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Hi Andre, do you still recommend Yoast Breadcrumbs instead of the Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin which has superseded it? Thanks

Hi Stan-

The Yoast Breadcrumbs plugin has been tested and will work with this theme. I haven’t tested the Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin, feel free to try it and let me know your findings!


Hi Andre,

Pleasse i actually just bought your team since a few days ago … its interesting … i think im stuck at achieving the drop down rollover (for sub menus you know) on the menu’s.

I’m only able to achieve top menus; but the roll overs doesn’t seem to be working even when I already added menus and move them sideways on the menu interface … they are there but not showing up on the frontend .

I also intend to have more text room for the sub menu names … but i think i already found something about in some of the previous discussion’s here … but firstly i need to be able to make the sub menu roll overs display first .

Please advise …

Hi Samuelsontech,

Which rollover are you talking about? Is there a live version I can see somewhere? I’m having a hard time picturing your problem.

Thanks, Andre

im developing locally for now … i am talking about the main menu of the site (TOP MENU ) on the homepage . i can get to be able to see the drop down on mouse over for displaying sub menus .

Like when you mouse over services .. it should show sub menu which is drop down listing of sub menus under “services” menu .

that’s what i mean .

Are you using wordpress 3.0 menus? You need to create a menu in the wordpress admin panel, and assign it to the “Top Navigation Menu” area. The setup for that is extensively detailed in the documentation if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, there’s no way I can debug your issue without looking at the site – so forgive me I’m trying to do this blind.


Hey, what happened to your theme demo? I was just on the phone with a client and had hoped to sell them on your theme, but just when we started, the demo site went down. You may have just missed a sale!

Server is back up – hardware has been replaced. Hopefully something like this won’t happen again. So sorry for your inconvenience.

No worries, I was able to show it to them later, and they like it. Sale complete!

Excellent. Any support questions, just give me a shout!

Hi, I observe the same, because I wanted to show you what i was talking about using your demo, but apparently the server was down .

hummm , i uploaded a picture of the issue here , take a look .

try to read the text the arrow red line from the red circle points to in the picture .

And if your observe the “Talk to UHS ” menu falls to the second line in the picture; how can I possibly create more room in the top_nav area there to the right so that the “Talk to USH ” menu does not fall to the same line with other menus ….

please look this link

Hi Samuelson-

Thanks for sending the screens. Can you verify a few things for me?

1) Make sure you have the menu set at the correct location – see here:

Select your menu name in the “Theme Locations” section and click “save”.

2)Also, verify that you’re including pages as subpages in your menu – see here:

3)Can you let me know what version of wordpress you’re using?

4)Finally, try making pages “child pages” so they have parents. See here:

Thanks! Andre

Additionally, you can create more room for the menu by editing the header.php file. Replace:
<div class="grid_4 logo">
<div class="grid_2 logo">
and preplace
<div class="grid_8 nav">
<div class="grid_10 nav">
Additionally, you can change the font size by inserting css to the custom css box in Site Options > Customize. You can insert
.sf-menu a {
Or whatever font size you desire.


Thanks …

I did not set theme locations … but i already did the other two …

im using wordpress 3.2.1 … latest i guess.

please look at this image … i have a question on it …

Hi Samuel -

Were you able to fix the dropdown issue by setting the menu location?

As far as your question, you’ll want to use anchor tags, which means you want your link to look like this:
Then on your page you want to include the link to the anchor:
<a name="#name"></a>
You’d place that anchor in that section of the page. More info on anchor tags here:


Huh … yes … the roll over is showing .. you can look it now ….

one more fix there for me … and then i can leave you alone for today … thanks so so much for your effort .

you ‘re the best … take a quick look … a question is on it … well described i guess

Sure Samuel-

That’s just a css change. You’ll in the custom css box of site options:

.sf-menu ul {
width: 175px;

You may have to tinker with second level dropdown positioning too. But that should give you an idea.

Cheers, Andre

Great !!! .... all resolved .. .tx … have a great day ….

Excellent! You as well!

