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WOW !!

this is exactly what i was searching for my new client’s project!well done, i will buy it!

good luck with sales!

Excellent! Thanks!!

beautiful work, love it!

Thanks Stan!

just bought it!

Cool theme…a couple questions though:

1) Can the “Request a Quote” be easily customized with different fields?

2) What about adding a shopping cart module? Will any work or do you recommend something?

3) What about changing the body background (not the header, I know that can be changed easily)? Is that done via the control panel or does the .css file(s) need to be edited?

Good Questions Apokalupsis,

1) Request a quote fields can be customized, but if you want to add new fields you’d need to change the contact form template. Changing existing fields can be done through the options panel. Here’s a screenshot of that:

2) Any shopping cart module should work, although this wasn’t made for shopping carts so my support may be limited in that area.

3) It is possible to use a background image below the feature slider, however, it’s not built into the theme options, so you’d need to add or modify a few lines of css along with changing the featured divider image you choose. If your css skills are pretty decent it shouldn’t be too hard.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, I’d be glad to answer them!


Another question: Is there an xml import for for the demo content? Or perhaps a sql dump? It’s easier to see how it all works when we have existing content to modify (at least for me) and most of the developers here provide their content to buyers. Curious if you do the same.

Hi Apokalupsis,

If you’d like the sql file for the demo content, just let me know. I’m including it in the next update, but I can send it to you need it sooner!

will the demo data have to be uploaded via ftp client or will you have an on off feature switch within the templates WP admin to initiate demo data. HAving the demo data helps a designer like me have a base point for customizing the entire site from. GREAT THEME I WILL USE IT FOR MY CLIENT !

Hi Liontamere,

Thanks for the suggestion. For right now I’m going to include an sql file, which you can just import with phpmyadmin. Next update I’ll see if I can include some demo data switch.

Thanks again, 2winfactor

Hi, how can I change the Featured Bottom Divider Shape whilst using one of the Theme Skins? Also, is it possible to change the heading size on all widgets so that they can all be used in the footer? For example, if I use the Twitter widget and Blogroll widget in the footer, they have different heading sizes (h2 and h3 respectively?). Thanks

Hi Stan,

Good questions. The skin divider shape bug is fixed in the new update (which is currently pending review). In the mean time, you can copy and paste the code here:

Copy the entire code and replace the entire contents of style.php in the root directory of the theme folder. Be sure to delete all the color values on the customize tab in the options, as well as the texture and check “use custom styles” on the top.

As far as the fonts, the footer has different font sizes for styling and readability. You can always overwrite them in typography.css in the css folder by changing lines 279 and 290.

Let me know if I can help you further.

Thanks, so did you intend only certain widgets to be used in the footer? Could these be labelled as such?

Shoot me an email via my contact form. I think I have an update that could fix your problem.

Hi just bought this, You say this slider automatically adjusts your height depending on your content, I’m not getting that to work properly. When the slider pushes down it doesn’t show the background of the slider. Its showing white background, so there is a gap of slider background missing. Advise.

Hi Zee,

Just fixed that bug in the last update. Try downloading and installing the latest version of the theme and it should solve your problem!

I wouldn’t mind getting sql file too :)

Sure, Zee. Send me an email via the contact form on my profile page and I’ll send it right over.

great theme and great support – highly recommended

Thanks Stan! Don’t forget to rate the file!

i will, once 1.3 is out!

I am ready to purchase as soon as the next update comes out with updates and xml file. Do you know when this will be?

Hi ibsishn,

Should be within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience!


cool, Ill purchase then.

Hi IBfishn,

1.3 is out which now includes an xml and sql file along with instructions on how to load each. If you need assistance with either please let me know.

Thanks, Andre

Gorgeous theme! 2 questions.

1. Does it come with advertisement widgets? Space holders give perspective advertisers a visual of where their ad would be.

2. Does the latest news widget have thumbnail picture capabilities?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Leah,

Great questions,

1) Unfortunately, there is no custom advertisement widget. However, it would be easy to add an image or html to a text widget and use that as a space holder.

2) The latest news widget has no thumbnail picture capability at the moment. I tried to keep a minimal design/look for those. Maybe in a future update.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi 2winfactor,

Thanks for answering my question.

have a wonderful weekend,


what is the process like to customize the quote form ? Would want to change the question fields with different field names and possibly add some more fields to my heading needs. Great Theme

Hi Liontamere,

Request a quote fields can be customized, but if you want to add new fields you’d need to change the contact form template. Changing existing fields can be done through the options panel. Here’s a screenshot of that:

I’d be happy to help you customize the contact form template as best I can.

