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Very nice theme! fast and functional! perfect!

thank you:)

Hello guys, really nice theme. But i have one question – can i change color of theme to color that i need?

hi, yes it is. You can find this option in admin panel.

I Love it! Very simple to use :bigsmile: !

Hi, the twitter footer widget is not showing any feed now, yesterday it was showing latest feed but the links showed in the widget is ‘undefined’. now it doesn’t show any,

anyone can help me?

Hi, it still not showing :( .. I dont know what to do

please, send me you dashboard details(login/pass) and url to my email

I’ve sent you the e-mail, I’ll be waiting for the good news

Dear everyone..

I cant seem to find the content builder. Can anyone help me?

Also it says that the theme requires the following plugins: CF-Post-Formats, Contact Form 7 and Revolution Slider. They are all premeum plugins. Is it really correct that i have to buy them in order to make me theme function?

go to dashboard -> revolution slider -> edit slides or create new, after there click ‘add layer’ input your text and select style from the list if you need button click ‘insert button’ before Text/Html area. You also can read watch video for Revolution Slider Setup .

Thank you again. I will recommend this slide to others. Great support!

Thank you. We try to do everything to make our clients happy. :)

Is this a Wordpress theme? Can we place .swf or animated gifs in slider?

Thanks, Cipriano

Hi, yes it is wordpress theme. You can use animated gifs, but in sometimes animated gifs doesn’t start in second time when it shows with slide.

Hi ArtstudioWorks, what a wonderful theme. It is fast, good looking and responsive. I would like to know how to create a home page? Thanks

Thank you for purchasing! :) If you need home page like on our demo, you can easy import dummy data or create home page follow documentation.

Hi, how do I change the service icons to use my own. On the home page, the icons are puzzle, arrow and congs, so how do change them to use customized icons? Thanks

Hi, in this case you need not to use ‘[iconbox]’ shortcode, use somthing like that
<h3>[icon icon="chat-1" size="32px" color="#000"] My Title</h3>It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum.[gap height="22"]<a href="#">Learn more</a>

list of icons you can find here

Hi. where can I find the .xml (dummy data)?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. You can find dummy data in the ‘source’ directory in main package.

Hi. This looks like a great theme and I am interested in purchasing but every time I try to view the live demo a message comes up that reads:

Resource Limit Is Reached

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

When will I be able to view the live demo and try try theme out?

Hi, try now. I have checked on different PC. It is work well now.

Hi, Like the theme and would like to purchase. However the drop-down nav doesn’t work when on the blog pages. Using Firefox and Chrome. any fix for this?

Please try now.

Thanks for your comment.

Works now – thank you. I’ll purchase it

Hi there, great theme.

I’m having an issue with the revolution slider, as can be seen here:

Whichever page I chose to be my posts page shows a slider with an error despite “No Slider” being selected. I was told by the Rev Slider people to ask the theme author.


Hi, thank you for purchasing. Please, send me dashboard details(login/pass) to my email and i’ll see what is happened.

Hello, I just purchased this theme and so far love it! My only question: I have several primary menu pages that I would like to show across the top, however when I exceed 4-5 page titles the page titles drop off the same list. this is my site:

You’ll see that the contact us page and about us pages are shifted downward. Any way to fix this so they all fit at the top?


Hi, thank you for purchasing. In this case, i can suggest you to use short names for menu items, or you can reduce font size for menu items in the theme options.

Hi Artstudioworks, I would like to know how to make the width of my logo larger (wider) than default width energy theme came with. I want to make my own logo a bit larger, especially in width.

Thanks very much, looking forward to seeing your reply.

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Now, logo has max-width 220px, it is limited by four columns width.

Hi, I am really interested in buying this theme, but I have a couple of questions. 1) Is this theme fast to load, even with all the available customization options? I have bought themes in the past from ThemeForest that look great but are “clunky” in their coding and take forever to load. 2) Does this theme have any seo capabilities? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, theme is fast and seo optimized, without any additional seo plugins. It was coded in debug mode and theme hasn’t any notices or errors.

Hi what am I doing wrong here?? My site is Help!!


Hi, thank you for purchasing. It looks like you need select menu in the dashboard -> appearance -> menus.

Thanks! Had to re-install theme but works well now!

Ok, great to hear this :)

Liked the theme but want to sell a ew products onsite also via paypal. Does it work with any shopping cart plugins woocommerce etc? Thanks

Hi, thank you for the question. We have not tested it with woocommerce, but we did not strip any wordpress standard functionality. I think you can use it.

Hi again, is this an actualy wordpress theme or just an html template? Thanks.

Hi, it is wordpress theme.

Hi, nice theme @ congrats!!

One thing, can I include a video in the slideshow? just boxed mode…



Hi, yes you can use video in the slideshow.