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Buying this template was just waste of money and time.

Dear mm99, first of all, we are sorry if there is anything makes you unhappy about this template. However, We will very appreciate your contribution, if you give us more specific details about what actually caused you think this template is not worthy for your money and time? Each buyer has different needs and requirements of a Template that means your personal preference may not right for everyone. Your negative and vague comment is confusing many people and damaging our prestige. Our products are continuously developing, bugs will be fixed and weak features will be improved. Our products contains a lot of new features so that it might have some small bugs. If you have any concern about your purchased items, you can contact us at support@emthemes.com. Thank you and have a good day!

What was wrong with the template?

what was wrong with the template? wanted to buy. but now I’m afraid.

Hi Sir, Thank you for contacting, Sorry I have got a bit confused on your question. Please help us explaining. Please check working theme at demo link, it will be the same demo link when is uploaded into your site. we will check and fix bugs with our theme at your site for lifetime. I look forward to your reply.

hi there

on a productpage with a configurable product you see two times the price. two time the normal price and two times the special price. is it possible to show the price only above the options wrapper and not above the cart button? thanks

Hi Mrorangenl, That is default of Magento, but if you want to remove the price above the cart button, you can use css to hide it. To edit css, you open file /skin/frontend/default/em0074/css/styles.css around line 849, you add property “display:none” for class .product-options-bottom .price-box { margin:10px 0; } so that after editing it, it looks like: .product-options-bottom .price-box { margin:10px 0;display:none; } Best Regards.

hi tvlgiao

thanks for the tip it works just perfect. and the template is perfect i am very happy with it. the template works very good.


I’m interested to use this theme for multi-site Magento website. what type of licence do I need?

Hi Danshan,

Now you can get package theme at themeforest with single license for your site then you can send email to giao.trinh@emthemes.com to get “Up to 5 Domains License +$149.00” for your site, emthemes.com will be checked and supported for theme at your site for lifetime with Multiple Domains License.

Best Regards.

Really bad support, long response time and not usefull answers!

I’ve recently bought this themes. I’ve some small troubles just about logos, banners… I’ve contacted them via Skype and their supporter are good enough. But u have to contact them between 2am till 1pm for fast support. (GMT+1)

Firstly, thank you for the theme. Is there anyway to make it not responsive? As it doesn’t go that well with my iPhone in checkout. Thank you!

Hi jessehanley,

Thank you for purchasing EM Fashionista Responsive Framework Theme, please send email to support@emthemes.com with the problem that you got at our theme + account your site (FTP and Admin) to get the support for your site on iPhone.

Best Regards

great theme, i was wondring if ajax search is available on this theme, and i i can show an image thumbnail on the results. thank you.

Hello, The theme does not have this feature included. However, you can buy and use other 3rd party extension for your store. Regards,

thanks, would there be any issues, do you have an extension in mind

i have this problem, what is the solution?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 167655 bytes) in /home/create2m/public_html/app/code/local/EM/Themeframework/Helper/Theme.php on line 130

It s urgent!!!!!

in my web site, when I want to chekout i have this problem. my web site is www.create2me.com thanks!

Please contact your hosting to increase memory limit. Magento requires system memory minimum is 512Mb.

Please refer this tutorial to do it yourself: http://www.hostucan.com/webmaster-tutorials/increase-php-memory-limit

Thanks ;) Man

Is this theme compatible with enterprise version??will it be able to support responsiveness for 25k+ SKU


I have a problems in “reviews” clicking up not work, please haw adjuste?



Hi Zamoray,

Thank you for purchasing EM Fashionista Responsive Framework Theme, please send email to support@emthemes.com with this problem and account your site (FTP and Admin) to get the support.

Best Regards

Hello, I have emailed 2 days ago, are you still providing support?

Hi Mileskaye, What is your email and what have you asked?

myles at atominx dot om

I’m having trouble getting the site installed, I’ver tried everything but still not working for me.

Hello Myles,

Our team replied you on 03/08 from email support@emthemes.com but did not hear from you. I just also resent an email, please send us your hosting details and magento admin account so that we can check and help you install.

