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very nice, very smooth :) well done.. I don’t suppose you have a responsive website template that would match this? I’d like to build a site selling a service that has a control panel, in a hurry, so this theme would be perfect..


Sorry, we do not have a responsive website that matches our elite theme.

Great work, CreativeMilk. Good luck with sales! :)

Great one, congrats :)

are there any button and notification examples :?

anyways i will probably buy this looks nice

Yes there are a lot of button and notification examples, if you have any issues with the demo please let use know!


Theses things look cool, But I’m not sure what platform to use this on, I use wordpress, is there any way I could use this for something?


It’s not a platform, it’s pure front end stuff(html/css/javascript).

This would make for an awesome backend. It would be cool to have user profiles and product pages. Great job!

Yes we had the same idea’s, but i cant promise that it will be added, as where are working on some other stuff for the theme, once this is done and theres any time left(or the theme is a highseller) we will add these kind of pages.


really smooth template, cant wait for the wizard to be added in the update.

Thanks, well where working hard on it, and much more so keep an eye out on the item page. Hope to have the next update ready soon!

I can’t seem to get the login-3.html page to render responsively on either Android or iPhone.. is there someplace I should submit a ticket..? or do you mind helping me here?

No login 1, 2, 3 and 4 arn’t responsive, they have a fixed width, but login 1 was build to fit a 320 px screen(old or budget phones).

But we can build a responsive login, a better one….so i have put the idea on our whiteboard and with any luck it will be in the next update.

that’s fantastic.. thank you.. I’m quite happy to pay for your time..

No, if it’s an add-on for the theme(so it will increase the value of the theme) we do it for free. And because the whole theme is responsive we should have included an responsive login(make’s sense).

So just wait for the next update and you will have your new login ;-)

PS: if you haven’t rated this theme please do, thanks!

erm.. will I be able to include the all new responsive login on a page within the admin panel? :)

Yes this should be possible.

rated 5 stars.. worth 6, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!!!

Nice template. I will buy it soon. bookmarked


Really nice one. Had to buy it ;)

Should I just use the email form on your profile page to ask a support type question, or is there a support desk/site I should use?

We prefer that people use the contact form thats located on our profile page

Hello, I bught this template.. I need “jquery.dataTables.min” not minified!

Could you please send it to me? Thanks in advance

You can find the files here


Oh sorry I thought it was modified for the template (: Thanks

No, its not modified.

Entypo icons are missing from download…?

Yes, as this is a font it cant be included in the files(Envato rules), but if you want to use it, you must open the doc and read the fonts part.

Dear Author, Awesome template. Well for my project I need few more features: 1) Datables-> CSV /Excel/Pdf output. 2) Youtube Video player 3) Screen Lock when password session expire. 4) ToDo List type pattern.

So are you planning to include these in your updates ? Because of these , I am in dilemma to buy template or not. Thanks for your time and hope to get some positive response. :)

Hello, and thank you.

1. For what i can see the datatable plugin does support the export of formats like PDF 2. The lightbox that we used should support video files. 3. Screen lock when the password session expires is a php/mysql function, this isn’t easy to build as it requires a password system, with some javascript, but this isn’t smart as you can turn javascript on and off. So we cant help you with this request as this is a lot of work. 4. What do you mean with ToDo list type pattern?

Powerful! Thanks!

Thanks, if you have bought the item, please rate it ….. thanks!

Hi, your QR code on the Item Details page references a local file. Can you update so that I can check it out on my iPhone and iPad easily… thanks!

Thanks we have missed this big #fail, but it’s fixed. Thanks!!!