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I think you should have done the theme with jQuery functionality already included, and then offered a clean version without rather than the other way around.

With no JavaScript version included, no offence but this theme has zero functionality – its basically a wireframe.

I do like the clean style though, I really hope you can include some of the suggesetions you say are in the help file.

My intention was to create clean and accessible admin skins that will load FAST in just any browser.

With all respect for other sellers, in my opinion the majority of themes here are overloaded by Javascript and it’s in 95% the jQuery framework.

But what if a user wants to use different scripting framework (MooTools or or wants to adapt pure HTML templates to his existing custom backend functionalities doing all the ‘magic’ server-side?

As described, the EncoreAdmin’s documentation INCLUDES suggestions and links of FREE JavaScript solutions (mainly jQuery), which may be easily incorporated into EncoreAdmin templates.

I can’t agree with you argument that my item consists only of wireframes without functionalities. I would rather say, that the flexibility of EncoreAdmin is the great ability to adapt & visualise various functionalities with different server-side and client-side configurations/solutions.

By the way, I plan to publish a scripts-powered version of EncoreAdmin in the future in the form of item update or a separate product (depending on the amout of other improvements).

I think my initial comment could be read as too harsh.

Let me be clear here – the theme is great. It’s clean, tidy and user friendly and I totally agree with having a library-free file.

What I was getting at really is it would be great to see the theme in action with all those suggestions you mentioned, and from teh soudns of it that’s coming in an update.

I really do think it’ll help your sales long term to offer both because it’s an excellent theme.

Jeff, thank you for your reply. Your comments are very valuable for me, as you are a real veteran of admin skins category at ThemeForest ;)

Including scripts in future release is my priority and I am currently working on it.

However, I will do my best to separate the javascript from HTML templates as much as I can.

By doing this, I just want to give users the ability of easy turning off every single ‘extra’ functionality, if he or she decides to implement it in other way.

I agree with the Designer. Not everyone wants to use jQuery, and they may have other ideas. I do like the theme though, added it to my bookmarks for later user.

I’m a web designer using mostly XHTML / CSS . I’m not a programmer. However, I’m very intrigued as to the possibilities that this admin template would provide for me and how it would allow my clients to update their own website.

I’d love more information / documentation about how to use this admin template for this purpose and also how to design website templates that would be compatible with this. Interested in eCommerce functionality as well. (I know that there are plenty of other eCommerce options. I guess that I just want it all.)


Curtis Armstrong

The EncoreAdmin is a SET OF HTML TEMPLATES available in 4 different colors and multiple code variants.

The templates may be used in just any application - from intranets to administration panels, but the most typical usage is in a Content Management System (CMS).

I pretty sure that this applies to all admin skins sold here at ThemeForest.

Purchasing just an admin skin (no matter which one) will NOT allow your clients to change their websites automatically, because it cannot guess what kind of content they have there.

If you want the to provide your clients with an easy way to change content of their websites, you need to have two things:

1. a system which keeps the site’s contents in some form of database and allows to add, modify or delete this data. This must be a server-side application, written for example in PHP , ASP.NET or any other programming language


2. a way to visualize the data in a way which is readable and accessible by a person managing the website’s content. This is where EncoreAdmin becomes useful!

However, purchasing an admin skin (for example EncoreAdmin) will be very helpful in development of a CMS system of yours and will save you a lot of time and allow your CMS to look better than solutions of other designers ;)


I have a multi-authors WordPress blog.

The default back-end is a bit too classic and technical for users.

I am wondering if this admin skin supports multi-authors? (Not multi -sites)

My members (authors) should only be focusing on writing articles and read announcements and change profile etc… They should only be viewing their own posts, comments, media, profile whereas Admin (myself) can view all users’ posts, comments etc… Users should not be changing any settings, plugins etc…

Also, I am using Theme My Login, is this compatible with it?

This admin skin plugin will not cause any conflict with the theme (front end) that I am using right?

regards, Will

Hello, Will!

The EncoreAdmin is a UNIVERSAL set of HTML templates that can be used to create virtually any administration panel.

EncoreAdmin is NOT dedicated for WordPress or any other blogging platform, but its templates CAN be used in such applications AFTER appropriate modifications.

Encore admin has built-in templates that can serve as post/comments/users/... listings (table view) or media uploads (gallery view).

Reassuming, to use EncoreAdmin as a WordPress back-end pages, you have to do some custom adjustments and use EncoreAdmin’s templates and styles in a way that WP admin is organized. I assume that there should not be any confilcts with the front-end theme if back-end’s templates and styles are separated.

If you have any more questions or want to customize your backend individually, please send me a private message via my profile page.

Also, please note, that there is an Extended License required for WPMU usage of templates at ThemeForest. For further information on licensing, please contact Envato staff – I’m not an expert here :)

Thank you for this clean admin skin.

It’s good to see template that isn’t bloated with every possible jQuery functionality, 90% of which I’ll never use. Normally I would spend quite a bit of time removing the useless code and comments, but you even provided a uncommented and minified version!

Great job, 5 stars from me :)

Thank you very much, irieman! :) If you need my support, please feel free to post a question here or send me a private message.

Nope, I was as sober as a judge! :)

The markup of HTML templates (all Strict! versions – xHTML and HTML ) included IN THE ITEM is 100% Valid! Otherwise the Envato staff wouldn’t let me sell my item :)

The PREVIEW VERSION of EncoreAdmin’s code was INTENTIONALLY obfuscated, compressed and may generate numerous validation errors.


This is because there are many people out there only waiting to steal someone’s hard work being sold here!

After a week of selling EncoreAdmin I found many people posting my templates at “free scripts/templates” websites, uploading them to RapidShare, MegaUpload servers, and so on… Hopefully, these pirated packs contain only the “messy” preview versions of templates – without indentation, comments, clean documentation, the PSD sources and are not fully functional.

If you have any questions or comments on this, please post them here.

Best! MultimediaDesign

Ok doesn’t matter, sorry for this mistake :). I’ll buy it soon.


How can I made it liquid? I need more space for Table.



Thanks for purchasing EncoreAdmin!

According to the documentation and ThemeForest item’s page, EncoreAdmin has fixed layout, so there is no ‘magic’ way to make them fluid.

However, you may get more horizontal space for your table by hiding the sidebar (div#sidebar) and extending the width of #main div to fill the whole #content.

Good luck!


I downloaded this a couple of weeks ago, and am really pleased with it.

The code is very well written and documented, and the site looks excellent, as well as being quite easy to customise.

Thanks, and well done!


PS the lack of Javascript wasn’t an issue for me at all…

Mark, thank you very much :)

Eu tenho um site com 2 formularios. ” gravity Forms ” Formulario 1 = Formulario 2 =

Você dá suporte para instalação e configuração ? Pois no Formulario 1 = tenho 4 possibilidades de usuarios Para cada usuario uma pagina administrativa de “assinante ” Com uma Tabela propria.

Eu posso alimentar a tabela com qual arquivo ? csv , xml, ....

Obrigado Edson

Eu tenho medo Eu não posso te ajudar, porque a sua pergunta não tem nada a ver com EncoreAdmin.

I am afraid I cannot help you, because your question has nothing to do with EncoreAdmin.