EM Fashionista Responsive Framework Theme

EM Fashionista Responsive Framework Theme

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EM Fashionista is a multi-purpose Responsive Magento Theme with powerful Theme Framework built-in lets you develop your own layouts, create your own color variants, fonts and more with non-technical knowledge needed.

Compatibility with Magento: Community edition 1.7.x, 1.8.x (,,,

Key Features

Responsive Design

Fit your various screens

Design in optimized for all most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 320 to 1280 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution.

Built-in Layout Theme Framework

Our innovated Theme Framework built-in lets you change and ‘develop’ your own layouts with no restriction. You can add new positions or areas, change your displaying blocks and widgets in any position, change sizes of blocks and columns freely. EM Theme Framework also supports multi-stores that you can assign different stores using different layouts.

Visual Layout Editor

Another cool feature of EM Fashionista is let you edit your blocks visually. No more wasting time for finding block name in user guide.

Powerful settings panel & variations

  • Customizing your own colors, fonts, sizes, border shadow, rounded corner, headline 1,2,3,4,5, buttons and more.
  • Customizing image sizes and image background color on product grids, product detail page, related products, upsell, crosssell, shopping cart
  • Lets you choose 100+ included background stripes or upload your own background image
  • Support all Google fonts
  • Styling your own buttons’ styles
  • Adding your own custom CSS file and CSS code without modify the original source code. Convenience for your maintenance.
  • Support multi-store let you create your own layout, own settings variants applied to each stores.

Drag & Drop Mega Menu Builder

  • Build your multiple columns menu with drag &drop features
  • Easily to embed static or dynamic contents on menu columns.
  • Support inserting static blocks, dynamic widget instances, dynamic categories listing or featured product details on menu.
  • Essentially support viewing Mega Menu on mobile with smart sliding menu allows to view all content in sub menus. Support native browser’s back button.

Set hover for product images

Configure image change when hover product.

Image Slideshow Widget

  • Create image slideshow widget instance and display on any position
  • Embed to any pages, static blocks
  • Add up to 10 images per instance
  • Configure slideshow effect, auto sliding, thumbnail, text, navigation…

CMS Static Block Widget

Improve default Magento CMS Static Block widget to support adding custom class, custom HTML wrapper

  • Display bestseller, featured, sale off, latest reviewed products in certain categories, support sorting, limit number of products, width & height of each item and thumbnail.
  • Allow to configure whether to show product title, description, reviews, price, buttons, label or not.
  • Template listing, grid or your custom template.
  • Cache enabled to improve performance.

Recent Reviews Widget

  • Display latest reviews or latest reviewed products in certain categories, support sorting, limit number of products, width & height of each item and thumbnail.
  • Allow to configure whether to show product title, description, reviews, price, buttons, label or not.
  • Template listing, grid or your custom template.
  • Cache enabled to improve performance.

  • Create unlimited sliders in pages, static blocks or any positions.
  • You can make products slider, image slider or any content slider.
  • Support vertical or horizontal slider, auto sliding, number of items sliding, sliding speed…

Tabs Widget

  • Create unlimited tabs in pages, static blocks or any positions.
  • Each tab contains other widgets or static blocks.
  • You can embed products listing, slider or any content into tabs.
  • Support multi-lingual.

Product Quick-View

Allow customer to quickly view a product details on fancy box popup without leaving current page. You can turn on/off this feature in the backend.

Ajax Add to Cart

Instantly add product to cart without leaving page.

Custom Product Labels extension

Allow to create and manage product labels show on top of product images like to indicate bestseller, new, special products… You are freely to create more label and configure conditions to display labels in the backend.

Customize image sizes

All product images, product thumbnails’ sizes can be configured in the backend as you want. If your web store has different background color, you can configure product image background accordingly.

Grid Pages & Sidebars

Typography & Custom CSS Classes

Theme support general typography, support all HTML elements, 24 columns grid system, support adaptive layout. Check out the Typography page for details.


Detailed instruction to help you install the theme on your store or install build a full demo site like our demo store. Detailed instruction for using our extensions, widget, theme settings. For developer, it guides you to develop a custom style extended from the original style without modifying the original source code.


Version 1.0.9 - 06/13/2014:
- Update package
- Improves ajaxcart

Version 1.0.8 (revision 519) - 02/07/2014:
- Release package theme magento

Version 1.0.7 (revision 504) - 10/22/2013:
- Release package theme magento

Version 1.0.6 revision 479) - 04/27/2013:
- fixed disable tab click button review, add review does not work.
- fixed multi site does not show correct preview layout
- fixed setting positioning absolute does not work
- fixed install full package get error
- fixed em framework apply grid attribute does not get saved if not select a grid.

Version 1.0.5 (revision 468) - 03/26/2013:
- Fixed EOL in Font.php
- Disable ajaxcart in advance tab
- Config backend for list view
- Fixed query category when enable flat category mode.

Files changed see here: http://pastebin.com/7SsQmHap

Version 1.0.4 (revision 463) - 02/26/2013:
- fixed font-size variation
- added dropdown js for selectbox
- [emthemeframework] corrected layout update order.
- added color to variation block
- fixed z-index of variation block
- replaced image of color in variation block
- removed googlefonts_url variable
- added option displaying products grid's position as absolute or float.

Files changed see here: http://pastebin.com/BYh1PK2g

Version 1.0.3a (revision 452) - 02/07/2013:
- update user guide more details on mega menu instruction

Version 1.0.3 (revision 451) - 02/06/2013:

- update emthemeframework
- create wide layout (demo store 4)
- fix next/prev on review page
- fix bug slider upsell tab
- fix variation block #17357
- fixed icon of drop menu
- add feature: +/- product number on product detail page
- add feature ajax add to cart auto close after a few seconds
- fix colorpicker on IE9
- fix menu on iPod
- feature: support both cloud-zoom and lightbox on product detail page.
- add feature: freezed top menu as customer's suggestion.
- fix bug hover qty on demo store 2

Files changed see here: http://pastebin.com/YMEu23f1

Version 1.0.2 (revision 426) - 01/29/2013:

- add lightbox to product page
- fix qr_code z-index lower than lightbox
- update sql Horizontal slider
- fix bug lightbox on iPad
- fix bug top cart
- add next/back product button #16964
- fix bug on ajax cart
- fix bug #16964

Version 1.0.1 (revision 365 to 399) - 01/25/2013:

- change demo stores on variation block
- fix store-switcher
- fix bug screen larger than 1600px break layout
- stores on variations run independently with stores on header
- add enable/disable demo stores on variation block
- fix #15106
- change all top menu links to #
- update menu install script
- update block em0074_area9_brands
- change product logo, brand logo to sample logo
- fix slider customer choice blink
- [em_megamenupro] Improve mega menu to support touch on arrow icon on mobile view
- [em_megamenupro] remove used code
- change arrow icon of dropdown menu
- fix build script of mega menu
- [improvement] allow to add tabs on product details page
- fix dropdown menu
- change title of tab of product detail page
- change CSS class seperated from store select on header
- fix variation on theme package
- fix tab on theme package
- fix icon menu
- fix header, dropmenu store3
- fix tab on product detail page
- add more sample blocks on product details page
- remove quickshop on dropdown cart
- fix bug icon on iPod

Files changed see here: http://pastebin.com/iqrfKTSV