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Hi Rascals,

Just wanted to thank you for a great and very easy to use theme! I love it and more importantly, my client loves it. Thanks a lot! :)

I am pleased that our template appeals. I thank for the positive comment :)


I have tried to install analytics on my site. I put it in the analytics box in the custom theme area. It inserts a bunch of code at the bottom of the page and does not work? Any ideas?

Here is the code that it is inserting at the bottom:

“); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {}


I just sent new update Elite Force 2.0.3 – is waiting in the queue. Updating has a corrected Google code. Before currently it is possible to download, you can use bookmarks ‘Advanced’ and to paste Google code in the field ‘Custom Javascript’.

hi everyone. I was add two sub-categories(picture and video) in the category of my portfolio,and i was add post into two sub-categories. but I do not want to see pictures and video category within categories widget and I do not want to see pictures and video post name within calendar widget. how do I do them Thanks Everyone.

We ask everyone for the patience, we will be testing all our templates from Wordpress 3.0. And we will be adapting templates to the work with the new WP Menu. We will be announcing which template is ready to download.

We are greeting everyone

Rascals Labs

FIVE STARS ! Support is by far the best I have experienced in almost 500 purchases.

Thank you ram1234

Amazing support! Could you please explain how we can download the update and install it. Thanks again for fine work and great support

Hello, You are downloading and you are installing from the same page what you bought. You can wait a few days, we want to do the support for Wordpress 3.0 (menu, widget menu)

thank you!

Great Theme! Is there anyway to ad more service boxes? I would like to do this on a different template, rather then home. I duplicated the template-home and home.php to create a new page template but can not figure out how to add more services boxes to this new page template.

For some reason the purchased badge isn’t showing up on your comment. If you could contact us through our profile page here so we can verify the purchase we’d be happy to help.

Hello, I really like this template, there’s a lot of great features. However, I have some questions that I’d like to get answers before I purchase.

When you are on the Portfolio page, I noticed that the only way to get to a specific portfolio item is to click the “Read More” text. Is there a way to make the item’s Title a link to the page? I’m not a fan of the “Read More” text being the only option to get to the page.

The Home page also has this issue. If I want to check out “Website”, “Ecommerce”, “Blogs”, or “Banners”, I want to be able to click the Title and Image to view the page in addition to the “Read More” link. This is a human usability issue as well as a search engine issue.

Also, on the portfolio page, if you click the image, a popup of the image appears. Is it possible that if you click the image, it will take you to the page instead of the popup?


we apologise that so late we are answering but we are on holidays to 12.07.2010. There is such possibility – after clicking on the picture we are going to other side (portfolio manager)


GSG Purchased

Bought your theme…great theme just a couple of issues that I need to get fixed.

I want to change the background to brand to the website. Background needs to be black and red, I used an image to do this but it seems to be washing out in the header area of the background. The red should be the same color as the nav bar, and does get brighter as you scroll down the page, can you tell me why that is and how I can fix it?

Also I am trying to get a black bar at the bottom to line up with the black footer bar in the content area but I am having difficulty with it, is there a size the image should be or is this just not possible?

Finally the background does not work well on the blog page, it does not expand with the post, I can put the red code in the background but then I can’t have that black bar on the bottom is that going to be the only way I can accomplish what I want?

Here’s the theme http://blog.zhuliajewels.com



we apologise that so late we are answering but we are on holidays to 12.07.2010. What version of the template do you have? We will be 12 July in the office it will be easier for us to help.

Customize -> Menu background e.g. :


Hi Rascals

Thank you for the greet theme. I do have a problem with email form

after I send the email it shows “Cant send message!” although I receive the message.

So customer gonna send several messages which is not very cool

Can you help me to locate the mistake within the theme?

By the way I you Qtranslate. May be this is a problem?

regadrs miks


we apologise that so late we are answering but we are on holidays to 12.07.2010. Of course we will be trying to help only on 12 July, send to the mail us the login and password (FTP and WP)

HELP !!!!(running and screaming waving hands in air) LOL . I am in serious need of help. My text in the Navigation bar has disappeared. Don’t know how to fix. I tried to update to Wordpress 3,0 and it didn’t fix. I previously got this message. I don’t know if the message below has anything to do with it.

Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/jonath75/public_html/site/wp-includes/cache.php on line 325

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/jonath75/public_html/site/wp-includes/cache.php on line 314

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please help me. I am trying to launching this site for a client. I have inboxed you my admin info


we apologise that so late we are answering but we are on holidays to 12.07.2010.

- download latest version Elite Force

- install

- send us addres of your site


Really like your theme. How involved to change colors of site? Can be done in admin or will we need change in CSS ?

Thanks, Garymac101


thank you, in Cpanel, you can change the active colour (links…), background, background2. You will do colour changes in the file ‘style.css’. Open a file in your favourite editor (notepad++, dreamweaver) and use the option ‘Find and replace’

Hi There—Seriously one of the smartest themes I have ever used. Miles ahead of most others. Congrats and thank you.

I cannot seem to get any audio player plugins to work.

I have tried several of the most popular, including Audio player and WPaudio. Problem does not appear to be conflicts with other plugins, as I have deactivated all except the one in use, with no success.

I have tried many different settings, configurations, file locations; everything I can think of to do. The most I have accomplished is that the theme appears to allocate a space for the audio player on the page, but there is no display, just a blank space.

You can see on the following page the space where the player should display just above the song title: http://the7triggers.com/persuasion/blog/are-you-a-one-trick-pony

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!


thank you :)

WordPress Audio Player:

1) Open ‘footer.php’

2) Add this code below ‘<!- end body-wrapper ->‘

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

3) Save

We tested it is working without the problem.


lav Purchased

Hi great theme, In IE the slider image doesnt size correctly. Works fine in FF

<div class="rs-project"> <a href="http://www.suzuki.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/slider21.png" class="rs-show-caption" title="http://www.suzuki.net.au/wp-content/themes/elite_force/thumb.php?src=http://www.suzuki.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/slider21.png&amp;w=950&amp;h=300&amp;zc=1&amp;q=75" rel="lightbox">Show project</a> </div> <!-- end rs-project -->

Where does the w=950 come from as I think it should be 960 but cant find it anywhere to change it??

Any help would be appreciated thanks…


We tested on IE 6 -8, everything was in order. if you don’t have an 2.0.5 updated version, do it:

1) open ‘style.css’

2) find: ’.rs-project’

3) edit:

.rs-project {

1) open ‘templates/home.php’ and edit line 11 r_image_resize(950, 300, $value[‘url’]); ?>


lav Purchased

Thanks, editing templates/home.php worked great for me thanks for great support

Hi I can’t get my slider to show on my page :( How come?

Choose ‘Homepage’ or ‘Homepage Cu3er’ (in page attributes), then use ‘homepage slider manager’.

Hello, theme is great and I love it. Just 1 question – I can’t seem to “manage” more than 20 portfolio items, I can delete 1 and then add 1, but once I get to item number 21, my image will not upload. Is there some kind of maximum # of items you can use in the manager? Or is there something going on with my server? Thanks.


We tested ‘portfolio manager’ worked around with 30 items. Maximum single upload – 10 items. We will try to find the reply to your problem most quickly. Please get in touch with us via Themeforest user page

I’m having trouble making the Portfolio Manager work…

Your Documentation Says:

“Portfolio manager – this is simple in use system of portfolio item management for Wordpress 2.9. Remember if you want to use ‘Portfolio Manager’ you have to first create the portfolio category.”

Well, I’ve created a Portfolio category (http://test.newbuilt.us/category/portfolio/) but inside the WP Elite Dashboard, it still gives me the message: “Portfolio is disabled. If you want to enabled create: Portfolio Category”

How exactly do I create a Portfolio Category?

You must create category in your Portfolio manager

I have created a page “home” attributes homepage, and still i cant get my slider to show

ignore …