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looks good .. is this html5?

Hi, I have tested on iphone/ipod/ipad its work fine.

Top menu items should not contain links, they should be non-linked categories. Because of this, drop-downs can’t bee tested on touch-enabled devicies since the top menu item links immediately upon touch.

You can add links or not in the backend of mega menu. Please take a look at demo site.

Oh, I’m aware of that. I’m sure it works fine. What I mean is that you might want to change your top menu items to non-links on your demo site so people can actually test drop-down functionality. Otherwise, many people might mention it or think its broken. This way you can fix it before too many people run into that issue on the demo.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have updated the demo site :)

Nice work. Good luck with sales :)

thanks, hope you will a contribution to our sales :D


Nice theme.

Do you have demo admin? I would like to test layout editor before buy

Iis it possible to create custom sub themes?

Please sent request to support@emthemes.com, we will setup for you. Thanks!

Ya. You can custom subthemes. We aleady add 3 subthemes. Check out document file to know how to creat subthemes, we already add this tip.

Hi. Very nice work!! But I have a question regarding variations of the theme for other professionals , for example Is it possible to create this theme for artists/painters, answering to specific needs of artists and painters. I see this is very important and empty category on all of the internet, nobody wants to create e-commerce themes or templates just, sharp, only for artist and painters. Can you give some ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

The variation module allows you change fonts, colors, backgrounds… With our EM Theme Framework, you can arrange your own layout, using our custom widgets to display products or content on any positions. If your design looks much different than our design you can also create your own style in the theme setting panel to override our base stylesheet. If you need customization works, please contact our out source team at support@emthemes.com. Best Regards,

Hi I just downloaded this theme! Looks so nice. But how do I install it in Magento??

Please read the user guide in package em0074-userguide_M1.7.0.2_r364.zip I wrote detailed installation instruction. If you get any problem please contact via email support@emthemes.com with your hosting details, I will help you install. Regards.

hi There i bought the theme, but i get an error unzipping the files. what is the solution for it? i try winrar and winzip but both the same error. i download it two times this is the error.

the path is not found and /or the name is to long.

I’m not sure why you getting error. Please send us email, we will send you link to download directly.

lovely theme but if you can modify mega menu which work from left side (MEN,WOMEN BRAND area).

like : http://snapdeal.com

Thanks for your suggestion. We will release a new theme with left side mega menu soon.

OK i’ll wait for that :)

Very impressed, unfortunately i just bought another theme and finished deployment but will consider this one for future project. Great job!!!

Thanks for your interesting. :)

Hello! Love the theme. Quick question about the alternative images for a product (both in quick shop ajax window and product detail page). When I click in either space, It opens a new window instead of displaying the clicked image in the main image space… is that by design?

Will be buying shortly for sure! Any way I could look at the 100p guide before buying?


I turned on Cloud-Zoom feature on the demo site, now when you view image on product detail page (or quick-view window) you will see like this: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9I3z5cNH6sBTDVlMThYSzBEYTQ/edit

Thanks! When I go to that link I get an error.

Hello, Great Theme. need to know few things before we buy this theme.

1. i cant see related Products, can they be added under the item where Area 17 is? (not in a tab)

2. can we also add the below Extensions to show under every item. (not in a tab) http://amasty.com/product-categories.html

3. Can we add 1 step checkout to work with this theme.



1. You can view related products here, it stays on the left column: http://demo.emthemes.com/fashionista/index.php/ottoman.html

2. Yes, just put the block on Area 17. It may requires editing the xml file of extension. Please contact the extension provider for help.

Best Regards,

3. We also sell 1 step checkout extension work with this theme. http://www.emthemes.com/commercial-magento-extensions/em-onestepcheckout.html

Hello, your them seams really great and I’m pretty sure I will be purchasing it for my live store I have a few questions. Can I make banner on home page wider across top of page like in my site now http://www.coutureglam.us and can I make products that display on home page larger/bigger images? and set them to show no product description? thank you much, Cathy

Yes, it is position, using our EM Theme Framework allow you to change layout without programming required. Please see a sample here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9I3z5cNH6sBdnhfVlk2T29uWTA/edit

> I make products that display on home page larger/bigger images? and set them to show no product description Yes, you can configure these options in the product widget. See screenshot: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9I3z5cNH6sBd2V4cmlxdlJhazQ/edit

Thank you much that makes this theme perfect!! GREAT JOB!!

nice theme but its not working on my fresh magento install. I get an error when trying to view the Fashionista settings. Also the frontend CSS doesnt appear to fully be working.

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/sitename/public_html/app/code/community/EM/Em0074settings/Model/Config/Font.php on line 1”

Tried 3 fresh installs, same problem each time. Any advice ?

i sent ftp account to email. I did both, and cache still disabled.

I got your ftp details, but what is your site URL and magento admin account? Please send via the support ticket.

Could you try to replace content of app/code/community/EM/Em0074settings/Model/Config/Font.php by this: http://pastebin.com/dy5MjNdM

I converted EOL character of Mac to Linux.

does this theme have product previous next navigation feature

I will add this feature in the next update.

I need to understand how the Fashionista settings work. If i change something and save nothing appens in the website. I’ve tried to flush cache but everything is still the same.

Could you send me a screenshot and your admin account to check it out? Please send to email support@emthemes.com. Best Regards,

I really like this theme and is going to buy it. But first of all do i have to open a account at magento? And what kind of account do i need? Go/pro/ any free account?

Okey, can you recommend any host? Have one.com today but dont now if its the best one for Magento. And wannt the server to be in Sweden for faster use

Should i have a VPS host?

I would recommend a dedicated server. www.server4you.com is quite good.

Hi, looks really good. Seems to have many functions. 1 think that I noticed that the quickshop or quickview loads with a delay however I have very high speed connection. What is the reason? And are you using a plugin for quickview?

Hi, quickshop issues a AJAX request, so it takes time to display result. quickshop will run effectively if your server have a good caching system.

Inside the quickview the ajaxcart didnt work?

Could you send us your URL so that we can check it out. Please send to support@emthemes.com, our support team will get back to you asap. Regards,

would be nice, it gives options for show/hide add to cart, compare and wishlist at grid/list view.

at the grid view the products are not all at the same level per coloum, if the product above have specialprice or a longer title the gridlisting shows not verry well. gives any tricks to show all at the same high at a coloum?

Could you try to set fixed height of each product item by adding css code:

.category-products .products-grid li.item { height: ....px }

I will add your suggestion in the next update.