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Hi Creative Milk, Love, absolutely love your Elite Admin Theme. I have one Question, Is there a place to enable/disable the use of localstorage?

Plugins who use local storage have a true of false setting for this, the code in the main.js do not.

How do you go about adding a pop up box for the login pages for the forgot password? Like what is on the index page at the top where it says dialog next to dashboard? I have tried coping the code for that but it doesn’t work and there is no documentation on it at all.

Please contact us true our contact page, this way we can help you asap!!

Thanks :)

Done. :)

because I dont get feedback to my mails I try here:

I change the selected val of a dropdown with jquery, but how to apply this also to eselect? is there a method to reload the eselect with current dropdown state?

I tried to exclude the dropdown from eselect, then call eselect on this field. this works the first time, but not the second time. the second time eselect adds a second dropdown.

I sent some mins ago, please check. thx

No thats not our support address, but I will look and email you back from our support account.

but I have to say, this admin theme is awesome and realy great stuff. currently building an CI app with elite admin for a customer who purchased this and I’m glad that he decided for this theme :D

Thanks you for these kind words!!! :-)

This is fantastic work and a great purchase! Re: Search Page / eLiveSearch This is the perfect plugin for our needs. At first I was a little lost with it (just from the documentation) but the files have the detailed comments I needed. Thanks!

We try to build plugins for noobs(so a lot of comments and info), so that everybody can work with them.

Thanks for the nice comment!! :-)

Where is the documentation

In the documentation folder

i dont understand the documentation. how do i install this on my site thanks

You cant install this, as this isn’t something like wordpress or joomla.

please give me detail instructions then please, doi upload it to my website how do i customize it

There is a folder which is called documentation. I think that you dont understand what an admin template is, you need to know html/css/js before you can use this template.

sorry to bother you, im a little newb on this, what for can i use this template? and how hard is to integrate it into my website?

Admin templates from ThemeForest are mostly used for userinterfaces for something like a CMS of CRM systems, but some do use it for a website, or even sometimes they will only use parts of the theme.

This template is very helpful, awesome actually. We are building B2B part of a tourism and transporation system with it. Sometimes we need to ask questions about some elements. I wonder What is the avarage response time for support? We already sent one.

That depends, normaly within 1 or 2 working days. As we are closed for the holidays I do some support this week, so I havent seen your email yet.

Thank you. 2 days are good I think. Waiting for your answers after holiday. By the way, Compared the price, this template is like a treasue for me, and for most developers. I strongly recommend it. And Happy New Year to everyone.

Quick and easy question… How do I change the powerwidgetspanel to default open and not collapsed?

“ELITE Admin” is the best buy on Themeforest! Thank you for the quality product and updates.

Out of my head….look in the powerwidgets.css file for the panel selector(.powerwidgetspanel), and remove the display:none from the file. Why thank you!!! :-)

That works. Your support is as impressive as the product. Thanks!

Thank you(dont forget to rate the product)! :-)

eLivesearch question… How do I change the search parameter to use the value from a select drop down instead of text field?

Using a select as main search field instead of a input, or add an extra field(select) to the search

Thanks. I have it working. Now I am trying to include an additional parameter to narrow the search but its not working.

Okay, well the search page has a couple of extra search parameters so you can use that as an example.

I sent you an email about this, but thought I might post it here to help other wondering..

Is there a command that would set/unset the e_checkbox versions of standard checkboxes? Normally in jquery the following would mark a checkbox as checked:

$(’#someCheckbox’).prop(‘checked’, true);

But this doesn’t seem to work with the e_checkboxes (also the e_radios).

Do you have a separate command or another way to set these as checked/unchecked without having to mess with the divs contained within?


The styling plugin cant see if you are using custom code to set or unset checkboxes or radio buttons, as there isn’ t a auto check in javascript for that, and the plugin does not have an update methode. I will send our developers an message about this and see if they have the time to build a solution for this. I do can send you an file with pure css checkboxes/radio buttons, but this does not working in ie versions below 8(i think). I havent seen the email yet, but i will use this to get back to you on this.

Thanks for the fast reply!

I did find a work-around for the checkboxes, by assigning the desired element with the ‘echeckbox’ function again, making the code simply:

$(’#someCheckbox’).prop(‘checked’, false); $(‘input[id=”someCheckbox”]’).eCheckbox();

But I’m still looking for a solution for the radio boxes.. I will post it here if I find something that works for me.

