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Maps don’t seem to work. Google has new protocols when outputting maps. Can’t seem to get one to work with your code.

Hi, we will update it within a day.

Tooo cool! Thanks!

Hi again, can you send your dashboard details(login/pas) and url to my email or try to use code below
[map src=",+FL+33426&hl=en&ll=26.539164,-80.091019&spn=0.033748,0.066047&sll=47.696472,13.345735&sspn=6.500151,16.907959&hnear=1601+N+Congress+Ave,+Boynton+Beach,+Palm+Beach,+Florida+33426&t=m&z=15" width="100%" height="320px"]
to get google maps url go to classic map

Hi, I have three issues i need your help with. 1. The testimonials seems to cut short when the paragraph is a bit long, is there a way to remove the limit? 2. How do i add my own icons?, like the ones you have beside site composition, design and style, code technology on the demo 3. How do i make the logos on my clients & partners colored at all times, instead of it being a hover effect?

here is my website:

please get back to me as soon as possible, as my client wants to deploy the website asap. thanks.

one more thing, how do i make the icons, full time colored, and not just when you hover on them.. the big icons i mean

go to /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/css/shortcodes.css (line:630) and add to this css code properties below
background-position-y: 0px !important;

Thanks, that worked like a charm.

Bought Energy…killer theme! Tons of options, perfect balance of simplicity and features. Intuitive to use, endlessly customizable.

A+ Guys.

Thank you :)

In the member shortcode we can enter email but this one don’t apear like facebook, twitter or linkedin in the layout, how can i do this ?

oh i see the prob, shortcorde member write : mail=”” but right sentence is email=... I added a “e” and all it’s ok. Thx a lot

I have tested it on your site and it works fine.

On mine if I use “add member shortcode” wordpress add : [member name=”John Doe” role=”Web Developer” img=”” twitter=”” facebook=”” skype=”” google=”” linkedin=”” mail=””]Description[/member] see “e” is missing

On my home I want use the “teaser grid (posts)” shortcode with page, I want thumbnail+title+text layout, I select “excpert” for the content but that don’t work and shortcode of composer “vc_row[vc_column_text]” appear… how can I have a real excerpt ? I already try to use excerpt panel of wordpress editor and there is no change. Please help.

when you used visual composer editor, you need to have this page/post in this mode, and i think you click to classic editor mode

Oh ok I understand, by mistake on time I click to classic editor mode and wordpress add this code, i delete it in html mode and it’s ok, thx a lot

Hello I’m having the same problem posted by the user neoDIRECT

Hi, is there a way to do something with portfolio filter – not to show all the images in lightbox, even those unfiltered? Other words, when I have ‘true’ at ‘Link to Lightbox’ in all portfolio items and I filter them on the portfolio site, after I click the Lightbox view – it still shows me every item of the portfolio (including filtered and unfiltered). Thanks for help in advance.

how can I display only the items for each separate tab on lightbox?

Please, send this problem to my email i will send you files.

Hello, I bought today this theme but I’ve a Problem with page builder. Standard theme shortcodes displays always as text. I downloaded the file teaser_grid.php as I read in the FAQ and reload to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\builder\composer\lib\shortcodes\ but the problem still remains. So what should I do?

The theme is running on WP 3.8.1

Hi, please send me your url and dashboard details(login/pass) to my email

Don’t worry, finally I found a solution. Anyway this theme is very unintuitive and hard to work with, slow …

Hi again, working on your theme and things are looking great. Just one more question: how can in increase the size of the thumbnails in the “bloglist”

Current shortcode used to display the list is:
[bloglist posts="4" title="What's new" style="2" excerpt_count="20" orderby="date" show_title="no" categories="public, news"]

Current thumbnail size based on post’s featured image is 70px x 50px which I assume is pre-coded in a php file somewhere because I don’t see it in the CSS anywhere.

Thanks again for your prompt reply!

Hi, go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\shortcodes.php find line below
$image = aq_resize($url, 70, 50, true);


I bought energy theme while ago and now want to make it up to date. how Can i do this as I have created pages / forms in plugins etc. will I loose all that?

Regards, Ijaz

Hi, you will not lose any content or settings. You need to backup your files if you made some changes. Also, backup your database, to be calm.

How Can I upgrade the version? is there any link?

You can go to your dowloads section and get updated files.


Love the theme! Just have one question. In the Styling options you can set the Navigation Link Hover Background Color, BUT it says it only applies this if you select Header option 3. I’m using Header option 4. Can you please provide me the code or tell me how to do this for Header option 4? Thank you!

