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Hi Team – When will the next version be available and compatible up to a more recent and stable version of WordPress? As of today, WordPress 4.4 has been released and your team has not provided an update to the theme since 3.5 (24 Feb, 2013) – almost 3 years ago.

Do you happen to have this on your roadmap to update?

Additionally, as I have noted in an earlier support question a few months ago without a solution, it would be great to have the supported ShortCodes in the WYSIWYG editor. It is not there within the download due to old version not up to date with secure and stable WordPress changes. This was in the description of the download that was purchased, but it does not exist when implemented.

Please advise when available to – thank you!


UPDATE! I just checked and your team replied to my comments on Nov 14th around the ShortCode issue. Thanks so much, and my apologies for not seeing the notification on my end. I will implement this evening and test out the solution you shared.

Hi, the update is still in process, it takes longer then expected because we have to make sure it is up to date with both wordpress engine and the current web standards. and also we have quite a collection in theme forest thus we need to update the items one by one.

thank you for your understanding

Very good – Thanks for the update! Totally understand. :)

I love the look of this theme, but I’m concerned that it hasn’t been updated in 3 years and supposedly supports Wordpress 3.5. Does this theme still support the newest version of Wordpress? What about Woocommerce?

Hi, we’ve still use and test the theme with the current wordpress version (4.4.2) and it’s working fine. and also we haven’t receive any reports for trouble with current wordpress version but. we might miss something fortunately we still support the theme so if you find any trouble with the theme you can report back to us.

as for the woocommerce, although the functionality is running ok, it might be a little off on the design because it was meant for company and corporate websites


Your theme has small bug(?) in mobile. when you move to any page, but the menu tabs always show “icons”. possible to fix it?

Hi, thank you for reporting this bug, we’ll review the bug


we have review the bug and have possible fix for it… cheers

shot code are not appearance in page post.

We have tested this and there’s no problem as you mentioned in WP editor latest version, http://prnt.sc/bvnsp1

Be sure you have the latest version of Endymion theme.

Thank you :)

Dear, how can I translate slideshow subtitle with qtranslate?

Hi, did you tried use qtranslate quicktags feature?

Thank you :)

any update for this . some of us are still using this theme.

Hi, I’m a newbie for wp. I’ve bought this theme but I need some help. Where is main page design view? I’ve found index.php code file. If I have to write code why I use wp in the meaning of easily design? I also couldn’t find cameraslider, How can I add it?