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Sorry bad english :(

I have a problem with the “wysihtml5” it does not appear on my page with In cosol.log (Uncaught TypeError: Can not read property ‘firstChild’ of undefined)

Can you please help me thank you

Well you have an erro but I cant see why you have this error. The best thing to do is to go to the website of this plugin and see what you are doing wrong. We cant do much as this is not our plugin and we cant see what you are doing wrong. Your error is most likely an typo some where.

problem settle sorry, forget the include elrte.min.js :)

and thank you for your template which is very very nice

PS:I meant # wysiwyg and not wysihtml5 textarea-sorry!

Hi: I downloaded again the theme (complete) to solve the problem with the e-select selection but the e_select.2.0.js it’s the same. I can’t see any difference and the problem continues.

Can you tell me hoy can I downloaded the new e_select file?

Thank you

The new eselect file should be in the pack, can you tell me what is wrong with the eselect plugin, as we have tested it and it did work(one of our clients did confirm it). There is some information in the plugin it self, csn you tell me the update date of the plugin(located at the top of the file)

I’ve just downloaded the package and the e_select_2.0.js has December 2011 as date and updated 10/12/2012. The min version it’s the same.

The problem is that i’m trying to select an specific option using jquery. I changed the input select but I can’t see the change in the eselect.

I use ajax to obtain the new values and after that, change the selected value in the eselect.

           url: 'sel_alto.php',
           success: function(registro) {
               var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(registro);
               $("#vehiculo option[value="obj.vehiculo"]").attr("selected",true);

It’s not run.


Yes you are right, I have donwloaded the files my self and I see the old version. I have uploaded the new version(for the 3 time) and let the reviewer know that there’s something wrong with the replacing of the files. Once the files have been approved I will re-check it to see if they have been replaced this time.

Sorry about this all.

Hello, Thanks for the plugin. I think there is a bug with eSelect. Multiple select is not working. I am trying it in forms.html but no luck. Also for the new versions, it can be pretty to put a filter or search option to selectbox.

Note: i tried it out multiple select with ctrl key.


Can you open the eselect file and see if the update is 14-02-13(or close to) if not please re-download the files. No the eselect does not support keyboard events. I will put the requests on the board.

it is
  • Updated : 14/02/2013

how are you multi-selecting the options if it is not supporting ctrl key? what should i do to select multiple options in the box?

Greetings, i downloaded the last version, i think this plugin needs to be tested cause it looks like you fixed the multiple select but if i don’t give the multiple attribute and give only the size attribute to select box, it is also selecting multiple choices, you can see it from your files “forms.html”. Look at the select component which has label “size attribute” and small info says “You can select only 1 value.” which is not true in this version. Also i want to point out that update function is only reorganizing the dragging and selected attribute. It is not repopulating the data according to select element, i rewrite the update method for eSelect plugin. My expected behavior for update method is repopulate itself according to select box. Also to fix the issue on size attribute i’ve added some code part to _clickEvents() function in the plugin. I want to copy paste the code here but it doesn’t look nice, how can i send the code block to you?

no luck for copy pasting

I have changed the file my self this time, tested it and it works now. The update method has been updated to make sure that everything gets updated. The update have been uploaded and it will be available in 1 or 2 days.

I came across a couple of things with e-tabs 1.1. The onSwitch() callback does not seem to be called when responsive=true.

Also it would be nice if onSwitch() was called when the tabs are first initialised. I need to change the visibility of toolbar buttons based on the selected tab. Which works fine when the user clicks on a tab but I need to control visibility when the web page is first loaded.

A question, is it possible for e-tabs to automatically switch into responsive mode (responsive=true) when screen size becomes too small.

OK got it, I had the same info on each tab and when the tab name changed I thought it had switched. I did not realize that you needed to click on the actual tab to complete the change. I appreciate that there is a visual cue showing the tab is not selected, but for what it’s worth I think this will confuse users the same way it confused me.

Based on your description I think there is a bug with responsive=true. With the current version, if responsive=true the tabs switch into responsive mode even when there is plenty of room, hence my original question.

There are some that think that but not all, and we are not going to change this, as a lot of buyers already are using the tabs this way.

Well I have taken a look again and I dont have this issue, so there is a chance that you have something wrong in your code, also which os en browser are you using?

I have found whats causing the problem. If you use the class e-blocks for the outer div the problem occurs. You use the e-blocks class on the Blocks with Tags widget on the index page. So if you set e-block-etabs1 to responsive the problem will appear.

Don’t worry about my concerns about the way responsive tabs work, I’ll make changes here. Although, some users may like to have this as an option making the tabs even more flexible.

Could I ask what the best way is to change the width of the e-splitmenu drop down. I can change the default 132px and hard code a width in the CSS but this is not ideal as sometimes the items in a drop down are wider/thiner than items in other drop downs. Hopefully that makes sense ! The ideal would be for the width of the drop down would adjust to the widest item but I don’t know how to do this.

I thought about a real hack where there was e-splitmenu_small, e-splitmenu_med and e-splitmenu_large but I hope there is a better way.

No you have to change the css, there is no plugin option for this.

I’m seeing a problem with e-select 2.0, updated 1/3/13

Using the size attribute with a single select converts it to a multiple select. Instead of controlling the size of the drop down it switches to a list box. I can live with this but I think it would be better if the size attribute worked as it does with a regular select. The other problem is that using the size attribute of a single select converts it into a multiple select. Changing line 261 from this:

if ( $(this).parents('.e-select-size').length ){

to this:

if ( self.obj.attr('multiple') == null ){

seems to fix the multi select problem and not break anything else as far as I can tell. I need to restrict the size because I have a large number of options (43) in the select.

