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Looks very nice any change of html versions of this or other of your ecommerce themes?

Unfortunately I don’t have such plans.

HI there, will this work with 1.5.1? or only

Only and 1.5.3

Looks very nice, congrats, wish you good luck with sales. :)


I am happy that you are happy.

Hello. I have a question when i can put banners in you theme?


I don’t understand. Banners visible under the Latest module on the frontpage are static html code

Hi, I really want to buy this theme. but i want it in Swedish. is it possible to integrate it in Swedish language? Thanks.

Hey Diabolique,

Love the theme ! Just a few questions,

Will i have any problems adding a French translation ? Is there any plans for an iPad/iPhone version/support ? Are there plans to keep this supported with future releases of OpenCart ?

Cheers, C.


Will i have any problems adding a French translation ?

No, you just have to install language pack and additionally edit few graphic buttons.

Is there any plans for an iPad/iPhone version/support ?

I don’t have such plans.

Are there plans to keep this supported with future releases of OpenCart ?


Thanks for the reply Diabolique,

I would like to purchase your theme but themeforest wont process my order, when the site is functioning I will pass the order again with the hopes that you eventually make an iPhone/iPad version of the site, that i would happily pay for again !

Thanks, C.

Awesome Theme !


Hi, thanks for theme.

I have some questions:

i want to know what’s the Width and Height of the Product ? i upload a lot of size but no one its size is good.

please give me the right Width and Height of the Product.

Thanks I’m waiting your reply :)



Are you talking about thumbnails on the category page? It’s 175×138 – width-height proportion – 1×1.26 You can also customize size of thumbnails – more info you will find inside documentation.

Hey there, nice theme. Quick questions:

How do I go about having the price below the thumbnail instead of on the rollover?

Also, is it possible to have the name under the thumbnail as well?

Last one, for latest products, is it possible to make those have a listed name and price under as well? Or maybe switch them to the featured product style?


It’s possible but there will be 2-3 hours of work :D

Well just this one would be great to know:

How do I go about having the price below the thumbnail instead of on the rollover?

          <span class="box-price<?php if ($product['special']) { ?>-sale<?php } ?>">
          <?php if (!$product['special']) { ?>
          <span class="box-price-amount"><?php echo $product['price']; ?></span>
          <?php } else { ?>
          <span class="box-price-amount"><?php echo $product['special']; ?></span>
          <?php } ?>
         </span><!-- box-price ends-->
and paste after
<!--box-container ends-->

Open stylesheet.css and remove position:absolute; from .box-price

Hello, How Can I Change color of “PRODUCT NAME ” (The Pink box)



Open stylesheet.css and replace:



Thank you for an awesome theme :)

I have a question regarding image sizing, I am not sure if this is a theme problem or opencart ?

My images display like this in the theme, they seem to get clipped somewhat

This is how I have designed them in PS


I followed the direction’s in the help folder the only thing I changed was the Product Image List Size: to 285*285

Which I also changed in the stylesheet.css as per instructions with 36px and 16px wider

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Are you talking about additional images? You should increase thumbnail width here:
.product-info .image-additional .small-image a { width:56px; height:80px; }

Yes, thank you, I can see where the error was now.

I changed it in the image setting’s here


It was 90×90 in the help file.

Too bad this theme isn’t in responsive design! It looks so good that I would’ve bought it but because responsive design technology is in now, it put me off buying this theme for my client. Let me know when this is in responsive design…

I have plans to add a responsive feature to my all themes but I need more time.

When using options for radio.

How do I get them to line up horizontally

instead of like this http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/1274/74874bc7006c4866bb41703.png

I would like them to display like this


thank you


and just after:
(<?php echo $option_value['price_prefix']; ?><?php echo $option_value['price']; ?>)
paste line break:
<br />

Hi. I like the theme but have some questions: -Is it possible to deactivate the rollover feature? It is quite difficult to work it on mobile devices. -Remove the review stars from featured products? -Remove or change the price background on the product page? -The pop up picture darkens the full background which looks bad on mobile devices, could that be changed? -Remove the contact/map from footer and center the other two columns? -Since I only have few products, remove the search box and distribute the two columns evenly? Or can i put a slogan in that space? -And add social icons to the home page for follows and in product pages for “likes and shares”?

With all these questions, I should buy it already!

Thanks for the answers I know I will get.


I went over both header.tpl and footer.tpl and got them exactly as they were from the original files. It fixed the mess with the header and footer and now they look fine in all platforms. But the categories menu and the navigation menu are still way over to the right and on top of the header. What can I do? Thanks

Oh my!

Please help Diabolique!

Now my slider and content moved to the left! I haven’t messed with nothing and just when I refreshed the page all content went to the left!

Help me please! I was done and my friend was finally happy

You have removed closing div for “header-right” div in the header.tpl

Hi there,

this theme is brillant and works perfectly. One question: How can I safely change the dimensions of images into squares (e.g. 200×200)? I am selling CDs, so this would be nice.

thanks in advance and keep up the good work, markus


First change container size for thumbnails (check documentation) and then change thumbnails size under opencart admin panel.