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Hello, I disabled the header search engine and jow I’d like to place the qTranslate plugin menu in that place. Is it possible?


Hey there,

With the search disabled, the header epxands to full-width for extra space.

You could place your plugins/content as needed where the search form is called and then don’t disable it. Look in header.php line 114-116.

Sorry, cause I accidentaly pressed the report button! Thank you for replying so quickly. It works perfectly. And it is a really good theme. I’m really enjoing it.

I do it a couple times a year too, no worries, support will probably fix it automatically. :)

Another great theme, love this one!

One question, is there a simple way to insert an image slider that only displays the gallery of images attached to a particular post?

I can only seem to insert a slider that pulls in images from a whole category…

Hey there!

It’s really designed that way to pull posts in for a nice way to store additional info along with that image. If you want to modify it, visit libraries/shortcodes.php in the cudazi_slider_sc function.



I don’t know how to align the primary menu to the right. I made some changes in the main css, but I didn’t get the expected results… May you help me one more time?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

I can’t dig too deeply into free customizations, only support but an easy method might be to get all the elements you want in the menu and then use the margin applied already on .sf-menu to “push” it to the right:

.sf-menu {
margin: 9px -20px 0 -20px;

It goes top right bottom left for numbers above.


Ok, I’m trying that option. Thank you for answering. I undestand this is not a “teaching” space, so sorry for the customization questions. I learned a lot with your help, thanks for that. And congratulations for the theme, it’s solving almost all my needs.


Happy to point you in the right direction, send me a link once the site is up and running at full-steam, I love to see them in use!


Before I make a purchase I wanted to know the following:

1. Can you use the custom menu widget in the theme and would the menu items be styled similar to the way you display latest posts (ie line separator)?

2. Is it easy enough to remove the top horizontal menu as I just want to have a menu on the right hand side?

3. Does the theme support Right to Left (RTL) languages?

Thanks, Fahim

1 – I briefly added the menu for a screenshot without a title, here’s a look at it.

2 – Yes, you could create a menu but with no items. Otherwise a helper note will appear which could be remved too but in functions.php line 228.

3 – I have not tested but yes, the text direction should just be able to be changed via css.


Has the latest Energize version 1.1 been tested on Wordpress 3.3? I cannot seem to find any kind of ‘shortcodes’ for posts… How else do I seperate the categories for different portfolio pages?

I am also having problems with a custom logo as a the home button. No matter what image type or resolution size, I cannot get it to show on any pages, but it will show as an image in a post. Where is the documentation for Option Tree?

Thank you for your help.

Hey there, Yes, all of my demos run the current version of WordPress (3.3).

All shortcodes are listed in the /_HELP/index.html document under the Shortcodes heading.

To separate out blog posts by category, you need to add the category to the menu in Appearance > Menus.

To separate out portfolio posts (overriding the custom theme options page) see the above help file > Page Templates > Portfolio section notes.

For the logo, be sure you’re clicking “insert” in optiontree after it is uploaded.


Hi I would like to know if it will be possible to have a homepage like the one in the image attached. Basically adding a portfolio component to the bottom of the page. If yes, how?

Many thanks


Absolutely, you should be able to create a new page template which would be a combination of the standard page.php and a portfolio. This gets into customizations, not support though so I would refer you to my customization partners.

Thanks, so you mean this is not something I would be able to do from the WP interface? Where do I find you customization partners? sorry I am a bit of a novice when it comes to Wordpress templates. Thanks

No worries, send me a message via my profile contact form here on ThemeForest and I’ll get you in touch with someone who can do the customization for you in a timely manner.

I like the comp / idea by the way. :)

Hey There, Wonderful theme. I’ve searched high and low online for an answer to what is surely a silly question. However, I am not able to get the slider shortcode to behave. My featured images appear on the home page, however they show up one under the next on down the home page instead of appearing in a slider area.

Here’s the sum total of my code in HTML view:

[cudazi_promotext]<a title="About" href="">Applying design thinking</a> to create new solutions to challneges in education and the community.[/cudazi_promotext]

[cudazi_slider max='5' ]
You can see the result I get here:

Thanks much for any advice!

Looks like you may have uploaded the both the “theme files” folder and the theme itself, some CSS and JS files are not being loaded. Please only upload the theme as noted in the help file.


That was it—thank you! Works!


I like the theme but before I purchase it can you tell me if I can put another navigation menu into the right side bar widget areas?

Yes- there is a menu widget by default in WordPress or you can download one of the many free/premium widget menu plugins – thanks!


I like the theme but before I purchase it can you tell me if I can put another navigation menu into the right side bar widget areas?

Yes- there is a menu widget by default in WordPress or you can download one of the many free/premium widget menu plugins – thanks!

Hey, thank you for the great theme and especially the excellent documentation! I was wondering if there was a max number of images on the slider? No matter what I type in for max (max=’..’) above 10, it only shows 10. If I put in a number below 10, then it shows that number. Did I miss something?


I think the default is 15 so it must be pulling from somewhere else, maybe adjust the posts per page in settings > reading and see if that has an effect… hmm.

I sent an email but have not heard from you. Hopefully you get this.

What is the short code to automatically link to posts in the slider? Currently it opens just the image.


Never mind. I figured it out.

Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Many thanks for this theme. A short question.

How can I use full-width slider on frontpage? What do I have to do?

You can set any page as your front page in settings > reading, so you would need to use the “Full Width” page template and add a slider to that page instead // – Thanks!

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure to understand you.

If I use [cudazi_slider] the default width and height of the slider images is always 620×300 px. So if I try to change the width and height I saw a bigger slider area but the images are still small.

I need for the homepage a slider with full-width images. What do I have to do to get full-width slider images?

Thanks again.

I wasn’t able to see a full-width slider in my demo, sorry for the confusion – you would need to add additional image sizes to use in the slider as more of a customization.

Hi Cudazi

Is there a way I can get enable the styling used in the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor to appear in the preview section of the post?

Seems the get_the_excerpt() function removes all styling from it. Where is this function located?


Hey there,

The various loops can be customized here:
loop-page.php / loop-portfolio.php / loop-search.php / loop.php


Hi Again Cudazi,

I’m aware of that is where you change the loop options. I was hoping if you could tell me where the get_the_excerpt() function is defined?

Avoid upgrading OptionTree for now. How to revert back: