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Can you please explain to me how can I have sidebar like the one on the demo site, when you click “features”? I can’t understand, why is my sidebar looking plain “only links”. I added custom sidebar, tryed all layouts in the page attributes section and nothing works…?

Hi, if you need to create page like ‘features’ you need to create your pages with ‘Page: Side Navigation’ template and define the parent page with the same page template. After there your sidebar will be generated automaticaly.

Hi for some reason my slider buttons are not working on mobile, can you help me figure out why not?

Hi, for better view the arrows are hidden. If you need to show arrows on mobile devices, you need to go to /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/css/responsive.css and remove lines below:
.tparrows, .tp-button {
display: none !important;

Thanks, but i’m not talking about the arrows, i’m talking about the call to action buttons on the slider. is that editable in the same place?

Yes it is, follow instructions in previous message.

Purchased theme and installed demo pages. Demo pages installed fine but menu looks messed up after install (same problem as boba1337). (everything is jumbled and no primary menu showing) . Any instructions on how to fix the menu to get the demo ? Please email me at . Thx.

Nm.. fixed it. It seems setting up the menu is done differently since wordpress 3.8.1 (it is done now through the “Manage locations” tab).

Hi, I have a problem with creating a new post in Gallery mode (Gallery tab) like: When I click the “Upload Images” button in the Gallery Images box, after selecting choosen images – it put them into the post content box instead of the Gallery Images box :(

click to update post and it will appear in gallery box

Of course I update post every time. I am trying to get the images on every way and still nothing… One plugin I have extra turned on is wordpress seo by yoast – may this cause any conflict? Maybe I do it in a wrong order: 1. put title, 2. upload images, 3. remove images from content editor (not removing also tested), 4. update post. And I have no images included.… but I have WP 3.5 version installed. I guess I need to upgrade a little bit…

Hi, is there a way to do something with portfolio filter – not to show all the images in lightbox, even those unfiltered? Other words, when I have ‘true’ at ‘Link to Lightbox’ in all portfolio items and I filter them on the portfolio site, after I click the Lightbox view – it still shows me every item of the portfolio (including filtered and unfiltered). Thanks for help in advance.

Dear neoDIRECT,our customer support team has received your inquiry. We will work on it and provide you with all the necessary information ASAP. The other way you can contact us is to send an e-mail via We appreciate your patience.

Hi, please give me your email and i will send you files to reload.

There seems to be a conflict between the theme and the (with the theme) installed CF7 (Contact Form 7). When trying to send an email I get Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method..

At first I thought maybe it was a server issue on my side but even your demo site is showing this issue when I click send on the contact form on the demo site…

This third-party plugin is basically a part of the theme’s package and functionality. Even the demo of your theme is using it as the only contact form. If you don’t want to support it then fine, but then I would recommend to update your theme description by saying your theme does not have a working contact form. I should not be the one trying to find answers elsewhere when i was led to believe by your theme description that the theme had a working contact form.

Ok found a fix myself after some troubleshooting.

Hi, have a testimonial problem: How to increase the length of a single testimonial? It seems to show only about 30 words and cut the rest…?

I mean of course the lenght of a single testimonial in “testimonial_carousel” ...

Hi, you can use parameter ‘excerpt_count’...e.g. [testimonial_carousel num=”3” show_thumb=”yes” thumb_width=”47” thumb_height=”47” excerpt_count=”50”]

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme, and would like to know one thing. My client’s logo has a more darker green, blue and black color, is it easy to change the green color? I have noticed there are color settings but I would like a more customized color combination.

Thanks!! Mia

Hello. You can change all colors in theme options. Thank you for the question.

Is there any way to change the iconbox short code icons? They’re only gray and green and don’t match if you change your sites color scheme..

Hi, I need your advice for 2 questions :

1. I have some trouble with the portfolio, the page stay empty, I already try to re-upload the enqueue.php file like advise in a previous comment, but no change.

2. I want to change the bouton primary color and icon hover color like the demo but i don’t find how can I do it in the admin panel. I already change all “green” color in the styling page of the theme option panel but this 2 items stay in green.

Thanks for your help. (sorry for my english)

Hi, please, give em your site url and dasboard details (login/pass) if you can send to email


check your email

2 bugs:

1. If you remove the ‘Default Background Image’ it eventually comes back.

2. If you remove the ‘Small Logo Upload’ on the Footer it eventually comes back.

Did you click to save options after removing image?

Yes—I always do .. it eventually just comes back! Lol :)

Send me you dashboard details(login/pass) and url to my email


The social media icons (in header and footer) don’t link correctly to my social profiles. For example, the Facebook icon should link to:

But it links to:

It’s the same for Google+. Only the twitter icon works correctly.

How do I fix this?

Thank you

Hi,you need to add ‘http://' before your current link

Thanks, that did the trick

Help. I am trying to figure out two things:

1. How to turn the footer widget area into only 1 long area. I believe it is capable for 4 widgets and I would just like one text box to go long in that footer area.

2. Can I move the copyright text to the right hand side where the “footer social icons” are. I have icons at the top and don’t need them in both places. I like the footer logo on left and want copyright on the right. Help please.

Hi, 1. reload this sidebars.php to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\ 2. reload this footer.php to \wp-content\themes\energy\

Great theme – love it, nice work sir. I see in the demo that there is a right-sidebar template page…but I only the Left Sidebar Page Template. How do I use or add the right sidebar page template.

Thank you.

If you need to use right sidebar, use default page template.


Great Theme – one question though, is there a way of stopping menu items wrapping in the drop downs?


Hi, what you need to do with menu if you need not to show drop down menu you need not to have child’s in menus, but if you need to stop drop down because you have your own options for this, you need to go to /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/js/superfish.js and remove code below

        delay:       220,
        animation:   {opacity:'show',height:'show'},
        speed:       200,
        autoArrows:  false, 
        dropShadows: false,


Hi, thanks but thats not what i mean.. The text in the drop down menu are dropping down onto the next line. Can the menu drop downs either be increased in width or the font size reduced? thanks

Ok, you can increase drop down menu width, go to style.css and find code below
#navigation .sub-menu li a, html body #navigation .sub-menu li .sub-menu li a, html body #navigation .sub-menu li .sub-menu li .sub-menu li a {
border: none !important;
display: block;
width: 170px;
margin: 0;
padding: 0px;
color: #3b3b3b;
line-height: normal;
font-weight: normal !important;
height: auto;
line-height: 42px;
change width:170px;

Hi, I have some prob with translate, it doesn’t work. I sent you my language file by email. Thanks

do a test with the language file I sent you and you will see by yourself -visual composer -page setting panel (on edit/create page) -sidebars panel (on edit/create page) -project information, slide and video panel (on edit/create portfolio project) -the first item “home” in breadcrumb ... And so many other points

you will be able to download updated theme within a 4-5 hours, when reviewers submit this updates

thx a lot

Is there an easier way to modify section background colors in the visual composer than modifying the css or do i have to buy the visual composer plugin to get all of its features?

No way to update it, i assume?

awesome support. thank you very much

HI There

Just uploaded file and going through installation process and it tried toi instal the 4 plugins but 3 were unsuccessful. I’m going to try and go back to instal them again but I can’t find the names of the 3 plugins which failed? The only one I think has installed properly is Contact Form 7.



Hi, plugins located in theme directory \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\recommended-plugins\

Also, do you know where I can find the full icon set??

Is there a way to get my tagline to show in the header? I’m using header 8 I think, with the dark menu bar. Would be nice to have it show between the search box and logo.

Also, I found an issue with the boxed-rounded layout. At least some of the header options don’t have the rounded top corners. I had to add custom css:

#top-bar { border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0; }

hi, give me your email i will send you file to reload

Testimonials seem to cut after a certain amount of words. I’ve looked through past posts and.have seen an answer to add in:


I’ve tried this but still cutting off and increasing it to 75, 100, 150, etc doesn’t do anything. Is there a max number of words for a Testimonial as I can’t seem to increase the excerpt_count value past 50, only reduce it (which of course reduces the word count)

Many thanks

Hi, please give em your dashboard details(login/pass) and url, send to my email