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Also, I cant get the contact form to send me messages.

Is this the only place I need to put my email? Thanks

//now get the recipient(s) $_to[] = “YourEmail@Address.here”;

Hi Epicera / Brandon R Jones

I have purchased Eminent http://bit.ly/e8TM9V and I noticed the PSD Layout files are missing. Others mention it too in the discussion but it doesn’t look like you answered them so I am emailing you directly to please provide me with those, ASAP thanks.

Obviously I like it and am very impressed, but need to get the PSD and since the Helpfile states that it’s there – and it’s not – I need to ask you to please provide it, thanks again.


Hi there,

so it was not my mistake that i didnt found the PSD files… would be really nice if the download could be updated.



This theme looked great but when i started working with the code I found it wasnt set up amazingly… like why did you decide to have so many seperate stylesheets all linking from one core sheet.. that is the most annoying thing! plus it effects the sites performance. Also why were you using sifr font to replace georgia that is a standard web font… I think there are better ways to embed fonts now with css3 than using wacky flash techniques.. ??

plus all the style address like .content .container .header .menuimage { } is retarded and over complicates everything.. it is a simple site why not just use .menuimage, why do you need thousands of the classes on everything in the stylesheet, I jsut end up deleting them all because they are pretty much pointless on such a basic site.

False advertising? Why aren’t the layout PSDs in the file….