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Very clean , Congratz ! glws

Thank you :)

Awesome , GLWS


Really cool design. GLWS.

Thanks you

Thanks man :)

Hello There!

I´m new in Psd templates. How does it work?

I´m use to manage html5 ones. Is simply to edit them? And how about the functionality?

Thanks so much!



Hey Martin. PSD is Photoshop template. It’s not coded into HTML yet. You can open it in Photoshop and edit layers – change texts, colors etc. Next step will be converting it into HTML/CSS.

Ok, perfect! I love your template. And, one more thing. How is the way to transform psd on html?

Thanks! Martin.

Martin, you need to know coding on HTML/CSS for that. I can suggest you Codecademy.

Nice work man :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks, my friend :)

Lovin it! Great work :)

Thank you mate :)

It’s beautiful! Do you have any plans on coding it? :)

Thank you. Yes, i have plans on coding it.

You’ll make a ton of sales when this is released as an HTML5 or WordPress template. Great work and good luck with the sales.

Thanks :)

This is beautiful. It looks a bit like an upgrade from Breathe (Breathe 2.0)... any idea when the HTML version will be ready?

Hello. just wanted to let know that finally after 10 months i’ve submitted HTML version :). http://themeforest.net/item/endeavour-html-template/6891360

I was very impressed with Breathe, your files were well organized and CSS immaculate. Not something I find very often on Themeforest unfortunately.

Any reason you use HTML5 over Bootstrap or Foundation? I would love a LESS or SASS laced Endeavour… ;-)

Hi. Thank you very much. These days i’m talking to developers about Endeavours html. I’ll tell them about LESS/SASS.

Wordpress version would be amazing! Good work!

Thank you very much.

Hi, Could you give an update whether you are busy on a wordpress version or have plans to develop a wordpress version in the near future?

Hi. We are planning to launch WP in max. 1 month. I hope thats not too late for you.