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Very clean template, seems you have great support. Do you have plans and a date when it will be updated to J3.1? Thank you for your time. -sam

Thanks Jetjouster :) I just tested the EliteFX template on Joomla 3.x and there is some small issue with it :) If you want to use it with Joomla 3.x please do not purchase it until we release the official version, which will also include a Joomla 3.x Quickstart ;)

will do…thx so much

EliteFX is now Joomla 3.x Compatible. A Joomla 3.x Quickstart Package is also included :)

Excellent theme. Is support/styling for two column menus built in? (Roknavmenu typically available in Gantry Framework themes)

Hi sofa55,

Thanks for the nice words :) Yes, you can have 2 columns in the menu, it is supported. The best think you can do is to download the default Gantry Framework and do some tests. EliteFX works the same way as Gantry does. Let me know if you need anything else ;)

I see that a Google Font is used in the main menu. Is it possible to change the font of the main menu, in administrator or in css?

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest :) The menu font is not a Google Font, it is the “abelregular” which comes with the template. Yes, you can change the font from CSS and you can also implement the Google Fonts for the Menu. If you purchase the template, please open a discussion in our support forum and I will give you step-by-step instructions what you need to do.

Any idea on when the 3.x version will be out? I am very interested in this template and will buy it once the newer version comes out.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your interest :) Unfortunately, we haven’t yet started working on the Joomla 3.x version of EliteFX because we are quite busy with our new template. I suppose the Joomla 3.x version will be ready at the end of July :)

EliteFX is now Joomla 3.x Compatible. A Joomla 3.x Quickstart Package is also included :)

I purchased this item I have joomla 2.5 and it will not load what is the problem

Hi Clinscomb,

Thanks for purchasing EliteFX :) Please open a new discussion in our Support Forum explaining the issue in details:

1. Did you install the Quickstart Package or you are trying to install just the template?

2. Did you get a White/Blank Screen or you get some error message?

3. Would you please explain the exact steps you have performed and also attach a screenshot if there is a particular error message?

4. If you are getting just a White Screen, did you have a look in the Documentation, there is a specific Chapter in it.

Do not worry, whatever the problem is we’ll solve it as soon as possible. I am waiting for you in the Support Forum :)

Thanks for quick responce

I installed the template but in Gantry I click on the toggles like presets and it is not working. stays stuck on preset3

The very top is white now above the header and the header is black

I downloaded a body image how do you install it

Thanks for the update Clinscomb :) Everything works just fine. I cannot understand what you are doing :)
Please, just register in our Support Forum and open a discussion there. Also, please attach a screenshot showing the problem.

Man, we cannot do anything here in the Item Comment – we cannot attach screenshots, we cannot share Login Details, etc. Just register at our Support Forum and I will see what’s wrong :)

Ignore how to get the top to collapse figured it out I am having problems still though with Gantry

1 getting the gantry logo in header to disapear?

2gantry logo at bottom want it gone?

3 I downloaded a background or body image and what it instead of the white body?

4 Menu most important how do I keep all my links straight instead of them dropping to next line. I want all my links in the header to be straight across

thank you

Man please, open a new discussion in the Forum !!

1. Make sure your logo file does not have empty spaces or special characters in its name, just call it “logo.png”

2. Will give you instructions in the Forum when you open a discussion.

3. Customization requests are not included in the Support but I will do it for you in the Forum, as an exception. But EliteFX is a Fullwidth template (not Boxed) so I do not understand what backgraund image you want to put. I will need much more details about this background image. Screenshot please !!

4. I have no idea what you are talking about man. Please attach a screenshot in the Forum Discussion.

The White background I wanted to change with an background I downloaded how can I do that from here:

here is my website:

I am needing help here I went to the joomfx support and ask for a purchase code where is that at I got a regular license

Ok man, as you can see I’m really trying to help you but you are making all this more than difficult :)

1. I asked you to register at our Support Forum several times. Instead of registering at the Support Forum you sent us an email through the Contact Form on our Website. Anyway, I tried to reply to your email and here is what I got:

Your mail could not be delivered because the recipient is only accepting mail from specific email addresses.

2. The whole Registration Procedure is explained in details. You also have a screenshot showing where to find the Purchase Code. On the right side of the screen you have a box with title “Where can I find my Purchase Code?”. Anyway, please see the following screenshot:

Man, we really care about our customers and we believe we provide a really good support but we also need your assistance and cooperation. We also need you to read the Documentation that comes with our templates.

I am waiting for you in the Forum. Please, MAN PLEASE, take your time time to explain your issues and questions with as much details as posible and also attach a screenshot explaining what the problem is or what you are trying to do :)

hello! I would buy this template but now I will need to joomla 3.0, I can then download the update for free on September 15th? What should I do? thanks Sara

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your interest in EliteFX.
Yes, if you purchase the template you will be able to download all future versions for free :)
Regarding the Joomla 3.x Quickstart Package – it will be available in 2 days, not on 15th of September. Just keep checking the Item Page for Updates.
Let me know if you need anything else :)

hello! excellent! thanks for the good news. see you soon good job!

Thanks Sara, see you soon :)

Hello my client buy this template but it’ seems that not contains the psd layered sources as written ! i got only thoses files in psd = 404-Page-EliteFX.psd pp-icon-set.psd EliteFX.psd how can i get the whole design in psd ? regards

Hi gazerad,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX :)
There is no layered PSD for the whole design. EliteFX is designed in browser as most of the modern sites are. We design our templates “in browser” since it is a much faster and better technic with the new technologies (HTML5, CSS3, etc.). Here, have a look at the Article and the Forum Discussion below. They might be interesting for you.

I also do not see why you might need the PSD file (if there was such).
Anyway, I’m really sorry if the information on the Item Page has mislead you. All authors check this option (PSD Included) if there are any PSD files in the Download Package. We include only the PSD files that we used in the development.

If you have any problems or questions in the future please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thank you :)

Hi, I purchase your template. I installed without the problem but when I see the website preview the screen is white. I changed the memory_limit in php.ini but nothing. Can you help me ? Thank’s :)

I’ve solve the problem. I wrong file. Sorry

Hi xjerryland,

Thanks for purchasing EliteFX.
I’m glad you have solved the issue :)

I try to config Widgetkit Twitter, this work but the problem is I cant use css for this module for example box4 or other, dont take styles class or show the title, the module is not in any div, all modules show in rt-block div but this one no, please help me.

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX :)
This should be something simple. Please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum about this problem and make sure you do the following:

1. Attach a screenshot with the problem
2. Send me the site URL so I can see the problem.

If your site is on localhost I will not be able to do anything because I need to inspect the problematic module with Firebug.

I’m waiting for you in the Forum :)

Hello, Planning to buy this template for Joomla 3.2. Can you please tell me if it already has bootstrap on it or if I have to install the bootstrap plugin. Awaiting for your reply. Kind regards

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in EliteFX :)
Yes, the Template comes with Bootstrap. I mean Bootstrap is integrated in the Gantry Framework, it is a CORE feature so you do not need to install anything :)
Let me know if you need anything else!

Is this updated for J3.3.x? I want to buy it. Thanks

Hi okanime,

Thank you for your interest in EliteFX :)
EliteFX comes with two Quickstart Packages – Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.2.2. There is absolutely no problem to just update your Joomla to 3.3 once you install the Quickstart Package (Joomla 3.2.2). It is a one click process which takes a minute.
Let me know if you need anything else :)

Hello joomfx,

do have some problems installing your (by the way very nice) template via 1& Joomla App for the 3.3 Version.

Is it already possible?


Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX and for the kind words :)
Please have in mind that the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum:

Anyway, please have a look at the Installation chapter in the Documentation. It explains everything in details :)

I strongly recommand you to install the Quickstart Package (clone of the demo) and then just replace the demo content with yours. This is what 99% of the customers do :)

Yes, EliteFX is both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.3 compatible so you should not have any problems.

If you cannot figure it out on your own, please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum, explain everything is details (screenshot, error message, etc) and I will assist you as soon as possible :)

Hi I have this problem, I try to configure the template for have 3 column, but when I change the option in MainBody Positions, to 3, dont save, only save 2 positions. How can i configure that?

Hi cheermartha,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX :)

Please have in mind that the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum. It has been mentioned here in the Item Comments, under the Support tab on the Item Page, in the Documentation and on our Profile Page.

Anyway, please register at our Support Forum and have a look at this Discussion. It should solve your problem :)

If you are still not able to figure it out, please open a new Discussion in the Support Forum and I’ll assist you as soon as possible :)


I have a problem to install this template using the quick start package J.3.x. Installation freeze in the “exemples data installation” process. Do you know this problem


Hi EnvatoHanni,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX :)

Please have in mind that the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum.

Anyway, yes I know this problem very well :) It is not a Template related issue nor a Joomla related issue. It is a server configuration issue (server might be your Hosting and it might also be localhost server). You will find a lot of materials if you search on Google for “joomla install sample data hang” of you can just register at the Support Forum and apply the solution from this Discussion :)

Hi Again,

Thanks a lot for your reactivity and answer. I find a solution with your link. Now the template is installed !


No problem EnvatoHanni :)
I’m glad the issue is resolved.

If you need anything else, just open a new Discussion in the Support Forum ;)

Hello, I just purchased elitefx and so far everything is going well but i encountered a problem with slider. I can’t figure it out how to change it from rs slideshow to revolution (normal). I tried to change it in modul manager but nothing happens. And can you please tell me where i can see and change the text that displays in it ? Other that that, great work.

Thank you,

Hi exe65,

Thank you for purchasing EliteFX :)

Please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum and I will assist you with your requests.

As stated under the Support Tab, on our Profile Page, here in the comments and in the Documentation, the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum.

Thank you for a quick response. I’ve already solve the problem, it was just a thing with module assignments. Beginner’s mistake :). By the way, the joomfx support forum looks great !


Hey exe65,

Thanks for the update. I’m glad you’ve solved the problem and I’m happy you like the support forum :)