Best Regards,

Hello i have purchased the template and followed the installation guide, but after the instalation i get a blank page, do i need to create the layouts and the blocks.. thank you.


There is no need to create layouts or blocks by hand. It run automatically when you install the theme.

Could you try to flush magento cache, logout and login backend again. Please refer the user guide for how to flush magento cache.

If it still does not work, please send us your admin account details so that we can investigate. Please send to support@emthemes.com

Best Regards,

i did exactly what you just said

Working with support over thumbnail back ground color for 2 weeks… their fix is to edit the background before loading the image… making the whole reason for have the custom background color setting in the admin for the theme… no matter what color you pick for the back ground it turn bright green. Figured I would try the ground as support is a joke.

Site is – www.completehavoc.com

any suggestions please post here, I’m willing to try anything.

I changed the field in em themes, flushed the cache, checked current images, the background turned green
Did you change green color? Please send us a screenshot of what you input in the backend.
If the field is left blank in the em themes area the background go’s back to white
Because the default background color is #ffffff

The goal is to have a black background #000000

Screen shot can be found here -


FYI – it is a fresh Magento install, on a new provider (changed from Hostmonster to MyWebHost) and had the same issues with both.

LOOKS LIKE I HAVE IT SOLVED… the color picker doesn’t use #000000 for black it uses RGBA when a over ride the picker and type in #000000 it works…

Might want to remove the color picker from using this field in a future release.

OK, I understand now. the value rgba(....) is used for CSS in order to get color with opacity/transparency effect. Normal value #000000 does not support opacity.

Can I install this theme on Magento Go ?


No, You can not install this theme on Magento Go.


You can buy the version for Magento Go here: http://www.emthemes.com/magento-go-themes/em-go-fashionista.html


Drag & Drop Magento Mega Menu Extension in this theme operates with mistakes. Within some time after refreshing of the cache of the website the upper slide menu shows incorrect subcategories ( in category where must be subcategories D is showed subcategories A and so on, everything messed up). After refreshing of the cache once again the categories stand right, but just for a short time. It is impossible to run the website because of the errors in your extension. Could you check please how this problem can be resolved?

Hello, Could you send us your FTP & Magento admin account for investigate? Did you install any other third-party caching module?

Please send your confidential details to our support email at support@emthemes.com.

Best Regards,

hi, this is a great theme, thanks. But the Area_9 (brands) widget seems not to be working (I cannot see the logos of the brands, not even to your own previews, while the thumbnail of the template shows exact brands instead Your_Logo_Here) How can I fix or change this?

Hello, you should put our own logo that you have permission to use. Because of privacy policy of ThemeForest, we cannot show the real logos on our demo site.

Best Regards

thanx. Can you help me with that though? How do I change/add the logos I want? Where are they located or stored?


You can find the Brands block in backend CMS > Static Blocks > EM0074 – Area 9 – Brands. I recommend you click on “Show/Hide Editor” to edit HTML tags of block. If you want to change/add the logos, you can remove HTML tags “ Mango ” and insert the images into the positions of tags. Example: this is the original code:
  • Zara
  • ; you can change it like below:
  • If you meet any the troubles when you change the brand logos, please send your issues to support@emthemes.com, the Support Team will support you.

    Best Regards,

  • Can I remove the “Magento Themes by EMThemes.com” after all its a paid theme…

    hi..please help, i can install magento with no problem at all. But when i try installing the full package em0074, im getting this error.

    dbModel read resource does not implement Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract

    please help, i’ve tried change the var to 777, cache, session. still not working for me.

    please check support@emthemes.com as i have emailed the information needed. TQ

    hi..may i know what have you done? As per requested, i have given you the c-panel password for you to check the error, why did you change my password for c-panel?Now I cannot access it & I can’t even open one of my websites, have you changed any files there? This is very poor,unacceptable & dishonest support from themeforest & I didn’t expect this kind of experience from so-called reputable company like you. Please handle this professionally. I demand a detailed explanation ASAP as this is very crucial for me.

    We have received your information cpanel in support center . But we can’t access cpanel with your information so we don’t change anything in your cpanel . We have replied for you in ticket.