Discussion on Energy - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Discussion on Energy - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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Hi, I want to buy this theme, is it worth buying? I see it was last updated in 2018 and there’s no support.

Thank you

Great, thank you let me proceed with buying it.

Hi I just bought the theme so can I have the latest version.

You can download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o60jtZNZzV6gV0VjPa-GcRPEGMHIexe2/view?usp=sharing

Links for latest versions of WPBakery page builder and Revolution slider you can find here http://forum.artstudioworks.net/faq/faq-developer-documentation/


The theme uses outdated JS that is now conflicting with common plugins such as Contact Form 7. Is there anyway there can be an update for this? Version 3.1.1 installed. Thanks.

Hi, Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately, still not working, specifically with Contact Form 7’s latest version (v7.5.4.1). If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Please contact us through email artstudioworks@gmail.com and provide your wordpress dashboard credentials(login/pass&URL) we will check what is wrong and fix it.

Hi, Thank you again for the quick reply. We ended up switching the theme.

Hello, are there any updates on the progress of this theme?


We stopped support this theme, however if you have any issues we can looking into this and provide fixes for you.

Am I correct in assuming that the side menu on the following page in the demo is available in this theme? > http://energy.artstudioworks.net/features/advanced-admin-panel/

The reason I ask is that it looks like the “page side navigation” item in the page templates is not correctly linked in the top menu.


We are sorry for the late reply. All pages at the left use page template “Page: Side Navigation” and they have one parent page.

Thank you for confirming. That’s what I’d hoped.

However, please note that this page template is not spelled correctly in the live preview (pade side navigation)—and it appears not to be properly linked: i.e., instead of bringing up the description of this side navigation features, the link goes to the description of the “unlimited color skins”.

Just thought you might want to fix both of these gltiches for the sake of others who are reviewing this theme for the 1st time. :-)

It’s not an issue. We “page side navigation” link show example of the template, thats why it shows as active.

If you do NOT plan to update this theme, does it mean that with future Wordpress updates your theme will eventually break?

If theme breaks we provide fixes for that.

Great! Thanks so much for confirming. Appreciate your willingness to keep the theme fully functional.

HI. I bought your themes in 2014 and just notice that it needs update for WP Bakery. Do you have the latest update with the latest WP-Bakery version? Thanks


You can download latest version of WPBakery Page builder here http://artstudioworks.net/recommended-plugins/js_composer.zip

thanks. Another questions with wordpres 5.2, do you plan to have update for this theme?

We don’t have plan to update this theme. Anyway you can use energy theme with latest wordpress version(5.5), but you need to install jQuery migrate helper plugin.

The header.php for this theme seems to be vulnerable for infection, please check.

Hi, can you provide additional information?

I can, where should I send the additional information? I don’t want to post it publically if it contains information about the site I had this issue with :)

Contact us through our email artstudioworks@gmail.com

Hello. I have version 3.1.1 of your theme running on PHP 7.0 but when switching to 7.1, the site crashes. Do you have a fix or an update to handle 7.1? I’ll gladly renew my support if needed, but don’t want to do that if you don’t have a fix. Thanks.


Can you provide your site url and please go to wp-config.php through FTP and enable WP_DEBUG, find line
define('WP_DEBUG', false);
and change to
define('WP_DEBUG', true);

Otherwise, please provide your FTP credentials to our email artstudioworks@gmail.com

Thank you. I’m good now. It was the RevSlider plugin that wasn’t compatible. Upon disabling that plugin, I was able to go up to 7.4 w/o issue (though I’m keeping it at 7.1 for now) Thanks for the quick reply.

visual composer is not working. whatever elements i click nothing happen.


What is your Energy theme version and Visual composer version? Also, you can provide us your site url and wordpress dashboard details (login/pass) we will check what is wrong (artstudioworks@gmail.com)

Thank you.

I bought the theme last year and I just added portfolio management to my client’s site. There is a problem displaying with the category filter. When I click the first time on a category, the display is good but then if I click on another category, the result is empty. Thank you for helping me solve this problem.

Hi, can you provide your site url? we will check what is wrong.