Hi Andre, sorry to bother …

im continuing with my development … but i still want to be able set up your demo on system and have it display as it is online ….

I don’t know if you could possibly rar the files of the demo site and the database script and send to me a link where I can download it ….

like i just to want to transfer the demo site as it in online to my PC … don’t worry about setting it UP …. all i need it just the database exported .sql script together with the complete datafiles in .rar.

Because I observed the version i downloaded from my download sales section did not have many of the image files in the online demo version …???

Hi Samuel-

SQL and XML files are included in the download, along with instructions on how to use them. Images, however I do not have the right to distribute. Putting in the sql file uses placeholder images for your site, so you can have it functioning like the demo.


OK … i understand …

i’ll find a workaround for it …


I have a question how can I change the font for traditional. I’m from Polish Polish fonts I need, for example, “ARIAL”.

Thank you in advance for your help /

Hi Taj,

You can overwrite the theme fonts by inserting custom css. Navigate to Site Options > Customize and enter the following into the custom css box:

Let me know if you run into any issues.


I’ve just about what I meant, I tried the css file but I did not want to modify. Thank you for your help.

Very good WordPress template. Good luck

Once again thank you and best regards

You’re very welcome Tajfun, let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers, Andre

Hi Andre, please i need to know where in the css i can reduce the margin between widgets, especially the widgets on the home page.

take for example : look at your demo. Ii want reduce the space between the slider widget and the divider example widget.

And also to reduce the space between the column shortcode widget content and the tabbed content widgets… the space between the widgets is just what i want to be able to control … kindly advise …???

you also look at the picture to further understand what im trying to do .. between_ rows.jpg ???

I hope this clearly explains it …???

Hi Samuelson,

Try adding:
.latest {
    padding-bottom: 0px;
to the custom css box in Site Options > Customize. Let me know if that solves your issue.

On a side note, you may want to install firebug for firefox. It makes customization easier – you can identify which css to change in a flash.


Hi Andre,

You’ve been great with the support so far, thank you very much.

I’ve got a couple more questions for you:

1. Are you able to have different feature images in the heading space for each individual page?

1. Is it possible to change the transition on the Coda slider from a fly to a fade?



Hi Jsaling,

1. Yes, it’s possible, but you’ll need to modify the theme and create different page templates for each page. If you need help customizing, you may want to try or

2. It may be possible, but you’d have to edit the coda slider code. You’d need to use these Jquery fade effects: and implement it into the existing Coda Slider.

Hi Andre,

refer to the below text …

Hi Samuelson, Try adding:

.latest { padding-bottom: 0px; }

to the custom css box in Site Options > Customize. Let me know if that solves your issue.

On a side note, you may want to install firebug for firefox. It makes customization easier – you can identify which css to change in a flash.

it has not resolved the margin control between the widgets, and besides … i don’t seem to be able to identify the margin declaration using firebug …

Hi Samuelson-

Please bear with me. It’s very hard to troubleshoot without looking at your code and how you set up the page. Can you put this up on a temporary live server so I can take a look? I’m sure I can solve your problem more efficiently this way.


yes … the site is LIVE … but i will need to give you the wp admin access before you have to do the preview after login into the admin … otherwise … you will be seeing my custom site maintenance page .

can I get your mail so that i can give you the secured admin access …??

or send me a mail here … so that i can reply with the details …

this is the site … … but you will discover that you can only see the maintenance page … you need access to the admin before you can see the template home page .

thanks … its was ok .. the way you did it … resoved.

Excellent news :)


Hi Andre,

In regards to changing the slide effect to a fade in the coda slider.

Is this the right file I should be editing jquery.coda-slider-2.0.js?

Will I have to edit any other files or is this the only one?

Hypothetically if I manage to pull it off will I still be able to update the slides through the Word Press dashboard?

Hi jsaling-

There are two files you should edit – jquery.coda-slider-2.0.js and custom.js.php . The first is the coda slider core, and the second calls the coda slider on the page. As long as you don’t change how it references content the page should still work. Either way, editing the js won’t change the content that’s being fed to the page. Let me know if you run into any snags.