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This is really nice, great job!

thank you iWebdezine :)


Can you customize logo design for me?

Or shall i use the default logo with my firm’s name?


Thank you :)

there is no problem, all is on layers (PHOTOSHOP)

Very sharp looking theme.. excellent color combination.. I will check my “project list” to see if I can use this theme in the very near future.

Good Luck with the sales.


thanks kaledondersays!

Just purchased – must say, as a “hyper active” WP developer and rapid theme purchaser, I was sold on the sheer pimpness of this theme.

I was ready to hit purchase before I even read the specs – and that rarely happens!

Awesome – you’ll be hearing from me shortly.



Hi, Nicheondemand thank you!

Very nice work dude… I love how rich the content feels across the board on this one :)

Thanks epicera!

awesome job, i marked for one of item for purchase soon…

Hi and thanks mancai :)

Hi, I’ve been playing around with your theme today and am having a blast!

One question… How do I configure a page to look like the “Services” pages? Is there a specific template I should refer to?

Thanks for any insight!


I was just getting ready to ask that same question… lol

I think you might have to use the PSD file & then save it to the page your wanting. The ad in your text accordingly. I’m not sure, but just taking a guess…

Great theme, fairly easy to setup for the new people like myself who dont have a lot of exp with wordpress. I will say i like the fact that its somewhat interactive, as in you can put some of your own personally touches, alot of fun to play around with! Would be cool if someone “hint hint ;p” made a full interactive theme…

Now to try & get the other areas finished up…


my fault that I did not write as to do this in the instruction

1 open ‘Image Effects’ in psd folder
2 select layer ‘1’ in entry folder and (right click) edit content
3 in new window copy your image over the layer ‘shape 64’ and
4 click+alt between your image and ‘shape 64’ and edit, scale etc
5 save for the web

1 create category e.g Services
3 create some posts e.g Webdesign, Logo etc.
4 in ‘Post options’ check:
Hide sidebar
Hide post date
Hide post category
Hide post comments
5 add image creates in Photoshop (align left)
6 create page e.g Services
7 Select Services category in ‘Show Posts from Category’
8 in ‘Page options’ check:
Hide sidebar

I hope that this will help

Thank you for the update as it will come to use!

Had one other question, for some reason I can not get the images to show with the blog posts? Obviously im doing something wrong, but not to sure what.

Again, this is a great theme with some cool options! One of the few out of the wordpress themes I have bought that has actually worded correctly!

Thanks for the help Rascals!

I am really enjoying this theme!

Hi – I just purchased this theme and was wondering witch plug-in (PhotoShop?) do you use to make the small pictures on the front page?

Great theme – Clean and crisp…

Very Hight quality theme. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED :)

thanks danyno45!


Yes, the theme comes with all the PSD files, for the small pic just open up the home PSD file & its located there! It might be in one of the other PSD ’s but thats where I did mine.

If the author doesnt mind, I can help ya out with that if you do not have Photoshop…


I am sorry but not having the photoshop, you will not adapt theme in 100% (this probably obvious).

OK I he will prepare special classes for images (home and services)


I cant get the images to show with the blog posts? Any ideas?

it will be easily and quickly if You you will send me the address of your site (login pass) office[at]rascals.eu

Great theme! I just purchased it and was wondering if you had a way like some themes do for me to use your dummy placeholder content so I could just replace the words and images.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, there is no problem and thanks!

Not a prob,

I will get that set off to ya right now.


Love the template!

thanks shedthegear :)

Love this theme. When I insert photos in the small boxes on the home page, the drop shadow effect disappears. How do I maintain the drop shadow effect on these photos?

Thank you.

thanks debondo, you must use photoshop and export to web, if you have the problem write to us via http://themeforest.net/user/rascals or send images we will do this for You

Thank you!