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I’ve been using the shortcode to place images inside a post. When I do, it brings up a screen of information I need to input/change.

1. Is there a way to get this screen to let me access the image gallery/uploader so that I can access it directly, rather than have the URL of the image I need?

2. Is there a way to get/add a size command so I can change the size of the image? It’s so helpful in the galleries and other places to have preset sizes and not have to format all the images before I upload them.

Thank you!

Hi thomaszahler,

Both options are not possible in current version, we are adding your suggestions in our theme update list and if these will integrate properly with current code then we will upload in next update.

Thank you :)

When I make a new portfolio item it posts it in random order. How could I fix this? so it lists them in order of newest to oldest.

Hi SameGwiz,

When you add any new item it will come as first item in the display list (newest to oldest order). You can manage all item sorting from admin > portfolio > sort portfolio items page. If this is not working then make sure you have latest version of the theme or send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and give you feedback.

Thank you :)


I was wondering is it possible to have a semi-transparant dropdown menu?

Thanks Ribka

Hi Ribka,

You can customize dropdown menu with good skill in css. You can used rgba value for dropdown menu background color with opacity 0.9 or 0.8.

Thank you :)

Custom height needed for basic slider: I am using the basic slider for the Emode theme. I have tried to input a deeper pixel height into the css with no result. We have tried turning on and off the “Smooth” option with no result. Our original images are 940×600. When inserted, we hoped the slider would adjust automatically, but is not. Please advise.


Hi chickybaby,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Slider has fixed height and width crop settings which you can adjust as per your website requirement from “general-functions.php” file.

File path: ../wp-content/themes/emode/general-functions.php

Go to index #29) Slider Slides > line #1334 and you will find below code

.... $swm_featured_image, 940,452,true,   .....

change 452 to 600 in above code to resize slider images.


¿Is you theme compatible with WP 4.1?

Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, it is compatible with WP 4.1 :)

Fast Secure Form (external plugin) on a page within Emode renders a page like this:


No matter what i do, it seems the theme’s css is overriding the standard css shipped with the plugin.

Is there a way to NOT use the css for this particular page?



Hi Rienk,

It looks form shortcode is added with pre tag styling. If you check in view source you will find before and after form shortcode “pre” tag is coming which is showing line background behind form fields.

You can do custom coding – overwrite current css in custom.css or child theme’s css. You can also use page id style name which will only affect on perticular page. For example given link page has id “1119” so you can use it like

.page-id-1119 .formclassname { custom styles… }

Thank you :)


Thanks for reply!

So if i add

.page-id-1119 .formclassname { custom styles… }

to custom.css or child theme’s css, what would i put in place of .formclassname? I mean, where do i find my .formclassname?


Hi Rienk,

You can use “Inspect Element” browser tool to find particular class or id name of web page section. You can refer this video tutorial to get more idea of “Inspect Element” tool : http://goo.gl/yV8sRd

Thank you :)

Is it possible to put hyperlinks in the block quote shortcode section. I’m using them for pul quotes, and I’d like the smaller text next to the triangle pointer to list the speaker but also list to that speaker’s website. If I try to add a hyperlink to it, it disappears.

Thank you! I really love this theme.

Hi thomaszahler,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can add link in small text by adding anchor tag but only with single quote link like ‘http://www.....' because double quote will break shortcode property rules.

Wow, I’m sorry to keep bothering you.

I was changing some of the style on the theme, just little stuff I’ve done a million timed before. And now, the top menu, which used to turn into a pulldown menu on smaller screens now doesn’t appear at all on smaller screens.

Do you have any ideas what could have caused this and if there’s code I could have accidentally deleted?

Hi thomaszahler,

Please check this code in style.css top menu section which is displaying mobile menu. If it is deleted then you can add or check original version of this theme and add it.

/*Mobile menu*/
.tinynav { display: none }
.sf-menu .selected a {  }

 @media only screen and (max-width: 979px) {
    .tinynav { display: block }
    #nav { display: none } 

select.mobi-menu {
    font-size: 12px;
     -webkit-appearance: none;
     -moz-border-radius: 0; -webkit-border-radius:0; border-radius:0;
    background:#fff url(images/backgrounds/select_border.png) no-repeat center right;
    border:1px solid #e1e1e1;
    padding:6px 4px;
    cursor: pointer;
    border-radius: 3px; }

Thank you :)

I went into the CSS and noticed the

 tags were missing. I cut and pasted this code in, but unfortunately, it didn't change anything.

