ELITE - A Powerfull Responsive Admin Theme

ELITE - A Powerfull Responsive Admin Theme

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*** Version 1.2 / January 24, 2013 

+ Updated: the premium plugins 'power tour' and 'power widgets'
+ Updated: the select plugin, it now works better
+ Updated: the contact form plugin, you now can fetch the data on submit

*** Version 1.1 / December 5, 2012

+ Added: a premium tour plugin Power Tour
+ Fixed: issue with private browsing in IOS
+ Fixed: the emenu plugin
+ Added: the size option to the select plugin
+ Added: a wizard


  • 25+ custom build jQuery plugins
    • Plugins: Styling, management, resposive, helpers and more.
    • Touch optimized to work better with devices like iPads and iPhones.
    • Full and minifyed versions included.
    • Included premium plugins.
    • Commented code.
    • Plugins are easy to use and edit, they are jQuery and not Javascript.
    • Our custom plugins have a lot of options and callback options, giving you more control.
  • Developers friendly
    • You can change the layout without using photoshop (the layout is all code).
  • Responsive layout
    • Go from desktop to mobile.
    • Choose between a flexible layout or fixed layout (sizes included).
  • Custom build icon sets
    • More than 100 icons whcih come’s in 3 sizes and 3 colors.
    • Choose between single .png or sprites files.
    • Layerd PSD files include.
  • HTML5 local storage
    • No more cookies! No database needed!
    • Plugins like ‘eTabs’ have the option to store data in the local storage.
    • Yes, this works in Internet Explore.
  • IOS webapp
    • Turn your site into an IOS webapp.
    • Icons and splash images included.
    • All layerd PSD files are included.
  • 4 stunning styles
    • Choose between 4 styles, our build your own style (style css files are seperate css files for easy access).
  • Crossbrowser support
    • Tested in all major modern browsers.
  • HTML & CSS3
    • Ready for the future.
    • This theme is HTML5 local storage powered.
  • Styled form elements
    • Styled selects(even multiple).
    • Styled radio & checkbox elements.
    • Upload inputs are styled to fit the theme.
  • Powered by jQuery
    • Powerd by the almighty jQuery library.
    • jQuery UI library included.
  • Tour plugin
    • Powerfull custom made tour plugin included(example will follow)
  • Custom CSS (mini) framework
    • Included a 12 columns grid.
  • Login forms
    • Choose between a couple of layouts.
    • With validation(option).
    • Can be used with the custom made show password plugin.
  • Menus
    • Choose between jQuery powerd menu’s or basic CSS menus.
    • Menus have a range of options, to make things easy.
  • Custom error pages
    • 400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503 included.
  • Build with grid
    • The content area is build on a custom made grid, this way you can easily add, change and edit parts.
  • Live search
    • You can use the live search plugin to search true a DB(pretty easy to use).
  • Layerd PSD
    • We have included almost all PSD files that we have used fot this theme.
  • Notifications and dialogs
    • Powerfull custom made notification plugin included, use growls, notifications and loaders the easy way.
    • jQuery UI dialogs included.
  • Interface elements
    • From buttons to menus, from toolbars to forms, from tabs to tags.
    • jQuery UI dialogs included.
  • WYSIWYG editors
    • 2 powerfull editors included (one simple and one advanced)
  • Documentation
    • Well documented theme(we will update the documentation from time to time).

Free updates for life

All of our files come with free for life updates, so you dont have to pay for an update. All of the updates are logged so that you can see what has been changed, added or remove, this way you dont have to worry about your modified files.

Quality control

This theme is tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows phone, OSX, IOS, Android and Blackberry OS. On desktop, laptop, tablets(Android, iPad and Playbook) and mobile phone(Windows phone, iPhone and Android). With Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and native browsers.