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Nice work man, Loving this theme! :) Bookmarked and hope to use it for a project soon!

Awesome, thank you! :)

Thanks :) I really love this one, hopefully it does well!

Very stylish theme!

Do you have plans to add horizontal tabs to the functionality? I have a site in mind in which I’m planning to use tabs.

Does it have the ability to display secondary and third level menu links in a sidebar menu?


Hello – are you still around?

I have a small plugin created for adding tabbed content I would like to release, if you’ve since purchased, I would love to have you be the first to test.

Let me know – thanks!

I haven’t purchased yet. Do you have the horizontal tabs already in the theme? If so I’ll purchase now and check them out.

Regarding the info boxes, I’m looking for the ability to create a coloured box where I could set a fixed width and height, change the colour and put html content into it – could I do that with the existing message boxes?

And just to clarify about the sidebar menus – if I want to have for example a services secondary level menu display in the sidebar of all services pages is there an easy way to do that or would I need to implement the widgets plugin you mentioned?

I would like to update the theme files today with the additional plugin but I have a ton of theme support mail to get through before I can jump back in. Theme updates are free so you can always re-download if I can’t get to it today. I will try my best to get it in there though.

The info boxes are paragraph tags so any inline HTML would be ok, but not full blocks of code at this time.

For the menus, yes – if you want the second / third levels but don’t want to just use the includd drop downs, you would need to use the menu widget (or a similar plugin) and combine it with a widget context type plugin.

Love this theme.

Thank you :)

Version 1.01 out – See item description!

The design is very slick and stylish!! :)

Thank you :)

Could I replace page titles with images? How would I go about doing that? Any advice would be appreciated!

Love the theme btw! :)


I have an option to hide the page/post titles in most situations so you could insert an image into the WordPress editor instead. Otherwise, it uses the body_class() function so you can do it via css on a per-page basis too – good question!


I just purchased this theme and it looks great! A few questions:

- None of the images on the homepage or in the portfolios are being resized. How can I fix this? I looked for a cache to CHMOD to 777 but didn’t see one.

- How can I increase the height/width of the logo without pushing the menu all over the place?

- How can I move the menu to the right (where the search box is) and down (so that it’s closer to the line dividing the header and content area)?

Thanks for your time and another fantastic theme.

Hey there!

I’ll reply to your email since there’s more room but for the images, please double check you’re using the featured image functionality, images inserted into the post directly (before or after the “more” tag, are left alone) – thanks!

I look forward to your email!

There’s malware warning on your demo site.

Looks like some code was injected into my WordPress base installs. It wasn’t theme related but may take some time to clear up – thanks for the head’s up!

I recently purchased this theme and I cannot find out how to use the gallery slider on the homepage. I am wanting it to only show images that I have uploaded to the website and not those on the blog post. Is there a easy way to do this?

Hey there,

The slider pulls the featured images of posts or you can manually add images/content via the [cudazi_slide]html content[/cudazi_slide] shortcode within the slider itself.

(See the shortcodes section of the help file)


Was wondering if there was a way to get portfolio functionality, like you would by creating a page and choosing Template “Portfolio A-G”, but using either all Pages, or all Posts.

I am going to be using Gallery shortcode to enter 10-100 images per “entry”.

Want to then have parent and sub-categories to sort them down several levels, until you get to the “entry”. Displayed like the equivalent of the Portfolio A-G templates, then the entry = gallery shortcode.

This will be to manage over 100,000 images, and 1000+ categories.

Right now, only way to do this, is to create category hierarchy in the posts section, and put co-equal entries as posts under each final level. Then go back, and create the same hierarchy in the Pages section, and use Portfolio A-G templates to display that hierarchy.

I love the theme and the functionality, already bought it. Was just wondering if it’s possible to mimic a top down system with less steps.

Possibly automate categories templates to call first level of sub-categories and display featured images of them, like “portfolio e/f”, if sub cats don’t exist, display posts, w/ featured images, like “portfolio e/f”. Or something like that.

Hey Alex, shoot me an email w/this message since it’s more of a customization and we can continue the discussion there and see if I have some tips – thanks!

This theme is being flagged as malware. Themeforest says everything is ok, but thought you might want to know. I have a client who wants this them on her site and I want to make sure everything is ok with it.

Hey there,

Yea, the demo server was hacked but has been restored. The download files are not affected as they are stored on Envato’s servers.

Sorry for the hassle, sometimes it takes a while to un-flag…

Thanks, Curt

scratch that… found my answer.