If you'd like to see the site, it is: http://loveandcapes.com

Hi thomaszahler,

It is complex to debug and give you feedback. We suggest you to upload original version of this theme with diff. folder name like “emode-test” and then test it by one by one step. ( Compare header section current site with original version of theme )

Thank you :)

Hi Softwebmedia

Thanks for this awesome theme. The client is loving it. They recently added the French version to their website and it was super easy to add the WPML plugin and working within the theme.

But there is one thing I am currently stuck…. for the breadcrumb, the “Home” is still in English. I have checked through all my theme string translation and everything is updated but that “Home” on the breadcrumb is still appearing. Can you help me to locate where to enter the French for the BreadCrumb “Home”?

You can view it from this link: http://ridm.net/services-devaluation/?lang=fr

Thank you for your help.

Hi miiadmin,

Thank you for your positive feedback :)

‘Home’ text is added in many locations in theme files ( includes/breadcrumbs.php, includes/header-post.php and framework/general-functions.php ) and it requires little extra work for multi language. Please contact us via <a href=” http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia”>our profile page form so we can give you updated .po file or we can edit directly from your website admin pages.


When turning the revolution slider on it breaks the website as in it make all the content below it move position http://siteanalytics.ie I’ve the slider turned off for now.

Do you know why this would be and do you have a fix?

Hi glenbob,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue asap.

Thank you :)

I just sent you the log in details.

We replied your email, please check. :)

How do I add a socal media widget to the Small Footer area?

Hi cpotts1,

You don’t need to add any widget but social media URL in

admin > appearance > theme options > social media

Icon will automatically display after adding URLs in social media fields.

Thank you :)

I am familiar with that, but can’t figure out how to change the color of the icons. They’re very light and hard to see.

You can make it visible with custom css style like below example.

.small-footer .tm_social_media ul li a { opacity:1; }

Is it possible to have a video portfolio?


Hi imagemill1,

You can use video in portfolio image lightbox like in preview site but video thumbnail feature is not available in the theme.

Thank you :)

Hello, I like your them, but before buying it, I have a few pre-sale questions: 1. will you still update the Theme from time to time? 2. Is the Theme compatible with Visual Composer? 3. How Plugin-friendly is the Theme? I read for example that it isn’t compatible with WooCommerce. Do I have to reckon with Problems when using other plugins? Thanks for your time!

Hi KoKoBe,

Thank you for your interest in eMode theme.

1. Yes, we will continue update theme to compatible with latest version of WordPress.

2. Visual Composer compatibility is not added with the theme.

3. WooCommerce is also not integrated with this theme so it requires basic css fix as per theme design. ( Same apply for all other plugins which has high css/html structure display ).

Hello, for some reason when accessed on mobile, the formatting doesn’t appear the same on every device (some display correctly, some automatically zoom far into top left corner) Also is it possible to change the way the nav is displayed? It currently just shows up as a dropdown menu (On mobile). I’ve double checked the ”/Mobile menu/” section in my style.css file and everything looks good. Thank you for your help.

We can suggest with our fresh version of theme and you can move

code between top menu and end top menu section below “End Transparent Section”

so it will look like below code

<!-- ..............[ End Transparent Section ].............. -->

<!-- .................[ Top Menu ]................. -->
    top menu code here
<!-- .................[ End Top Menu ]................. -->

I added the fresh version of the header.php file, and even kept the top menu code in place, yet the formatting and mobile friendly aspect is still not working correctly.

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( http://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so we can show you test theme.

Hello, This theme is unbelievably perfect for us. Just one tiny thing. Is there a way to make it wider? Not boxed or wide layout but actually have the content reaching the end. Say a width of 1200px. The content can remain as is. Also, we would like to take the risk of downloading this theme, and you will not support it, could it be cheaper? Thanks.

Hello Anand,

Thank you Anand for your interest in our theme.

Emode theme’s all elements are designed with maximum 1000px width so we can’t increase or we have to edit many files to make it wider like main css, shortcodes, columns etc.

Softwebmedia Team.

Would you be willing to modify this if we were to pay for it?

Thank you Anand for your reply. We are only doing theme development so we suggest you to use any good developer for theme customization like from envato studio.