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Great job , Good Luck

Thank you! :)

Great job, good luck with sales!

Thank you very much! :)

Wow ! ...that was the first impresion. Awesome work….good luck with sales !

Thanks a lot! We are glad you like it :)

Perfect clean and dynamic design!

Thank you very much! That was our goal! :)

This theme isn’t uploading to my WordPress set via the Appearance>Theme>Upload option. It’s saying that the upload failed because zip file doesn’t have a style.css , which it clearly does. Any ideas please?

Correction, the style.css is being recognized, but I get this message:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed. “

Is there any way I could get a file with a stylesheet that contains a valid theme header without purchasing the theme again?

Hi! Unfortunatly theme you have purchased is not a WordPress theme. It’s a HTML 5 & CSS 3 theme which is clearly stated in its name. Also it is published under Site Templates category, not WordPress category. Hope this helps!

It does, thank you. I’ll be sure to read the title better next time haha :/

Good job! Good luck :)

Thank you! :)

Nice ! Very good! What’s name of plugin who you used to dynamic load of divs with fade in and others effects?

Hi! Glad you like our theme. We have used our custom solution to create the effects. :)

Beautiful animations! Those animations gives dynamic feeling to the clean style design..


Congrats for this beautiful tempate, D-and-I.. and good luck ws.

Thank you very much! This is the exact idea we aimed to implement in this theme. We wanted to make it alive. :) Good luck to you too! ;)

Hi, i have an question, the video from youtube under portfolio can not be play until the website had been posted?

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! YouTube and Vimeo video in portfolio work fine when site is either hosted on remote server (been published) or on a local testing server. Probably the most easy to use local servers are WAMP Server for Windows and MAMP Server for Mac OS.

thank you!

You are welcome :)

also how do i add more portfolio pics if i have more. sorry about the noob questions coz i am a beginner.

Adding new portfolio items is very easy. 1) Each work is represented by a piece of HTML code like this (in index.html file): <!-- Tile 11 --> <li class="one-third column" data-type="3d branding">...</li> <!-- End Tile 11 --> Simply copy and paste it to add 1 new item to layout. 2) Then add a transition effect to it. Go to line 1639 of scripts.js file where animation effects for portfolio are placed. Copy and paste this line of code
  $('ul.tiles .item-wrap').eq(11).addClass('animated fadeInLeft delay-5-5s');
And change it’s index (eq) and animation delay like this
  $('ul.tiles .item-wrap').eq(12).addClass('animated fadeInLeft delay-6s');

3) Animate.css has delays classes for up to 5.5 seconds only so you have to add one more yourself. Go to line 36 where “Delays” are placed and add a new css class .delay-6s following the examples already provided there.

Thats all! This way you can add as many items as you wish. :)

thanks for replying me, let me try it now :P

I really love the design and I’m about to purchase. How easy to customize/change the animations?

Hi! Thanks for you interest! If you are an experienced HTML, CSS and JavaScript coder then it will be not so difficult. If you are a beginner then it will be better to stick to default configuration. :)

There’s much to learn in JavaScript, others are OK. In this case? :)

In this case the default configuration is your best bet :)

so i didn’t notice it wasn’t a wordpress template either and am getting the same css missing installation failed error message:-/ i dont know an incredible amount about this kind of stuff.. does this mean i cant use it on my self hosted wordpress site through wordpress?

Hi! A HTML/CSS theme can’t be installed on WordPress. It still can be used to build a simple HTML website.

Every ThemeForest item has a description on the right with technical details. WordPress theme description always includes a line like this: “Software Version: WordPress 3.5”. Also WordPress themes are priced at about $35 and up. This adds to distinctions between item formats mentioned in comments above.

That’s how you can recognize a WP theme! :)

Hi D & I,

I am considering to buy this template, I like the clean design very much. This template could be perfect for a portfolio of one of my models. I have two questions now.

I see you don’t provide the PSD files of the design, no problem. In case I buy the template, can you provide the PSD file of the “Work Process” image? I see from the demo this is placed in only one image. I would like to change easily the small icons and the text (ideas-design-...) in the same size and style as the original. I think you know what I mean.

Do you plan to update the menu to show the current position when scrolling down? I know some one page style templates show this while some not.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Hi fbyte! Thanks for your interest!

1) PSD file for the “Work Process” image is included in the final download. It contains icons and arrows as Vector Shape Layers and texts as editable Text Layers. You can find more icons in popular Icon Sweets 2 set. Simply copy and paste an icon form this set, then apply same color and dimensions. The font used is Open Sans. You may want to temporary add a white solid background to PSD while you make changes.

2) We don’t plan to add a highlight to current navigation points because it may confuse users. When a user scrolls down the navigation shows correct position on the page. But when a user scrolls up the navigation shows a previous position while user is obviously still is not there. For example when you go up from Services to Portfolio the navigation instanty shows that you are in Portfolio while in fact you are still in Services. There is no known solution to this issue that’s why we decided to disable highlights in navigation. Still we have every section clearly labled with large headings to make sure user understands where exactly he is all the time.

We are glad you like Emerald :) Best Regards, D&I

Hi again,

thanks for your thorough answer, I appreciate it. OK, you have convinced me regarding the menu highlights. I will send you a mail shortly via your profile page with a comment.

Best regards, fbyte

You are welcome! :)

Hi, just bought the Theme and love it nice work!

I was hoping to find a way to control the timing of the Portfolio so that it appears faster (without needing to scroll so far down the page)

I tried adjusting the script.js- $(’#portfolio’).waypoint({ handler: function() { animatePortfolioItems(); }, offset: ‘30%’, But that didn’t seem to do anything?

Hope you can help- Cheers

You are welcome! :)

Hi Again, can you please tell me where/how to set up the contact form?


The theme provides only html markup and css styling for the contact form. To make it send messages you will need to implement your own backend solution.

Best Regards, D&I.

beautiful work mate – congrats!

I have one issue with your demo contact form using latest Firefox & Safari on OSX.
After I click on a form row the info labels (like “your name”) stay visible and I have to delete them before I enter my own text.

Thank you! :)

Hello and congrats for making such an awesome theme. The code is very organized and all the coding blocks are commented with descriptions, which is great. Bravo :)

I’m having a problem and i’m hoping you guys can help with some professional advice. I’m trying to implement some transition effects to a new project i’m working on and i wanted the transitions to start only when the viewable screen area that holds the applied transition block is active (exactly like on your theme, when scrolling downwards the effects become active).

I copied the .js files and the animate.css on my server without making any modifications to them and it doesn’t seem to work as intended. Any idea why this happens ? I’m missing something for sure …

Hi! Thanks for your kind words! :)

All theme components are tightly integrated and dependent on one another to produce a great product that you can see in the live preview. Thus extracting some parts of the theme and applying them to another project will probably bring no results because it’s not what this theme is built for. However in case you have an issue with using our entire theme (including the index.html file) on your server feel free to contact us via our profile page so we can assist you further. :)

Best Regards, D&I.

Awesome theme, thanks for desing it. I am applying to my website, and it’s amazing.

Hi! Thank you very much! We are glad you like Emerald! :)

Stunning site are you planning a Wordpress Version?

Thank you for your interest! We will see :)