Hi, I think I will buy this template. But before I do so, I would like to know some things. I am relatively new to Wordpress, so please forgive me :-)

- Can I change the portfolio behaviour, so that when I click an image, the post will be loaded instead of the image lightbox. - Can I remove on the Home-page the right column (with “latest posts” and “About…”)? - Can I have two portfolios with different content? (I wanna have one with finished works and one with current projects) - Can I disable the comment-section on those posts? - Can I remove any Blog-related links, so that no one can click on categories or archieved posts or next post or previous post…?

Best regards and sorry for asking too much, -Christian

Hey there,

On the portfolio page I wrote this which may help:

“Portfolio page template, pulling in posts with a featured image set. You can choose the overall category in theme settings or override settings on a per-page basis! The thumbnail can be set to open the full size image or link to the full post.”

The home page right column is made of widgets you add, I added my custom posts widget and a text widget, both included.

Comments can be disabled per page or per post.

Yes, you do not actually need a true blog, or you can call it something else.



Is it possible to set Portfolio A as the Home page? So that when one goes to my site, the first thing they will see is the portfolio.


Absolutely. :)

Just after creating the page, visit your reading settings to set it as your home:


hi hanikhan!!

This theme is truly awesome and easy to set up, thank you!! I only have one question and this is about a customization of the main menu /header, if you would be so kind. I do not need the search feature at all, but I do need to align the menu flush right. I can turn the search feature off of via the dash, of course, but that space remains. I tried to tinker with it, but I just don’t really understand the 960 grid, any suggestion for this fix?

Thank you!

robin (at) aprilrobin (dot) com

Sheesh – nevermind hanikhan!!, I got it. Didn’t need to touch the grid, easy enough to customize. Thank you again!

Thanks for the update! :)

Wanted to five some feedback on a potential error. Not sure if this happened because of something I did, or just way it was. However…

In the loop-portfolio,

I am attempting to use template portfolio-f to display 32/64/128 items per page. It seems to be designed for 8, two rows of 4.

So, the way it is coded to add the “clear” list element, works with 8…

&lt;?php if ( $count == $columns ) { ?&gt;<li class="clear">&nbsp;</li>&lt;?php } ?&gt;

But, if you go above 8, you don’t get a clear again until the very end, after the loop ends.

I edited the above line, within the loop, to the below, seems to work.

<?php if ( $alpha_omega == "omega") { ?><li class="clear">&nbsp;</li><?php } ?>

That way, the clear happens every time there is an omega call, since that in theory is the last in the row anyway.

Hope it makes sense, helps, and is not mucking anything else up!

- A

Hey there,

You can override the posts per page on a per-page basis (Help file > Page Templates > Portfolios) by adding a custom field of posts_per_page on the page and give it a value, ex: 32.

Hope that helps!

Oh yeah, got that part. Just saying, when I go above 8 on portfolio e/f, there is no clearfix list element created. The php only prints it out after 4, and then again at the end, after the loop.

The clearfix check is done by checking against the columns. So, if there are 4 columns, and the loop is at the 4th item, it prints the clearfix. But when it gets to 8, doesn’t print. Or 16,20,24,28 etc.

It works on the default 8 per page, because that maxes at 2 rows. Clearfix prints once after 4, then the outside-of-loop one prints at the end.

I did the check against the omega variable, and that seemed to work.

Not sure if I messed something up, and then had to fix it again with that omega check, or if that is the way the theme works. Just wanted to point it out in case it wasn’t me.

Thanks Alex, I think the original intent was to clear after the entire folio grid but IE can cause troubles not cleared after every row, especially if the columns are uneven.

Just purchased this template. It is very smooth and simple looking. Really one of the better ones I have seen of this format.

One issue I am having when uploaded to my host. It can only find the home “blog” page. No menus of any other of the pages or options from the demo are present.

Any thoughts?

The only sample content in xml is the “energize-posts.xml”. Unless I a missing something?

I uploaded entire zip file to the host and just the home page (with no content) is appearing.

When I upload the zip file, Energize_WP_Cudazi 103” I will get a “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.” error message.

If I only upload the subfolder file, it will give me a content free home page – and nothing else.

Just wondering if you knew where the problem might me.


Please be sure you don’t upload the entire download, please read the help in the _help folder, it will walk you through it all, thanks!


How can I remove the ability to comment on pages and posts?


This is for but applies to self-hosted WP as well: