Discussion on Emily - Creative Photography Portfolio

Discussion on Emily - Creative Photography Portfolio

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Does the home page support video? if so how can i add my clip?

Also, my contact form works but it doesnt prompt a message letting me know if the message went through or not. What can i do to fix this issue?

You have purchased a site template, any changes or additions you need to enter manually. It is possible to insert a video into the slider, but you need to write a small style code in the css. The same applies to the notification of sending a message in the contact page.

Purchase Code: 00390def-c98a-44e3-a8f3-9407696c1146

Hi there,

im having an issue with the social media icons. How can i fix this problem?

include these files in the page head tag (font only):
or connect any other font of social icons

Hi Sergey,

I didn’t want to email you directly without paying for a renewed support via Envato. Is your email still: sergeybargan@gmail.com?

I need your help with a few bugs/issues with the Emily Portfolio template I bought back in 2019.

Essentially my contact page is missing the social icons even though their still in my markup:

The same is true for the footer that use to be there. I redownloaded the original file and saw the same issue. Can you Help?

Contact page is here: http://garybrosnan.co.uk/contact.html

Many thanks, Gary

Please contact me directly and I will try to explain to you step by step

Thanks! I’ve just emailed you

Using this email sergeybargan@gmail.com?

Hello! Does this template fullscreen carousel support video?

The plugin itself supports this function, but you need to write a new style for the video tag. This feature is only available in the WordPress version.

Hello! is it possible to change page vertically? This template scrolls and change page horizontally. What file should I look up to?

Unfortunately this option is not available. When i creating this template, the slider plugin did not have a parallax effect function, so I made it manually. Therefore, when changing the directory, you will need to change the js code.

Hello I just purchased your template in HTML format. Can for provide to me the file sizes you displayed on the demo pages.

Kind Regards

Hi, thanks for your purchase. If we are talking about pictures, then everything is purely personal. I set the slider pictures with a resolution of 1920×1080 … But always use photo optimization, this greatly affects the speed of your site. For example:

I bought Emily – Creative Photography Portfolio and would like to add more than 4 slide pages to the homepage. I tried copying the HTML under the heading <!- Slide -> but that didn’t allow for more than 4 slides. Where else in the code can I adjust the code to allow for more than 4?

Thank you

Sorry disregard, I figured it out. I had been copying the 4th slide but I just needed to copy the 3rd slide.

Is it possible to make the “TAKE A LOOK” button a red box during all instances of big or smaller size pages? I prefer the look of that to the text link with no box.

Unfortunately, there is no ready-made class with an automatic button style. But you can write the link style manually using CSS

I purchased Emily – Creative Photography Portfolio and would like to add a video in the center of the homepage (on top of the background, in center between the “PREV” and “NEXT” buttons. I thought this would be easy but am confused where to add this in the code?

This is an example of the embed video code I wish to add <iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/440439222” width=”640” height=”360” frameborder=”0” allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Insert video without iframe tag. You can see how I coped with this task in the WordPress theme.
But i’m not sure if this can work with an embed video. You need to experiment in the css code


Can you give me the same transition in your HTML template slider, i want to purchase your template HTML version but slider should be the same as you are using in WordPress.Please confirm and share the procedure.


Hi, I use the html template for a architecture studio, so images are important to us. What I am just wondering about is that it seems that images in the slider are not index in google image search. The pages and images on the other slides are indexed. Is there a way to change this? For us it would be quite important to have a high visibility on image search too.

At that time I used slider pictures as “style=”background-image”. Which, unfortunately, is not indexed by Google, but for some reason it is very convenient to manipulate the image.
Soon I will try to update the template with a focus on image indexing. Thanks for the tip!

Hi, thanks for looking into this, would be much appriciated. How do I know when there is an update?

Subscribe to me to keep abreast of events, or send notifications to the comments mail, I will inform you when the template will be updated

Hello! I just have one problem with the theme.. When I change the ‘home slider’ to vertical slide. the progressbar, bottom right doesn’t work. How can I fix that? The numbers shows correct but the progressbar doesn’t move at all.

I don’t need the progress-bar to be vertical, only the animation to work.

Thanks for a great looking theme.. I love the style! / Jimpa

The option with vertical slides works only in the WordPress version, but there is a completely different structure of the plugin (https://swiperjs.com/) settings.
You try to use option direction = ‘vertical’? Try to find the answer to your question on their official website, or contact their support service.

Hallo und guten Tag, leider kann ich das Theme nicht installieren. Ich bekomme die Meldung das das Stylesheet style.css fehlt.