Hi, go to your /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/inc/customcss.php and insert code below after lines – ”#header.header3 #navigation .menu > li > a:hover { background-color: <?php echo $options_data[‘bgcolor_navlinkhover’]; ?>; color: #fff !important; }”
#header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-item > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-item > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-page-ancestor > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-page-ancestor > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-parent > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-parent > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current_page_ancestor > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.current_page_ancestor > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.sfHover > a,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li.sfHover > a:hover,
    #header.header4 #navigation .menu > li > a:hover {
        background-color: <?php echo $options_data['bgcolor_navlinkhover']; ?>;
        color: #fff !important;

Thank you, that worked!

When I add my third dropdown menu links off of the second dropdown menu links they are positioned directly underneath the secondary menu links – rather than displaying to the right of the second menu as shown in your demo. In doing so they are covering up the second menu links and making those links inaccessible. Please tell me how to position that third menu off to the right of secondary links. Thanks!

Hi, please send me your site url, i need to see what is wrong.

Hi! I made the website in spanish, now I need it in english too. It is posible to do it in two languages?

Hi, with standard theme functionality is not possible. You need to use extra plugins – WPML plugin or qTranslate.


I’m using a framed layout. In Theme Options > Header there is the possibility to show a “top bar” which has on the left some text and on the right some social media icons.

Whatever I do this top bar is always colored (by default grayish/white).

How do I make this top bar hidden without losing the social media icons on top? In other words how do I make it transparent so the actual page background (basically a wallpaper since I’m using a framed layout) is showing at that spot? I tried the following css code:

#top-bar { background-color: transparent !important; }

But the background of the topbar is still white with that.

Any ideas?

Gave your theme 5 stars since everything else was great. Thanks.

Hi, which is the header version do you use? is it second header version? If yes i will make some customization for you and send you file to reload.

It’s the third header from the top (option “Show Top Bar” is enabled).

No longer needed, fixed it by enabling toolbar on the third header version, then removing the “call us” and “email address” text and then adding the following code through css:

#main.framed { margin: 45px auto; } #top-bar .social-icons { position: absolute; top: -50px; right: -20px; } #top-bar .container .eight.columns { width: 100%; }

I’m having problems with the portfolio. to load the tab the images stack one on top of another. and sometimes images don’t show up at all under a category tab even though I have the category set correctly inside the portfolio pages themselves. how can I solve these problems?

You did not reload file to /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/js/
read my previuos message

Actually, I did. Three times now. I downloaded the isotope.js file you provided and uploaded it to /wp-content/themes/energy/framework/js/

When I go to my product page and click any of the filter tabs… like “gasoline additives” for instance… I should only see two products. But it doesn’t. It just shows all of them. Why does the sorting feature work on your demo site, but not on my site? I didn’t change any code except for uploading the isotopes.js file that you provided me.

ok, can you give me your ftp details? if yes, send to my email

Hi I’m thinking of buying this theme. Does it support right and left sidebars on the same page?

Hi, no it doesn’t. Theme support right and left sidebars separately, but i can create page template with both sidebars for you.


We have a site running v1.3 of the theme – are the updates going to involve a re-working of some features, or will the current latest version with v3.8.1 of Wordpress run straight out of the box?


Hello! Could you please describe your concern in details? If you need to update your WP version to the latest, you can go ahead. If any problems appear feel free to contact us. We will do our best to resolve asap.


Updates seemed to work ok. Can’t see anything wrong at the moment.


Hello, Nice job but I have some problems with portfolio. When I create a project, I always arrive on a 404 page. I can’t see the details … Here is my test website: Can you help me? Thanks.

Hi, if you change the portfolio slug, you need to go to dashboard->settings->permalinks and click to save permalinks.

Hello, I recently added a video to a portfolio entry using the Project Video section. This is a YouTube hosted video. It will not show or play on the site – in fact, I’ve tried several videos (just to make sure)- none of them play. All I get is a black box and an error message.

Please help.

Hi, can i look your live demo, also if you can, please send me your dashboard details(login/pass) to my email

Hi, I’m trying to use the theme with a plugin called dsIDXpress after switching from another theme and I’m getting this error message: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sallealter145/public_html/wp-content/themes/energy/header.php:5) in /home/sallealter145/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dsidxpress/client.php on line 425

Could you advise me how to fix this?

Thank you!


Hi, please give me your site url and dashboard details (login/pass) to my email

Love the theme…good work…

There are some Google Fonts missing in the drop down in the Styling section of the Theme Options. How do I add more in?

Hi, go to \wp-content\themes\energy\admin\classes\class.options_machine.php start from line 243