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Jen, you are a factory of wonderful tumblr themes.
Another noteworthy piece, my compliments and keep it up!

Thanks Marios ;)

Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Well done, cool theme! :)

Very nice, glws ;)

thank you!

Thanks Abmathasuriya!

Hi Jen,

I’m not finding how to put twitter feed, documentation it’s a bit incomplete :/ Please tell me how

Best regards

Hello, please follow these steps:

1) Go to your blog settings (click gear button in the home page)

2) Select the blog you wish to show twitter feed

3) Scroll down and find connect with twitter

4) Click connect and authorise tumblr with twitter

5) Wait for it to automatically save

6) Wait 1-3 minutes for your blog to update and the twitter feed should show up

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Love the Encore theme. Jen is quick to respond to questions and very helpful!

Thank you, I’m glad I can help!

Hey just a quick question, loving this theme, but I’m checking out the preview, and when I click on a picture it opens up in a new tab on my browser. If I buy and install this theme will that be the case, or is there an option to make it open in the same window? I’m assuming I will, but just want to make sure before buying. Thanks!

Hey, from your description it is probably because you entered the wrong Instagram ID. Please follow the instruction in the theme guide to get it working.

You are correct, that did the trick, thanks. I was trying to click the link previously from the pdf file but it wasn’t linked properly (it included the word “and” in the link from the word after the link) so I thought the link wasn’t active but I just had to remove part of it and it worked.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update it soon!

Hey love the theme. I cannot seem to get the instagram feed to work?

Where do i get my instagram ID?

Hey Jmdawson10, please follow these steps:

1) got to here ( ) type in your Instagram username

2) click submit and your id will show up, it should be something like this 384758

3) paste it in the “Instagram ID” section in the customise panel

4) go to here ( ), click lets get started and click authorise

5) once you pasted your ID and authorised it with your Instagram, your feed will start showing up

Love the theme. Couple of questions on customizing:

1. Is it possible to group multiple images of the same size in one post but have them appear at varying scales/mosaic style in the feed? You’ve done this with a post on the demo site but I believe the post format is a repost.

2. How difficult would it be to use Google fonts not included in the options presented in the customize sidebar?

Thanks for the help and the great theme.


1) The theme support all type of posts including photoset posts. 2) Encore has a whole set of google fonts built in the theme, you can easily change it through the customize panel.

Thanks, Jen

HELLO GREAT THEME and TOP JOB!!!!, it is possible to integrate facebook comment feature and like button in the theme

Hey Maowi,

You can integrate facebook comments if you modify the code. However, we have disqus intergrated ( which is more aesthetically appealing in our opinion ).


howdy jen,

thank you for the quick response

I find DISQ also aesthetic but we have 5000 facebook fans … since I have no idea of html code you could tell me where I have to insert the code and how do I code?



I can’t seem to get the instagram feed to work. I added the I.D but accidentally deleted whatever was in the Instagram Access Token area.

What is supposed to be in the instgram access token? I’ve already authorized embedagram and put my I.D in the instagram I.D section.

Also, can’t seem to get the correct banner dimensions.

Hey Alexander,

I believe we have resolved the issue through email, please let me know if you have anymore questions.