It would be great to see an update function or something of the sort though!

Actually I take my previous comment back, as they elements begin to act funny when you go to change them manually again.. perhaps a css sheet for this would be best

Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

Hello, all admin themes here on ThemeForest are User interfaces, and not working cms systems, so if you dont have a own build system for this you should not be buying a admin theme, you should look for a wordpress or joomla theme. So to make it short, TF admin themes are basicly just skins nothing more.


Is there any documentation about the appointment planner? I do not find the doc and I wanted to know how to use it.


Hello Olivier, the appointment planner is a static html layout(no plugin is used for this), so there’s no documentation about this.

Hi: I have problems with eSelect element. I would like to change the value when show the element using Jquery.

Now i’m using Ajax to obtain the value for the select input. Then I use $(”#vehiculo.chart-field option[value=”obj.vehiculo“]”).attr(“selected”,”selected”); to put the new value like selected and I supposed that the input select change but i don’t know how change the eSelect value.


Sorry, I have the page in a local web server. Can I send you this page? Can you tell me an e-mai direction?

Yes i thing that will do the trick to, send it true bottom right)

I’ve just send you an email. I copied the code for the page in the textarea message. Thanks

I’m having problems with e-radio, e-checkbox and e-select. The UI is not updating when their values are set from JQuery. $('#myCheckbox').prop( 'checked', true ); $('#myRadio').prop( 'checked', true ); $('#mySelect').val( '2' );

An examination of the DOM verifies that they have been set correctly. I can’t see any option to force a refresh. Can you tell me what I’m missing here. I love the template but this issue is starting to wear a bit.

If you want to set a set/unset a checkbox or radio button you have to run your custom code first, after this run the plugin, as the plugin will check for an checked attribute. If you use your code after the that you have called the plugin the plugin can not see if the one of the checkboxes/radio buttons have been changed.

There seem to be a few of us having problems with e-radio, e-checkbox and e-select. I looking for a quick fix here because if you can’t set values through Javascript/JQuery, it brings into question the validity of the template. I’m sure your developers should be able to sort this very quickly. There may be refresh problems with other plugins, I have not tried them all.

However, I have developed a fix for e-radio and e-checkbox but not for e-select (which has defeated me so far).

For e-checkbox add this code to e_checkbox.1.0.js

obj.on( 'change', $(this), function(){                        

Then do this to set the value and force a refresh:

$('#myCheckbox').prop( 'checked', true ).trigger('change');
For e-radio add this code to e_radio.1.0.js
obj.on( 'change', $(this), function(){

Then do this to set the value and force a refresh:

$('#myRadio').prop( 'checked', true ).trigger('change');

Okay I know see whats the problem, I have look true all of the files and I know see that the plugin version isn’t the right one that we have build and tested, thats why my tests did work. So I will update the Elite theme(no version update) so you should be able to update select forms(even multiple). For the issue with the contact form, I have looked and tested it, it works with select and checkboxes. There is an working example in the demo/files of this.

I downloaded the template again last night but I can not see any difference in the e-select code from the version that I tested and did not work for me. I have a solution for radio, checkbox and select so I’m good to go now. This is maybe something for the next release.

Based on the forms.html example this is what I’m seeing. After attempting to submit the red error boxes are displayed. For check boxes and selects choosing a value does not dismiss the red error box, unlike entering a value in a text field. If you look at the code there is no support for radio buttons at all. I have modified my copy to support this functionality so no hurry on my side, just an FYI.

Here are some ideas for the next version:

AJAX There seems to be no way to specify the content type i.e. JSON when using built in AJAX support within your plugins apart from using global settings. When using AJAX sophisticated error handling is not possible. So it would be nice to have callbacks that would allow the developer to do ajax or local database updates their way while still taking advantage of the validation functionality.

PowerWidget Add the ability to have a refresh button without using the internal AJAX. Add the ability to be called back when the refresh button is clicked. Add in the ability to start the loader and let it run until explicitly stopped so startloader() and stoploader().

I’m pulling data out of a local DB as well as downloading data from the server in the background so the ability to do this would be good. I have come up with my own solution so again I’m set for the moment.

I have downloaded the files from TF and yes you are right, they have not been replaced, so I will re upload them.

The validation plugin did work, so I have to look into that as this is a little bit of a mystery why it stopped working.

The powerwigets plugin uses the .load() api for ajax content, as it’s mostly used to load basic html content. I will put your request/idea on the whiteboard for future updates.