Heads up, after latest WP update the theme seemed to make my website stop, Revslider also involved… Reuploaded the theme and it seemed to help. In backend it shows some errors though. Thought you should know: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/*/public_html//wp-content/themes/energy/admin/functions/functions.mediauploader.php on line 127

Edit: Errors showed up because of upgrade to PHP 7.2. Errors go away when using PHP 7.1 again.


We will check it and fix with next update (soon).

Thank you.


For hot fix try to re-upload file functions.mediauploader.php to \wp-content\themes\energy\admin\functions\

You can download file from this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H7gRwo48fNj9PaFBVI5x-jB3mtVDASzg/view?usp=sharing

I also get the error when trying to upload new Project Slider Images:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #[object HTMLDivElement] .max_file_uploads

Contact us through email artstudioworks@gmail.com

We will give you updated theme while update will be available on themeforest after review.

Thank you.

I get the following error if i try to upload new Project Slider Images for a new product:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #[object HTMLDivElement] .max_file_uploads

The error comes from: /wp-content/themes/energy-3.0/energy/framework/inc/meta-box/js/plupload-image.js:67:27

Hi, please give us your site url and wordpress dashboard details, we will check what is wrong.

Getting this:

Warning: Declaration of Post_Types_Order_Walker::start_lvl(&$output, $depth) should be compatible with Walker::start_lvl(&$output, $depth = 0, $args = Array) in /home1//public_html/[domain]/wp-content/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 344

Warning: Declaration of Post_Types_Order_Walker::end_lvl(&$output, $depth) should be compatible with Walker::end_lvl(&$output, $depth = 0, $args = Array) in /home1//public_html/[domain]/wp-content/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 344

Warning: Declaration of Post_Types_Order_Walker::start_el(&$output, $page, $depth, $args) should be compatible with Walker::start_el(&$output, $object, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $current_object_id = 0) in /home1//public_html/[domain]/wp-content/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 344

Warning: Declaration of Post_Types_Order_Walker::end_el(&$output, $page, $depth) should be compatible with Walker::end_el(&$output, $object, $depth = 0, $args = Array) in /home1/-/public_html/[domain]/wp-content/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 344

The theme says it has been recently updated, so confused about this. Thanks!

Umm. Sorry. This is a required plug-in that’s gumming up the works. After 3 hours of working on this issue an alert pops up saying the plugin has an update. Hope this fixes it.

Buenas Tardes he comprado e instalado el zip del tema, pero no el archivo completo con su documentación y el Xml etc. podrían darme las indicaciones por correo, paulomerino563@gmail.com saludos


You can find instructions in main package from Themeforest. Also you can find usefull information at here http://forum.artstudioworks.net/knowledgebase/

Thank you.

I couldn’t find the plugins’ purchase codes and I couldn’t activate them like revolution slider. Please help me?

Hi, all information about VC license or RevSlider license you can find here http://forum.artstudioworks.net/faq/faq-developer-documentation/

Good afternoon,

First off, this has been a great theme for us and for anyone reading this and thinking about purchasing, assuming this gets fixed, it’s a great theme and worth the money.

I am echoing other users who have been having a crash from the function get_row_css_class()

More specifically, the full error is: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_row_css_class() in /home/cmdcent/public_html/wp-content/themes/energy/vc_templates/vc_row.php on line 61

It seems that you have solved the issue and seeing as our site is currently down as a result of this bug, we’d appreciate it sooner rather than later.

Once again, great theme! Thank you

I am following up to this comment to note for everyone else that it has been addressed and support was helpful in communicating to me when the fix would go live. Thank you

I’m having the same issue as Member “12903782139870”. I sent in a support ticket also. When updating to WP 4.8 and Visual Composer 5.2 the template shows all shortcode as blank. The theme needs to be updated for compatibility.


We will update energy and included plugins within 1-2 days.

Thank you.

Hi there, just a quick question: do you use get_row_css_class or add_shortcode_param in energy theme? Thanks!

Yes, You use get_row_css_class what crashed my site with the last visual composer. Are you thinking on updating energy theme? Please do it

Hi, very sorry for the late response. We will update energy and included plugins within 1-2 days.

Thank you.

great! thanksss!

Hi, I have a question about the category page. I want to hide breadcrumbs and title in categories pages, but I can’t find the settings. Could you tell me how to do that?


Go to appearance->theme options->blog->blog titlebar


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