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Beautiful! GLWS!

Wish you the best with sales, fantastic graphic-design.

Nice theme! Congrats!

It’s a nice looking theme, good luck!


Thanks for all kind words :-)

Nice theme, Thanks.

Just getting this error when importing the xml;

Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/a*.com.tr/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 91

Hi, please check your hosting configuration, looks like there’s a limitation when you download from the external url.



Looking to purchase.

Can you change background and the remove the illi in the menu bar (just make grey?)


Hi, yes you can change this, you just need to add additional css code for this, below the code csss :

#mainmenu-wrapper { background-imag: none; background-color: #555555;}

Thanks for your interest.

Nice and clean, diggin’ it!

Thank you :)

I really don’t understand why you didn’t buy an extended licence of a layered slider plugin for this theme… Is it easy to setup when we do that?

First of all, awesome theme!

But getting a slight problem when viewing the theme – might just be me as no one else has commented, but the current page link is #EBEBEB in the drop down menu – against the #F9F9F9 background, so it’s unreadable.

Minor CSS fix but worth pointing out.

ok thanks for your suggestion and information :)

Having an issue adding tracking code… the code is appearing on the homepage under the footer.

You need to add your analytic code in full mode, please refer to this tutorial


One more thing: facebook icon in header area does not have correct link… even when url is entered correctly the icon returns ”#” for the link.

ok if you need quick fix, please open header.php file and find the following code :

<a href="#" title="facebook" class="tooltip"></a>
now replace with :
<a href="<?php echo of_get_option('facebook_url');?>" title="facebook" class="tooltip"></a>


Great theme. But the LayerSlider (download suggestion) plugin isn´t working. Any Idea?

You need to purchase the layerslider from the codecanyon page at http://codecanyon.net/item/layerslider-wp-the-wordpress-parallax-slider/1362246


Hi – I’m using the camera slider. Is there a way to remove the default ”- LETS START SOMETHING” text that appears when no “read more” caption is entered? Thanks!

Hi, if you want to remove this, please open slideshow.php file, find and remove below code :

<?php echo $slideshow_readmore ? $slideshow_readmore : __("Let's start something");?>


First of all – great theme :) Couple of questions though 1) The footer widgets appear to be fixed in height – is there any way to make them fluid, so that if that the content doesn’t just drop out of the bottom of the widget box. 2) The icons – is there anyway to add your own, instead of using the themes icons. If not, how do I get an uploaded icon to display in the icon area (in your demo you have a cloud icon with the arrow pointing down in one of the feature boxes – this is where I want my own icons)



1) try to add the following css code in theme optioons => styiling options => custom css :

.footer-column {
height: auto !important;

2) the icons only available from predefined icons name, you can refer to http://wp-demo.indonez.com/Endymion/?page_id=744, you just need to use icon shortcode for this, eg.

[icon name="icon-mixer" circle=false]
you just need to change the icon name as listed in icons list page to use the icon shortcode.


Cheers – I edited the CSS and the auto height still wasn’t right, so changed it to a bigger value – all sorted now. Will look into the icons issue as I’m quite keen on my own designs, so may upload them to the site where yours came from :) Many thanks for the reply

Hey there! Thanks for the theme, it’s amazing!

I wonder whether I can change the order of the staff listing manually, cause when I would add a new person it would be the first, but I don’t want my least important employee to appear at first.

Could u help me? Thank you.

Hello, ok please open template-staff.php file and find the following code :

query_posts(array( 'post_type' => 'staff', 'posts_per_page' => -1,"orderby" => 'date','order'=> 'DESC'));
replace DESC in order value with ASC.


I get your answer but in that case, everything would be mixed up. Is there no possibility that I could just do anything iso ASC or DESC, just mix all those. Otherwise I need to start all over again.

you can order your staff items from menu order parameter from quick edit menu in your staff list items, change date to menu_order in orderby parameter.


Ive downloaded the layer slider only one of the shortcodes is working! any ideas why the rest are not?

Also when I import the sample date it says Failed to import media data!

Hello, did you tried to import layerslider sample data from theme download package?

usually the problem because the image still linked to the demo site, you need to reset image from Featured Image box for each sections.


Hey! I just bought this teme – but am unable to Extract out from Zip.

My Archive Utility says:

“Unable to expand “themeforest-4107631-edymion-simple-coporate-wordpress-theme.zip” into “Desktop”.

Hi, please try to extract your theme download package first, now to go theme folder and upload the endymion.zip file from your theme manager or unzip endymion.zip first and upload from the ftp to your wp-content/themes site folder, please refer to documentation for detail.


Are there any plans for you to create an author.php page to go with the theme. With Google taking more note of these types of pages, it would be a great addition to the theme (instead of it defaulting to the archive.php page as it does now)

ok thanks for your suggestion and information, I will consider this for the next update.


I have sent you a message through your profile page – any chance of responding please