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Can I use a different logo when the header become mobile version?

Thank you!


Unfortunately not, but that’s good idea, I will add it to to-do list.


Hello there,

I’m interested in buying one of your themes but am stuck and can’t figure out the major differences b/n Central, Elison and Eden (especially the last two!) It seems the only distinction between the last two is the search plugin in the latter.

Also another question – I’m leaning towards purchasing Elison – but I prefer the social icons of Eden. Does each theme come with only the icons you’ve mentioned in the elements pages? Is there any chance to get more versions of the social icons with the theme? For example – the pink/red hover state of the Elison social icons is… well… not ideal for my site… like Eden’s beautiful social icons.

...and last question – is it possible to achieve the Central 2 demo header effect with either Elison or Eden?

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you!!


Thank you for interest in our themes.

Main difference is in feature of our framework. Every newer theme has more features, as we develop our framework. Also, there is design difference between themes.

Social icons are based on font awesome. Unfortunately, effects are different per theme..

Header can be white, but social icons can’t be at same position as in Central2.

Thanks a lot :)


Hey Qode,

I’m confused – are you saying that the social icons showed on the elements pages are all you get? What about the black icon on white background that on hover turns the back bit into the color of the social media site? ...like the one in the header of Eden? Those were not listed in the elements page – yet from the demo version seem to be included? It’s confusing – could you please clarify, or point me to a site with all the social media icons included in each theme?

Also – it sounds like no one could edit the CSS of the theme? How come? If i wanted to write my own CSS for the theme and extend it – are you saying that’s not going to be possible?

Also – could you clarify the feature difference between Eden and Elision? After reading very thoroughly your documentation – the only difference is a custom search plugin you wrote. Am I missing anything? More information would be helpful in the purchase process.

Last question – is your theme compatible with the Genesis framework?

Thanks for your help – I am looking forward to learning more on the questions above.




I think there was misunderstanding, so you can email me request to support@qodeinteractive.com (and ignore auto reply message) so I can give you access to our test site, so you can check all options we have :)

Of course that adding custom CSS is possible. We have field for that or you can use child theme :)

Eden is on newer framework and it supports upgrades of Visual Composer, while for Elision we have custom work there and we need to move that custom work to newer version.

No, our theme is built on our framework.


when you upgrade the Theme compatible with Wordpress 3.9??? I buy this theme but with wordpress 3.9 Elision i have lot of bug!!!

PS: this theme is awesome… super powerfull… but not compatible with wordpress3.9

Thanks!! Svevo Mondino


We posted comment 2 days ago:

Dear Customers,

please don’t upgrade WordPress to 3.9 until we test the theme with it and until all plugins used with the theme are tested and if needed upgraded to work well with 3.9. We will update theme’s profile when this process is completed (you should check Software Version attribute there).


I have updated to 3.9 already and my site appears to still work fine. thought id let you know of one bug i have found in the visual composer. The ‘Visual’ tab in text block doesn’t display anything, you have to click the ‘Text’ tab to view your code.


Yes, we are aware of it and we will provide updates of all our themes after Easter. We just need time to handle 15 themes.


I love, I love, I love this theme!!!!

Happy Easter Qode team :)

Hey :D Thanks you so much :D Great feedback :D

Happy Easter too :)

Portfolio section is broken. MacBook Pro (Retina 13 inches) from the … Chrome


can you test same on our demo site and confirm the problem, as we have same computer in our office?


Of course, confirmed. And the menu is broken in Safari. Refer to the link. (macbook pro 13inches retina)

[Screenshot of the demo site] http://nowhelmet.com/img/chrome.png http://nowhelmet.com/img/safari.png The other theme is you look good without any problems. http://nowhelmet.com/img/bridge.png [Working on site] http://nowhelmet.com/wp/?page_id=5860

one more error check please!

home/home dark(our favorite) http://nowhelmet.com/img/homedark.png

Thanks, that’s same portfolio shortcode. I am still waiting for reply, as it’s holiday here today :)


We just tested it and everything is working fine on our end.



mms Purchased


I have just bought the template, thanks.

Zoom-out image on the homepage (dark template). When you scroll down it does not zoom out like it does on the demo.

I checked for answers in the other comments, and have tried some of the ideas like saving the images on my server, etc…. but have no joy in getting it to work yet.

Please can you let me know if there is a setting i need to configure or plugin I need to install to get this to work.

Thanks, Peter

Hey Peter,

It’s already 9pm here, so our support will continue to handle tickets tomorrow.



mms Purchased

Thanks, I’ve put the order number requested for private ticket #202346.

Please also see ticket #203093, thanks.

Thanks. Just assigned it to support team.

Any possibility you could enable a left navigation menu like on Bridge and also a slider option for FADING instead of transition of the slider images moving from right to left? the Home Slide w/ Fade is much better on Bridge.



I am not sure at this point, as we first need to fix compatibility with WP 3.9 and to re-do our custom work with latest version of Visual Composer, which will take decent amount of time. I will discuss this with rest of the team once we update all our themes to work well with. 3,9.



i want to speed up the carousel for show many brands. How can i do that?

Thanks a lot for the theme.

So i detected a few important bugs.

Zoom in/out + parallax doesn’t work in chrome Versión 34.0.1847.116 m (last) i do not in others versions. Firefox too (last version). This are OK in Internet Explorer 11.


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and post ticket ID here so we can review the problem.


