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Great work.. GLWS ;)

Hello, and thanks for your fine work , I need to know if I purchase your item can I use it as email template ?

I mean copy the HTML and past it into my email editor

You need to create database for saving the emails of users. This is a front end template and the database works at the back end of a website. You can create a database in few mins by going through simple database tutorials.

Thank’s for ur replay . May I ask a link to simple database tutorials ?

Authors are not allowed to add links here. Just search for this keyword on Google and you will find your answer. “database tutorials for beginners”

Is there a way to make the download (an ebook) automatic after someone subscribes? Or is this already there and I’m missing it?

It is not included in the template. But you can do it by subscribing to any email service. You can watch this article and video for help http://www.blogtyrant.com/how-to-automatically-send-an-ebook-to-your-email-subscribers/

Does this template require Business Catalyst database in order to function?

You can create a table ursekf for storing email adresses.

The form does not work ?

Please check if you entered your email id in the form options or not. You can follow these steps to enter your email id in the form. 1. Select the form with the mouse. 2. Now click on the blue arrow on the top right corner of the form 3. In the option menu you will see the place where you can enter your email id on which you want to receive the mails.