Was kann ich tun?

Because you purchased the HTML Template version

Hi, my site’s padlock is removed and marked it as a no secure because of the code below,

Mixed Content – Errors Soft Failure An image with an insecure url of “http://merakistudio.lk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Logo-Black.png” was loaded on line: 146 of https://merakistudio.lk/. This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return. Soft Failure An image with an insecure url of “http://merakistudio.lk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Logo-White.png” was loaded on line: 149 of https://merakistudio.lk/. This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return.

I’m not a programmer. I tried to find this code in the theme file and no luck so far. Would you be able to help please?

Best Regards, Lanka

Hi Lanka,
I’m a little confused. You have purchased a template or theme for WordPress?
As I see it, your site has a security certificate (but the links remain the same without a c). Did you purchase it after installing the theme? Try reloading the logo, deleting and uploading again to update the picture link.

Hi, I purchased the theme. I removed the logo and reinstalled it many times but the result is the same. when i don’t have a picture for the logo section the site works fine and marked as a secured site but whenever I activate the logo image the site is no longer secured because the logo image is called using http instead https.

The link for pictures is generated by the WordPress itself, and not by the theme. With the help of the code, I simply set the already prepared link to the media files.Your other pictures have a link with the https certificate. But the logo is not. I’ll see how I can help you…

I wanted to add two more images to the slider on the index page, is it possible by adding a simple code?

Sorry for the long answer. I had a crazy week.
Yes, it’s possible! Documentation has a slider structure and in particular slides
<!-- Slide -->
<div class="swiper-slide">
    <div class="slide-inner" data-swiper-parallax="45%">
        <div class="overlay" />
        <div class="slide-inner--image" style="background-image: url('assets/images/home-slider/img-lg.jpg')">
        <div class="slide-inner--info">
            <h1>romantic<br />chipping</h1>
            <a href="gallery.html" data-type="page-transition" class="ms-btn--slider">take a look</a>
Just duplicate the structure of the existing slide as many times as you need, do not forget to change the content (slide title and picture)
If you have any difficulties with this, contact the direct mail sergeybargan@gmail.com

I got wrong version .I buy HTML version that does not install on wordpress .Can you upgrade it to word press version.

WordPress version version is ready for sale:
buy a version of WordPress and request a refund by providing me with a purchase code

Hi Mad Sparrow, i like so much your template, it’ really awesome. Great design and really easy to use. But i’ve a request: I would like know if there is a method to obtain a label with “Sended correctly” on your contact form. I’ve try some option but, i can’t do it. In your standard template isn’t inserted this option. In any case, just insert a simple redirect (after the compilation of “contact.php”) in a page with the text “SENDED CORRECTLY”. Can you help me? Thank you for your time.

Hello, just bought your template.

How can i add anchor links targeting a certain slide/section on the mainpage or menu f.e.?

I was able to make anchor links kinda working through removing (data-type=”page-transition”) but when reaching the targeted slide/section – it only shows it half screen and is broken. The anchor links also don’t work stable as normal. Never seen that issue.

thanks for support

In this HTML Template i use swiper.js plugin:
try using the function with thumbnails, but instead of photos write your text
mh, I’m looking for something more like this: https://swiperjs.com/api/#hash-navigation But how can i make a text link to hash-data=slide2”? Searched the web but couldn’t find a decent example yet.
I gave you a link with an example. Modify the code a bit and replace the pictures with text. Also use CSS styles to achieve your result.

Is there something else I need to do besides swap the email address out in the contact.php doc in order to get the contact form to work correctly?

Hi there,

I have purchased this theme earlier today and it looks good. However, my question is how can I remove the dark bit after the footer? It’s in all pages except the index page and it’s only visible on desktop and large screens but not on small screens such as mobiles.

Thanks and regards.

By the way, the issue mentioned above isn’t visible on Safari.. I can only see it on Chrome. Hope this helps!

Hello there again,

Any updates regarding the bug mentioned above?

Secondly, how can I display a loading gif until an entire page has been loaded? This effect can be seen in the Gallery page on the Preview but I can’t see it in the template that I downloaded.


1. Done. Soon an update will appear for download 2. This was not necessary, if you optimize the photos, the page loads quickly enough, pre-loading is only in the gallery, since there are much more photos.

Is there a way to include a “Hero Banner” in the Gallery page? Something like background image with parallax effect, then make the logo-dark.svg active instead of logo-light.svg?

Sorry for the long reply, was on a short summer vacation. There is no such component, but you can create it yourself.


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