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How do I get support for the theme?

Gaining support is simple. We don’t request that you sign-up on a different site asking for purchase codes, we simply conduct all of our support via email directly with you. We have found this to be by far the easiest and most direct way of offering support.

Here’s what to do

1. Make sure you are logged in to ThemeForest with the account that purchased the item.

2. Follow this link to our contact form on our profile page – right hand side under ‘Email jonathan01’.

3. Complete your request by supplying details about your issue, including the following information:

A Link to your site so we can see the issue.
If it’s an issue that would be best tackled by us having your WordPress admin details please send your login username and password.
A FULL and CLEAR description of what the issue is along with details on what you have done to get to your current site status.

4. We will send a reply once we have had the chance to view your site and looked at your issue – it may be that we need further information from you, or that we just need to offer advise. Either way we will work to help you get your theme up and running the best we can.

Things to remember when requesting support

Support is not a requirement of ThemeForest, however, we fully support our products and want to ensure that all of our buyers can use the theme they have purchased. I mention this because we cannot help in instances where extra plugins that you may of installed are causing issues – that should be directed towards the plugin creator. Sometimes the issue will be with your hosting setup, again this is something we cannot assist with.

Support is limited to the installation and functionality of the advertised features of the theme only.