Okay, the size attribute will never change the size of the dropdown part, not with this plugin not with the native select form. The size attribute is the number of options that should be visible at once. So in short words, if you use the size attribute the select form will transform into an list box.

$(’#basic-wizard’).eWizard({ showProgressbar: true, nextLabel: ‘next’, prevLabel: ‘prev’, buttonNavigation: true, stepNavigation: true, labelError: ‘This field is required!’, onSwitch: function(){ Step() }, onSubmit: function(){ Step() } });

function step() on onSwitch and onSubmit not work

Yes you are right, I now see that these hooks have a typo….it’s fixed and uploaded so it will be ready for download within a 1 or 2 days.

Hello! If a select is cloned there is a problem, please check. =)

Thank you for all your suport.At e_contactform.1.1, we have a lot of validations, like e-mail, date…do you know a validation for hours? I’ve included the mask for hour, however about hour validation i didn’t

you can add your own validation patterns, so you can use this for time(untested) ([01]?[0-9]|2[0-3]):0-5

I’ll see. Thank you very much for your support.

I have a code (below) that clicking in a checkbox, a div hide and show, when #eb is the checkbox and #ebdiv is the div. It works fine just if i create a new page without css and the scripts of elite template, when i tested in a page with css and the scripts of elite template, nothing happens. Do you know why?

<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(”#eb”).click(function(){ $(”#ebdiv”).toggle(); });


I dont understand, you have an checkbox which allows you to hide/show a div, but if you create a new page the code wont work? If stuff dont work there’s a change that there’s an error, this can happen for a couple of reasons, in this case I think that you have left out some code (removed the plugins from the html file but not from the main.js and/of plugins.js, you can use the inspect tools in the browsers to see if you got any errors.

Please, let me explain better: this code $(document).ready(function () { $(”#eb”).click(function () { $(”#ebdiv”).toggle(); }); }); // where #eb is a checkbox and #ebdiv is a div

This code don’t work inside forms.html (page from elite template). So, if i put it in a new page when there is not css and echeckbox plugin the code is ok.

I just want this: the user click in a checkbox and a div show/hide.

If you use the checkbox plugin you should use something like this$(’#eb’).parents(’.e-checkbox’).click….as the checkbox is hidden and work register a click event


I go to localhost on my host, and I now have errors

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)


-powerwidgets.1.2.min.js -powerwidgetspanel.1.2.min.js - main.js

Have an idea of the problem ?

I you send an email

thank you very much !

Have you received my email ?, do you have any idea of the problem please

Please, how i can disable a e-select using a checkbox? #eb is my checkbox. $(’#eb’).parents(’.e-checkbox’).click(function(){ $(‘select[name=tipo]’).attr(“disabled”, “disabled”); });

I do not know how do it, could you tell me a example, please?

A doubt: is it possible using form-data-validation in a element cloned?

You can hide/show the select with the following code(untested)


It should work if you clone it, use the after function to call the validation plugin

Is it possible to improve the speed of effect of a e-select? At laptop, it’s ok, whahtever when i view the site in a tablet, the speed of e-select is slow a lot.

Thats a good one, the plugin does not change/remove the name of the inputs, it only validate so I dont know why this happens.

There’s a session im my site where i need to print friendly a content. When i press ctrl + p on google chrome, some part of content looks white and others looks dark. Do you know why?

this is mostly caused by the stylesheet.(some parts do have an print.css and some dont) You have to look up the parts that are not good while printing them and give them the right values.

Please is it possible to remove the css style of e-select?

yes, remove the CSS parts located in the eselect.css file, or disable the plugin(look in the plugin.js file).

Perfect Thema for coders. I am very confortable with this theme but I think it need a Typo page with h1-6 and p, pre, code,ul ,ol etc. tags.

Edit: i have an eSelect plugin problem. With attrubute selected, it doesn’t work or I cant do that.

The plugin should work so what are you trying to do with it?(which version of the plugin are you using, as there is a change that you are using an old version of the plugin)

Will this theme work with Buddypress 1.7?

yes an no, you can use it but it’s not an upload and activate theme(only buddypress theme’s on TF are that)

How do you add dynamic option to eselect?

I add the option this way

$('#sel_delivery_address').append('<option value="'+data.delivery_id+'">'+data.address+'</option>');

Then i call eselect again


Option is there, i can see it with inspect element.

With version 1.1 it was bugging and creating second select. With 2.0 is fine, but my newly added element is still not shown. Any help?

After adding new options you should use the update method….$().eSelect(‘update’)

radio and check boxes have nasty bug. Visually are ok, but try

$('input[name=radio-demo-1]:radio').click(function () {

Clicking on the radio itself or checkbox itself will not trigger this. You need to click on the label for the element. Go explain that to a user. So far i did not find a fix, except not using eradio or echeckbox

The checkboxes/radio buttons are styled true an jQuery plugin, this means that the native checkboxes/radio buttons are hidden. Sadly there isn’t a way round this, if you do want to use the native checkbox/radio button you should remove the styling plugin. This is not a bug, but how the plugin works. There are several ways to work around this, in your example you can use something like this:

$('input[name=radio-demo-1]:radio').parents('.echeckbox').click(function () {