello I respect copyright law . But note that access is blocked to die for me . Note that I sell only translation file format my site I never selling the original theme, and online Preview is only to show for my users. Please open my account again…

Hi there – with the latest update to Wordpress, the slider functionality seems to be broken. See —do you have any suggestions?


Wordpress version of Eleven Theme is no longer available. Try to disable your installed plugins is see if this will solve your problem. Regards