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Please let me know if you are interested in a WordPress version – Thanks!

yes, when will it be available, please?

I am working on it this week – feel free to suggest any features. Thanks!

The ability to add subnavigation to About and Portfolio, and the ability to change the Navigation names “About” and “Portfolio” at the user’s discretion (ie. if they wanted to change it “Philosophy” or “Inventory”, or rename “Blog” as “Press.” I’m a designer and small business owner and would love to use this theme to display my store inventory (by category), my design portfolio, and bios/pictures of my other 3 designers. Thanks for the opportunity to chime in!

Will the gallery pages easily accommodate different video formats?

Nice job on the layout.

For the HTML version, you would simply replace my content with the video embed code in the columns/gallery. For the upcoming WP version, a gallery video page would be done using the column shortcodes on any page or post, similar to my Clearly Modern theme. Thanks!

I’d buy the wordpress version as soon as it’s released!!!!! Keep me posted! Seriously love this layout.

Awesome, thank you! I’m working on it right now, keep an eye out on for more updates.

:[ I thought this was a Wordpress theme.. & I bought it.. I feel dumb

Aww, sorry to hear about that. Hang on a bit longer and one will be out soon (with multiple variations of the main styles!). Thanks

Hi, I purchased Clearly Modern (WP) for my branding/design site and then just saw this. I am now debating a change to ‘Energize’. Is one of these templates easier to work with than the other? I am most interested in both the portfolio area and the blog area. Thanks Kurt.

Hey there!

They both utilize posts / featured images to populate the portfolio items, Energize has a few more features with post templates and multiple skins. There are more predefined portfolio page templates in Energize but with a full width page and the column shortcodes, you could create about anything you want either way.


Hi Cudazi

Thanks for an excellent theme. It’s simplicity and elegance is a refreshing change from the current trend of web design. Less is really more.

I have edited the contacts page to replace the Google map with a static image. I’ve also removed the widgets but I can’t seem to remove the thin line that appeared just above the widgets. What code do I need to edit to remove this?

Hey there!

In the footer.php file there is an HR you can remove but you could hide it via css #footer hr.nopad { display: none } as well.


Hi Cudazi

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have the HTML version so I don’t have the footer.php file. Where should I insert the css code you mentioned?

Thanks again.

Sorry – it will be right inside the div id=”footer” which is on all pages, ex:

<hr class="nopad" />


Hi, this is a great theme. Would love if the portfolios were “filterable” but not a biggie I guess.

Before I buy this please tell me if I could…

1. Remove the type to the right of the homepage slider and then make the slider 960 wide? How would I do this?

2. Add an icon to each thumbnail so it indicates whether it’s an “image” or “movie” like in the link below. Please explain how to do this? Thanks.

Hey there,

The site is built on the framework so you could just move the slider above the two columns inside it’s own full-width (grid_12) column.

For the second piece, you would need to do some html/css edits. You could apply a class such as movie, image, etc… to the element around the image and then give it a background image that would be a video/image icon. Then, fade the image on hover.

It’s a flexible HTML theme so any modifications should be possible.


Hi Cudazi

I’d really like a vertical menu system on the left hand side of the screen. How easy would it be to implement this?

Regards Shaun

Hey Shaun,

It really depends on your level of HTML /CSS but it is possible, for the menu itself, there is a vertical example and script on the examples page here:


Hi Cudazi

This theme is great to work with. I look forward to your future releases.

In the meantime, one more question! How can I make one of the header links (Advertising, Terms or Privacy) to open up a lightbox with inline text?

Thanks again. Shaun


in /js/script.js you can see some predefined classes for lightboxes, modal-box, iframe, youtube-popup, etc…

Fancybox has some great examples of other uses:


in the portfolio section, can i add a video in place of an image? In the lhe lightbox?


Hey there,

The HTML version is quite flexible and you could swap out the image for an html embed code.


I wanted to have the titles appear on the “inside” but don’t know how to get it to work. Tried putting this in the head section but it didn’t work:

$(document).ready(function() { $(”.gallery”).fancybox({ ‘transitionIn’ : ‘none’, ‘transitionOut’ : ‘none’, ‘titlePosition’ : ‘inside’, ‘titleFormat’ : function(title, currentArray, currentIndex, currentOpts) { return ‘ Image ’ + (currentIndex + 1) + ’ / ’ + currentArray.length + (title.length ? ’   ’ + title : ’’) + ‘ ’; } }); });

Also, is there a way so that if you click on the image itself, the lightbox closes?

Hey there!

The title you see comes from the link’s title tag, at that point the lightbox plugin handles it from there so I don’t dig too deeply into customizing the plugin’s code.

I can’t seem to get the contact part right cudazi.

I’m a clueless about php and the email part. In the contact form you said “Simply replace the email in sendmail.php and upload to your server to get started!”

I opened the sendmail.php and just found this ”< p style =’ text-align:center ; background:#900; color:#fff; padding:20px ; margin:100px ;’ >There has been an error, please go back and resubmit the form. < / p > ” for some reason the code won’t show up on here. I added spaces to get it to show up, hopefully.

Where am I supposed to change it? Can you please explain a little bit about how to configure my personal email into the contact form. I would really really appreciate it!

Thank you for the great theme! Emad

Hey Emad,

You’re most likely not seeing all the code, if you are using an editor like Dreamweaver, switch to code view. You can edit it with any (plain) text editor such as notepad or textedit as well.


Beautiful template. The character of the design wasn’t at all sacrificed for the sake of the flawless functionality.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply, please be sure to rate the file and enjoy! – Curt


how can I optimize your template for the iphone? The sample modal box appears only halfway there. Can this be changed?

The page is too large for the Iphone. You must always zoom out. Can this be changed?

I just replied to your email, good timing :)

For others who want to remove that zoom, remove this from header.php: See –

The template works in WP3.5? All the features?

The live demo is running on 3.5 but that doesn’t mean the theme uses every single feature of 3.5 since it was created in July 2011. Thanks!