Let me know if that answers your question!

Hi 2winFactor – Great theme. I’m definitely interested in buying it, but just came across a strange little bug.

If I have more than 1 browser window open and I open one of the Ellipsis pages, for example, the Ellipsis page opens for a second, but then one of my other windows comes to the front and opens up. I then have to open back up the window that has Ellipsis.

I’ve tried from 2 different computers with multiple browsers (firefox, safari, and ie). Can you let me know if you’re having the same issue and if so, when it will be fixed?

Thank you!

Hmmm, that’s strange. I’m having difficulties re-creating it on my end. It could be an issue with the iframe at the top of the live preview. Did you try closing out of the iframe?

It could also have something to do with the php cookies for previewing different skins in the drawer pullout. Do you have cookies enabled in your browser? If so, try clearing them.

Which other browser window opens up? Is it another ellipsis page? Which one?

I appreciate you letting me know. My guess is that this bug is isolated to the live preview, and doesn’t affect the download since I haven’t heard anything from any customers.

Thanks, Andre

Hi Andre – I did some additional testing. Unfortunately, I’m still having the issue. I tested with the following:

Computer #1: MAC (Firefox; Safari) Computer #2: Windows (IE) Computer #3: Windows (Chrome, IE)

The only time I didn’t see the issue was with Chrome on Computer #3. Every other computer and browser had the issue. Basically, if I have 2 windows in the same browser open (i.e. Firefox – NFL .com & and I open a page on Ellipsis (i.e. the Ellipsis site starts to open the page I want and then jumps to the NFL .com site.

The NFL .com could be any URL . I also tried this with and without the iFrame and cleared out my cookies. Also, I’m not have any issues with the HTML version.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for letting me know. It’s got to be and issue with the live preview option cookies. I’ll have to hop on a different computer to see if I can duplicate the issue. No-one reported this issue in the download, so it’s safe to say the bug is confined to live preview site.

I love this theme and am considering buying it for a client project. What I want to know is how the sidebars work. Is there more than one sidebar and can new ones be created?

Hi Webcasa,

There are several sidebars included: A page sidebar, a blog sidebar, a contact sidebar, and a single portfolio sidebar. Each sidebar is widget-enabled meaning you can drag and drop different text and functionality into each sidebar. Additionally, there are almost 20 other widget areas between the homepage and the footer as well.

Creating new sidebars requires additional coding, however. I’d be happy to help you if you choose to add a new sidebar to the theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the quick reply- good support here for sure and that’s important when buying a theme.

This is a gorgeous theme and I purchase lots of wp themes here on ThemeForest. This particular client needs a pretty large site with about 6 or 7 different sections that are going to require separate sidebars within the pages.. Thanks for the offer of help but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend the time necessary helping me create that many new sidebars so I don’t think this would work for this particular project. But I’m sure I’ll be using it for a different project as everything else is perfect!

Thanks for the compliments. Any additional inquiries, just give me a holler!

Hi 2winFactor – I have a few more questions. Sorry for being a pain!

1. If you open and just watch the URL , you’ll as the slider changes, so does the URL . It will start with, then go to, then, then, etc. If I click the back button, then I need to navigate through all the URLs generated by the slider to go back where I just came from. Is this something that can be fixed?

2. If you open, you’ll see that it looks like the screen takes a while to load the jquery file for the slider because the pictures and all slider data is shown in the middle of the screen, then it loads and shows in the slider properly. In the html only version,, it doesn’t do this. It loads quickly. Is this something that can be fixed as well? If it only happened the very first time and it was cached, then that would be fine. However, every time you hit the home page it happens.

3. I noticed Chrome is not supported. Is there a reason for that? Is there something that doesn’t work correctly?

I hope I’m not being too much of a pest. I want to buy the theme, but just want to make sure it’s working the way I hoped.


Hi Mandoman,

It’s no trouble. I want to make sure all your questions are answered before you make a purchasing decision, so ask away!

1. The “Deep-Linking” in the slideshow is a feature that is enabled. Disabling that function is just changing a slideshow setting. In other words, that’s easy to change.

2. The reason the WP version loads like that is because I have php sessions enabled in order for people to preview different skins,fonts, etc. so the site isn’t cached – it’s doing a new session each time. The regular Ellipsis download should work faster, and also should cache. It’s also possible to move javascript around so that script loads first, ensuring proper layout if you find that it still has a loading issue.

3. Chrome is supported. That’s just an oversight – need to change that in the desc. Thank you!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to help!