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Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team

Very nice theme but the menu isn’t working on my device. Scrolling is jerky too. Seem to be fine on Chrome (for both).

Nexus 5 – Android 4.4 – Firefox 32.0

I will get back to you on E-Mail. Best, Vladimir


I have purchased your code. It’s working good. thank you for that. But yet we are facing one problem. When we upload our site on hosting.

Google Search Result:

Company – technology**.com


Technology is an Expert Application Design & Development Company in India … the company a trusted brand name for one stop solutions for mobile and web apps. ... how to install WordPress in the Amazon Cloud – http://t.co/yDBGtAM02b ... Our newest #themeforest item ‘Kreator Ultimate HTML Template’ http://t.co/ ...

> Google show me my site name than description of my site and bellow line also.

> ” how to install WordPress in the Amazon Cloud – http://t.co/yDBGtAM02b ... Our newest #themeforest item ‘Kreator Ultimate HTML Template’ http://t.co/

above line is not added by me. I have not added any description like this in my code.

So, I want to remove above line from my code and also from Google search. How can i do it ? please help me.

waiting for your reply.

Thank You. :)


This code is generated from the tweet scroll widget. It is located at the footer of your page. You can remove this text from your Google search by removing the widget from footer, or changing the Twitter username (in js/jquery.tweetscroll.js) so that your Tweets appear.

Beware that when you change some of your code, it won’t be displayed on Google search right away.



I am trying to change the ‘img alt’ text from the default ‘image’ in the image carousel, but can’t seem to find it in the options. which file would i need to access to change it?

thank you!


Please register on our support forum at http://pixel-industry.com/web/forums/ and open a topic in an appropriate section.


Hello, how would I edit Elvyre in Dreamweaver?

I have already placed the files into Dreamweaver, and can access them. My main concern is

A ) I cannot edit any of the pages since all pages load up blank except for showing Yellow PHP images inside a few Tables

B ) In live view, the format doesn’t appear either.

Thank you kindly in advance.


You are probably doing something wrong, because all the pages are the simple HTML code and should be visible in Dreamweaver. If the files are displayed correctly in browser without importing into Dreamweaver, you should be able to edit the pages without a problem.

Could you try and open one of the .html files in Dreamweaver individually?

Could you post a screenshot of the Yellow PHP images as they shouldn’t appear?


Hello Roby!

Thanks for taking a moment of your time. Here is a link to an image of what I am seeing (http://www.the-unconventional.com/)

Also, I went through every single folder in the file that I downloaded. There were no HTML files, except a 4, and they loaded up instructions for things that have nothing to do with Wordpress, Dreamweaver, etc.

That is where I am now.


The template from the screenshot is an Elvyre Wordpress template, not the HTML template. Because of that, you are getting the php images as the Wordpress theme is PHP only and it can’t be modified in Dreamweaver.

If you have any additional questions, please register at http://pixel-industry.com/web/forums/ and open a topic in appropriate section.


Hi, I am missing all the contextual links like “edit view” on views. Where are they? Thanks.

Drupal views. There is a module called contextual links. It makes shortlinks to edit views for users with appropriate permissions visible. When I use the standard theme (e.g. bartik) the contextual links apear. But elvyre does not show them. I think they are missing in the templates. R, Max


This is a html5 Elvyre template, not the Drupal one. The Drupal template was made by author called DDamir .

Please contact DDamir for any question regarding Drupal theme.


Sorry. Was not obvious…

I purchased the HTML Elvyre template, and I don’t know how to change the email address (To where an email gets sent to me) for the “Email Submit” field under the contact page.


Can you please post a question on our support forum.


The link you provided doesn’t work.


The correct link is: http://support.pixel-industry.com/


I have the HTML version of Elvyre, which I am editing in Dream Weaver. How do I change the Twitter Scroll from rotating the default tweets to having my personal tweets show through the scroll?

Also, how do you change the speed on the “Testimonial”page for the carousal change?

Hi MonsoonRush ,

please register on our support forum. Our team will be happy to answer on your questions.

Hi Pixel Industry, I have tried to register for your support forum, once last week and again today (11/30) and I still have not received your confirmation email with the password to complete the registration process.Your team does and awesome job with design and coding. This is my third theme from you. Thanks Rick

Hi Rick,

Can you please E-Mail us with your username and I will reset your password so you can login. Sorry for inconvenience, it seems that forum sometimes doesn’t send emails but we are working on this issue.


Thanks for the quick response


How do i create a Skype link in this template


Could you give some more informations? Which type of skype link? Where do you want to insert it? Could you post an example so I could provide you the code?


The Skype link will b for chatting, i’ve add a button to the top of the website, so i want it to be active so that when a person clicks on the Skype icon, it will redirect them to the chatting. Thank You

Have you tried using the Skype button generator? It is located at http://www.skype.com/en/features/skype-buttons/create-skype-buttons/. Once you fill out all the fields, you will get an html code which you can insert anywhere on the page.


Is any1 experiencing problems loading the images ? Every image on the webpage is a blank grey frame for me…:S


The images from the demo are not included in Elvyre template as they are stock images for which you need to pay in order to use them.

For all the future questions, please register on our support forum http://support.pixel-industry.com/.


Very nice and THANK YOU, for keeping the search in the mobile version. I finally found one ;-)

Just one question (am confused) I read many time in your comment section about WP. Is this a WP theme or a stand alone HTML5 template? I don’t want to use WP, never did, never will, it’s just a far too bad of a PHP hack.


Thanks for interest :) This is HTML version of Elvyre template not WordPress. HTML templates are on ThemeForest called “Site Template” and WordPress are “WordPress Theme” so this is a way to distinguish two.

Let me know if you have any other question.


Just bought this template. I am getting an error that says “There is a syntax error on line of nicesroll.min.js. Code hinting may not work until you fix this error. Do you have a fix for this?


Where exactly do you get this error. I assume that it shows up in your code editor?



I have purchased this theme in Regular Licence. First I have XYZ company name so xyz.com website (domain name). Now I have change my company to ABC so abc.com (domain name). I have completely delete first domain files. So now I able to use same theme in my new domain without purchasing new one. Right ?



It’s very specific case so I can’t give you 100% correct answer. I think it will be ok to use it for your second company if you deleted for first company. As long as it’s not active on two domains, it should be ok.

You can get in touch with Themeforest support and verify my information.


Dear All, I’ve bought the theme, everything is ok, but the “find” (search) option doesn’t work. Could you help me ?

Andrew Thks in advance!

Hi Andrew, this is HTML template so the form isn’t working. You can make a search form by using Google widgets. Here is how: https://cse.google.com/cse/tools/create_onthefly

Kind regards, Andrijana

I’m planning buying this beautiful template, but the demo doesn’t seem to show hi res images in the macbook pro, iPad or iPhone retina displays.

I don’t know if it’s just the demo that is not updated or there is no support at all for apple retina displays.

Does this template support them?

Thanks Miguel


Thank you for interest. Unfortunately Elvyre template doesn’t support retina screens although it can be implemented if you have time. There are a lot of tutorials online that explain how to achieve this.