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Very clean work bhagwati, good luck with sales mate!

Peter Zickler..

looks nice, but as it’s a PSD how comes the small preview says HTML ?

It’s by mistake & i correct it

I thinck its html too.. but its only psd

Yes but currently html work in progress

Sack the HTML version – head straight for the WP version!

I think first HTML

awesome work Bhagwati!!! good luck with sales :)

Thanks pxoutline

Looks very good! Congrats :)

Looks brilliant. What font is used for the logo?

Hi, i’m use “Androgyne” font in logo

There are several issues with this theme

There is no way to change the logo within Wordpress. You have to edit the theme files!

The change bacground image does not work.

There is no way to change the complete header background color, only part changes, the rest is bordered with no control:


Hi, Please download updated theme. I already updated Thanks

Have upgraded…

I can now add a log, but…

The theme options set background is not working, nor are the column layouts.

Very buggy

Theme is bug free please mail me what you facing issue