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How do I get the Homepage 3 look? Please provide shortcodes and all content you use in the demo so i can get the same look. I’ve tried and your documentation explains how to do things, b ut it doesn’t simply provide what you used to get the layout you have for each page.

You should use the XML we supply in your download as per the directions – this imports everything for you

Also the support center is here for you to ask for support

Hope that helps

How can I get a page to show the right column widget without also having the top banner image/title?

Hi – by default you cannot as the title is part of the framework of theme and of course WordPress.

Saying that, if you want to make one that doesn’t then you could edit the right sidebar template and rename it and remove the call to the title in the php – save out as a new name and select your new template when creating a page – remembering that of course for SEO purposes your title is not dynamically brought in.

Just realized you mention also the header… that would also require you to remove the div for that section also.

Hope that helps! If you have further questions, please post at the support center:


i’m unable to get the social icons off my site. I have removed the “Connect WIth Us” and saved, but it never sticks. It’s always there when i return. Does having other social scripts on pages impact this functionality at all?

If you would like to open a ticket at the support center maybe we can help?

If you don’t set the social icon urls in the admin they should be removed without issue. It may be that your other solution is possibly causing issues but creating the ticket would be easier for us to help you.


Hi Jonathan,

Really love this item – just like I really like Gutenberg. Simple but sophisticated. One question: is it easy to change the color of the preheader (the one on top)?


Do you mean the colored bar on Gutenberg, correct? That is an accent color set from the theme options and used throughout the site as the accent. For Elite, the background-color and background-image is also set from the theme options.

Oh no, I just meant the one on this particular theme, Elite. I’m glad everything can be easily changed. With Gutenberg, I also changed the background with some custom css. You can see the results here:


Wonderful stuff – so happy you have had a great experience it’s why we do what we do :)

Thanks for your support!



I want to make more than one landing page. Actually I want to have all my pages each as a single landing page on its own, especially right from a Google-search. Has Karma such an ability or do I need a plugin? And what plugin is recommended for that?

Thanks for your reply.

No you don’t need anything, the Landing Page is just a page template with your own content in it so you can have as many as you want.

I noticed you removed shortcodes from version 2.2. Why? Now all the shortcodes I used from previous versions don’t work? I noticed they’re missing from the functions.php file. Is anyone else having this issue? Can you bring them back or get me a theme file with the shortcodes working again?

Hi we removed shortcodes because we had to due to new regulations at ThemeForest. This was a LONG time ago in 2.0 in July 2013. We clearly state in the documentation about the all new shortcodes and that you will need to edit your content sorry. There are no old files to distribute.


Thank you. I guess I was using 1.0 on my site. I will download the plugin.

Yikes – yes really recommend you keep everything up to date bud.


Hello :) is there any way to change the typography?

Yes – you would use the child theme and change the style.css and register a new google font in functions as normal in WordPress – if you want to use a plugin, you can try that also.

Many thanks