Hello Author,

My video backgrounds are working well without the OGG format. Can you tell me where I will run into viewing problems because of not using/adding this format.?



Try to rename extension of video file to .ogv instead of .ogg.



i recently bought your theme, first of all i just love it and im getting pretty comfortable with it but there are some problems i cant get fixed:

1. how can i change contrast color? i set it in qode options>global>first main color, but it wont change (everything saved, im on the 20th revision by now.) Next to “Default first main color” is still the pink colorsample. same for Highlight/selection color

2. Home parallax doesn’t work even after i uploaded the complete sample content and didn´t change a thing. On your demo it works… (in other pages like “Dark Template” it works without issues on my page)

3. “Header Dark/light style for this slide” switch works on my emulated desktop wordpress but not online, is there anything i forgot to do?

4. the photo (simple foto in the home template, visual composer ”.../2013/11/elision01.png” ) disappears (sometimes) without animation and appears never with any animation available.

5. the “Fully Responsive” cloud animation is not fullscfull screen page plus i don´t know how to change the footage at all

6. is it possible to replace the Qode Slider in the mobile version with a single image? it loads forever and doesn´t look good on all devices.

here is a link to the page: http://goo.gl/acKAJT

I hope i don´t ask too much with those questions and thank you in advance!


Please submit all your problems to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access so we can review them and answer all your questions :)


ok sorry im an idiot, after downgrade to 3.8 it works just fine. Thanks for this awesome theme!

Great :) Thanks for the update :)

hi there! i upgraded to 3.9 (just now i read i shouldn’t have done before…) and the upload button in the quode-options is somehow broken. at first the upload button appears gray, after pushing it, the media box appears but the box is also completely dark-gray. when you klick on it the box just disappears.

if you activate color for the map in the contact page, the map tiles produce grey borders (=?) in chrome

i also have difficulties styling the menu via the qode-options - its not reacting – whatever values i put in

but still – superb super theme – really love it thank you


We are working hard to provided custom updated version of visual composer working with Elision theme, but it takes time to complete this task. Also, we are fixing 3.9 issues.


thx a lot =)))

as i experience: chrome reacts very strange at the moment – like the customers parallax section at the bottom can not be seen thx anyway b

You are welcome :)

We hope to have update tomorrow :)

Hey How to enable ‘Qode custom fields’ for woocommerce’s product pages for editing the header/title properties?


There is no way to enable that for single product page, but you can setup shop page with WooCommerce template and configure it from there.


Congratulations very good job, I have two questions I install works fine but very slow I’ve proven me on 2 different servers can work together. The other question this topic is not a guide to tell the location in-home services.

Thank you.

by mistake I clicked on upgrade to version 3.9, but canceled instantly had a backup of the file and replace income remained well but when wp-admin throws me. An update of the database is required

WordPress has been updated! Before continuing, we need to update your database to the latest version.

The update may take a while, so be patient, please.

That time could take the upgrade template.


We are uploading new version of Elision theme compatible with WP 3.9 later today :)



Is there a way to put my social icons in the very top (above the navigation)?

I mean, can you direct me where to put the code that demands?

Thanks and thanks for a great theme.


You should go to Appearance > Widgets and drag Text widget to Header Left widget. There you can post social_icons shortcode:

[social_icons icon="fa-twitter" size="fa-lg" link="http://twitter.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]
[social_icons icon="fa-facebook" size="fa-lg" link="http://www.facebook.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]
[social_icons icon="fa-dribbble" size="fa-lg" link="http://dribbble.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]
[social_icons icon="fa-instagram" size="fa-lg" link="http://instagram.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]
[social_icons icon="fa-pinterest" size="fa-lg" link="http://pinterest.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]
[social_icons icon="fa-google-plus" size="fa-lg" link="http://google.com" target="_blank" background_color="transparent" icon_color="#fff"]

Please make sure header top is enabled in Qode > Header and Footer.


Hello QODE !

Before i buy this ive got a quick question, seeing as the QODE slider goes down in a sort of parallax effect when you scroll down, would it be possible to not have that happen on mobile devices? Because obviously ipads aren’t friendly with parallax and on your test site the content scrolls behind the slider sometimes


We don’t have such feature built-in for this theme. You can check our Bridge theme, it has feature to completely disable parallax effect of slider.


Ah i see, sorry another quick fire question. Could i put a contact form on the home page that looks like the one on the contact page?


Yes. You can use Contact7 plugin to add contact form to any page.


Hi Qode,

How do I insert Tabs or an Accordion in Visual Composer, I can see them in “Qode Shortcodes” (not sure what these do really) inside “text block” but when inserted the whole page mashes up. Weird. Is this beacuse Visual Composer is an old version?

Also worth mentioning that I would pay money for you to develop an up[date for visual composer into theme rather than buying another.

I think it’s only possible to insert tab or accordion full width and not in a column is that correct?


We are updating theme later today to support WP 3.9 and latest version of VC :)


How do I change (delete) the “Bridge” logo in the header? I tried to find this in the “Qode Options – Header ”, but I could not upload a new image. Screen went transparent grey and I could not access my media library.

Thanks -

Sorry – This was for the Bridge Template. I reposted on proper wall.


Did you set permissions of your upload folder? You need to make sure it’s writable.


Hello – the shortcode editor doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens when I click on it when editing a page. I saw you leave a comment for another user 6 days ago saying it had to do with WP 3.9. Please let me know when a fix is available for download. Thank you!


We are posting 3.9 fix later today :)