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file is included. php to send email?


No. The theme provides only html markup and css styling for the contact form. To make it send messages you will need to implement your own backend solution.

Best Regards, D&I.

file is included. php to send email?

Hi, I would really like to purchase this template but need a functioning contact form. Can you please provide me with a link or anything to help setup the back end component of the contact form for your template ? I am not coder so I need we’ll instructed directions to setup the contact form . Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Awesome template

Hi! Thank you for your interest!

Unfortunately we do not provide support on back-end components. You may however place a small project on a freelance site like Freelancer.com and hire someone to do the back-end part for you.


Just amazing!

Thank you very much! :)

Very innovative, very clever, I am very impressed. Just thought I would say that. Sorry I do not have a project I can use this on at the moment but it is very, very cool. :-)

Best wishes,


Thank you for kind words! We really appreciate it! :)

i love that design and I’m about to purchase. How easy to customize the colours? from “green” to blue?

Hi! Thanks for your interest.

Changing colors in Emerald theme is very easy. All colors are defined in style.css file. Just replace them with your own using usual CSS color values. PSD files for buttons created in Photoshop are included so you can change buttons color there. That’s all! :)

Best Regards, D&I

Hi, I bought this awsome template but I really need a contact.php. and I dont know how to work with freelance. Dont you have one ? Thanks.

Hi! Tank you for your purchase!

Unfortunately we do not provide back-end components for Emerald theme.

Best Regards, D&I

Hi, can i ask how to make the email works??? Do I need to create a process.php by myself???? can you explain the details?? Please and Thank you very much!!

Hi! Tank you for your purchase!

Unfortunately we do not provide back-end components for Emerald theme.

Best Regards, D&I

The template is awesome, works perfectly. Just would be great to have a php form template included. I’m just having problems with the contact form… could anyone send me a sample of php to this website? I would be grateful. vitorpcambraia@gmail.com

Wow. Amazing design!

Thank you! :)

Wow. Very nice work!

Thank you very much! :)


I recently bought your template. I would like to add more images to the portfolio. However, when I add extra images (more than 12) they do not work with fancybox or the isotope. They are included within the

    structure, using the exact same markup as the other images, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Would appreciate your advice on this.

    Thanks, S

I just noticed that you already answered this question on previous page… I applied solution, and it worked. Thanks for the great template.

Hi! Thank you for choosing our template. We are glad you like it! :)

HI! Beautiful theme! However I have a question. I find how to resize the about us section to 100% of the page. But I would resize the content in the about us section to 100% too! It’s possible? I’m lost! Thanks for your help!

Hi ikonos, Thank you for choosing Emerald! Content sections are designed to have specific pixel width on desktop, tablet and smatphone screens. This ensures your site looks beautiful on any device. What you described is a fluid layout. It matches any screen width and it is measured in percentages. We believe the disadvantage of a fluid layout is that the page may look distorted in some scenarios. That is why we chose a set of fixed widths for our responsive design. So in a word, no, it is not possible. Hope this helps!

Hi there,

How do I get the portfolio to work with only a small number of tiles? I find that when I have less than 7 tiles the script does not trigger and the page remains blank. Am confused!


Hi! We will look into it and reply to you within a few days. Hold on! :)

Hi! We’ve made a 6-tiles version for you. By the way this template works fine with any number of tiles. Never forget to re-check your customized code with Validator. We can send you a ready 6-tiles version via e-mail. But for that we need to know your e-mail! :) Hope this helps!


First of all Nice work..!!

when the website loads first time it blinks and flashes once. You can also reivew it your live demo also.

It first loads the whole page, then desapears and then come back with animation.

Can we have please solutoin for this.

Just sent a fix to your email. :)

I Really Appreciate your Service..!! Thanks my friend..! you are really Great..!! :* :*

You are welcome. Glad we could help! :)

Very nice work! Thank you;

Thank you very much! We really appreciate it! :)

Hi, I just wanted to check I’m able to load swfs into the portfolio section? and also a unique backup image per entry if there is no swf player? thanks

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our product! Unfortunately this is not a feature of this template. We are sure it can be achieved with some custom coding. But this goes beyond the scope of our support. You may want try to code it yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. By the way the template supports Vimeo and YouTube video in portfolio without any need for .swf. Hope this helps :)


I would like to add 2 more slides in the testimonial part. But the number of dot in the navigation bar bellow slider is 3 (not 5)!

Can you fix it?

Hello! I bought the theme and i’m asking if It’s possible to remove all the animated on the page? I would like a minimalist display, not with animation! Thank you for your answer/

Hi ikonos, Apologise for a late response. Your support request got overlooked by accident since our primary support channel is email, not comments. But no matter what, we resolved your question and sent modified source files via email to you. Please check your email inbox for the result :) Thank you for choosing Emerald!

Hi sir, can you please this same there in WordPress ? if it have i will buy it so i ask . could you please send me replay ?

No, WordPress version is currently not planned.