Discussion on Empathy - A vCard & Resume Template

Discussion on Empathy - A vCard & Resume Template

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Hi, I’m interested in buying your theme but I am an academic and need a section in my porfolio on publications and courses, is it possible for me to change this in css? For example, instead of pictures or illustrations, I want to put writing…

Also, what is the search function for if nothing is searchable it seems?


- yes, you can add any text to your portfolio single pages, as you can see in the link below;


- search is not functional, because this is a static HTML template and doesn’t have any server logic (except contact form), you may check out WordPress version for implemented server logic;



Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hi i am suddenly start getting a error in the console log. page is not loading error:- jquery-1.12.1.min.js:2 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #dex.php#/home

when i click on menu links then its fine.

Screenshot attached please follow the link http://show.gam3.asia/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/WEBAPP-ERROR.png

Hi, please create a new topic about it in our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hello, I enter the API key, the map gives a js error in the contact section.

website : utkukuk.com

Please help me,

Best regards


Hello is this template suitable to be used in github pages? (ie: the code will be published on github publicly) Thanks! :)

Hi, unfortunately, it is not suitable for this..


1. is the contact form ready to use (PHP implemented)? |

2. does the comments section (in the blog) works with this HTML version? |

3. does the search function works (in the blog)? |

4. can I remove the copyrights ?

BTW, it’s really nice theme :)

Thank you in advance,


1-) yes, contact form is ready to send mail with php.

2-) nope, comments are static, however, you can integrate disqus comments to have working comments.

3-) no, search doesn’t work.

4-) yes you can remove copyrights.

make sure to check out the wordpress version for working comments – search and everything else;


Have a nice day.

Hi, I have a problem with the googlemap. Can you help me? http://kryton.sk/#/contact

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests;


just curious how easy or hard it would be to make this theme scroll-able

Hi, sorry it is not possible by default and it requires more hard work.

Hey, just a simple question. How do I take off the green overlay from the home picture? Same for the maps at the contacts page. Cheers!

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


Already did, nobody answered me.

Hi again, our response time in the forums is usually 48h (2 business days), if you have unanswered topics, we will reply soon. Thank you.

Hi, I am trying to use a 404 page with your template. Is there anything currently already on the template to redirect to a 404 page, or should I use an .htaccess? On another note, will all the page addresses have a # after the website name? For example, www.websitenamegoeshere.com/#/about

I tried to leave a comment on your forum, but I couldn’t verify my email with the purchase code on themeforest. After I verified my code on PixelWars, I gave my email and username but I never received a confirmation in my email. What should I do?

can you check your spam folder for the password mail?

Thank you, I didn’t know that it would forward to a spam inbox.

Hi, I’m also having issues with Adblock enabled on the demo site, basically because it’s blocking fastclick.js and the site breaks.

Btw, I’m using the same AdBlock you linked in the previous comment.

Hi, can you create a new topic about it in our support forums including your test platform browser/os version.



code its a mess with add blocker on. anyway out?

Hi, i just checked with this AdBlock on and it seems fine on my side;



Hi. I’m new to html templates and want to know if there is a backend or something to manage the blog and the web in general like in wordpress, or all of that is only editable by html code. Great template. Thanks in advance.

Hi, this is just static html template, no back-end or cms integrated, you need to deal with html codes, there is also wordpress version of this template;


Have a nice day.

Hi. First, I have to say that it’s a great template and easy markup. But I found that in Blog page missing some child pages like “blog-single-audio-embed.html” or “blog-single-with-sidebar.html”

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hello, my friend. I am trying to buy this template of yours, but the platform it is not accepting my payment method. However, I do have the money, is there any other way that I can pay for it?

Hi, sorry we sell exclusively on themeforest only.

Quick pre-sale question… is it possible to have the Desktop navigation behave EXACTLY as on mobile: hidden until hamburger click > nav opens > option clicked > nav hides again?

Thanks. Great theme and GLWS!

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible by default.

Have a nice day.

Nice template, GLWS :)


Best of luck with sales!

Thank you.


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