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wow another great one,love your themes

Wow love it. Simple, clean and orgasmic. Also love the twitter icon tempted to buy it just for that!

Any plans to code this?? I would be the first to buy it!

Wow love it. Simple, clean and orgasmic. Also love the twitter icon tempted to buy it just for that!

Any plans to code this?? I would be the first to buy it!

Hey , your designs are really cool but what we bother is you are offering non coded versions…i bet you will tripple your sales if you get them coded and i will be the first to buy , please update me when you have coded version , Thanks

@ anjankumar : As I’ve noted with a few of my other designs, I always offer the PSD version first, then gauge whether or not I’ll spend the time to code the design. In the case of this design and the others I currently have in the store, I’ve begun working on the code for them already and they should be available in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll also say that I usually take the time to do the code part right, rather than releasing it hastily. The coded versions will include extra pages, features, and quality writeups to make them as usable as possible. This usually means that it takes them more time to release, but I’m pretty sure that taking the time to do it properly is the right call :)

I’ve also noted in a few places that my background is as a designer, not a coder – I often need just the PSD of a design for a project… and having to pay 2x or 3x as much for the coded version usually doesn’t make sense when I’m planning on changing the design anyways. In this way, I’m pretty sure there’s several non-coding designers out there that appreciate the ability to pick up just the graphic files. For everyone else who wants, the code: wait and ye’ shall be rewarded :)

Thanks for your feedback – glad you like the designs!

@epicera Great news. I completely respect what you say about properly coding it and not doing it hastily!

I will definitely buy, when you code this design and also your “Iconic” design.

Looking forward to it and more than happy to wait!!!

Thanks epicera p.s – sorry for posting my other comment twice, don’t know what happened their lol :D

I cant believe I almost bought these designs lol. I just notice its only a photoshop file.

This is great!

In the process of coding it up now:


A great layout with some nice and subtle effects. Nice one.

Nice work so far dannyweb looks good!

@ dannyweb – Looking good :) I should make a small note that the more or less ‘official’ version of this in HTML /CSS will be coming out in a few days here on ThemeForest, but it’s pretty exciting to see someone else coding it up! The official version will include some extra pages & features, but it looks like you’re off to a great start with the theme. Cheers!

Thanks Miles!

Epicera – I noticed you mentioned earlier about your coded version. I will probably purchase that as well. I like to code other people’s designs because I find if I code my own then I tend to design around my coding ability – if that makes sense!

Im finding the PSD really nice and easy to slice, would recommend to anyone and everyone!

I love this theme, any chances of coding this one?

@ Dannyweb : I totally understand that – I tend to be the same way if I know I’m going to need to be more hands on with the code in the long run (meaning, major updates, custom pages, etc). It can be much easier to code it from scratch and understand the architecture than struggling with someone else’s architecture if it’s written sloppily. When that’s the case, more power to you :)

Regarding organization: that’s actually a major sticking point for me. I’ve been working with coders and developers for a while now and I’ve learned that a clean, organized PSD saves a LOT of stress. I build it in photoshop the same way that it will likely be coded – everything is organized by function/location on the template, and nothing should be out of place.

Thanks again!

Just bought this. Its fantastic!!!

Im not very good an coding PSD to html put I wanna give it a try with this one! Have to admit so far slicing has been very easy.

This is well worth the money for a PSD because its very well orgaised and documented. Highly recommend it!

@epicera I will definitely buy the coded version, especially how I have now seen how great it is (and because Im very new to coding up PSD ’s).

Bought this a few days ago and it looks amazing. Very professional organization on the inside of the file as well… I actually didn’t expect it to be so well put together, but it’s super easy to use without having to wrestle with any strange layers. Everything is perfect down the the pixel. Excellent work! Glad I bought it!

Hows the coding for this going epicera?

If this ever gets coded, I would be willing to purchase(for a higher price as well ;) )

Hi everyone. The coding on this is now complete – you can pick up the fully HTML /CSS coded verion here Cheers!