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a client of mine have bought this theme and now i’m customizing it on my test site.

i noticed that there are some extrange errors with the home page examples on the documentation.

for example, it the home page 1, if you cut and paste the code, the links shows in the home page in code version<a href="”#”">Learn more</a> but you cant see the link

also, in the home two, the h3 areas are shown as <h3>text</h3> and not with the formarted text of an heading 3 text…

could you help with this? it must be another code for putting links in that shortcodes you are using diferent than html code… and for the text formatting, i dont have any idea how to make it work

you can see errors here:

i have just cut and paste your examples in documentation


just solved, rookie on the three views page editing :)

Looks very very nice! 8)

I’m having issues with the “testimonials short codes.” There is a z index issue or something. When I place the testimonial shortcode into a page it shows up behind an image I have placed on the page. It’s behind the image and there seems to be a padding issue as well. When I finally get it to display there are 100s of extra pixels space above the actual testimonial. Something is kind of screwy with your short code there.

I’ve concluded that it’s an issue if used when I try to place a testimonial below an image. When the shortcode is placed below the image it seems to take on the “characteristics” of the image placed – i.e.: same width and height. The testimonial will obscure the photo. Please advise.

Issue with Related Posts… Related Posts aren’t showing up on the blog. I have them designated with the same categories, so that’s not the issue. Please advise.

Starting to sound like a “nag” here – my apologies, but I’m experiencing a number of issues with your theme. Now, I’m having issues with the Portfolio. They’re not showing full-width when “full-width” is specified. Is the portfolio section somehow tied to the blog settings? A lot of “features” with your theme just aren’t working for me and I can’t be the only one. Would appreciate a response. Please advise. Have a lot of experience with Wordpress themes, so these aren’t some “newbie” issues. Thanks!

Resaved the portfolio a few times and the changes for “full width” finally took, but now the issue seems to be that I am limited to 4 items in my “Latest Works” slider. How do I get it to display more. It’s currently set to 4 columns and I have changed my number of items to display from the Portfolio settings for the theme. Thanks!

Worked that out as well… The problem that I was having was your “Get The Code” wasn’t matching up to what was actually shown and there was no mention of the short code filtering in your documentation.


Do you have on your theme a Container Background Color Opacity Function ?


Hi, we will add this option in next update.

Hi I’m about to purchase this template. just a quick question.. anyway this theme fully support RTL language?

I just purchased it.. please give me an answer as soon as possible. THanks

Hi, sorry but theme doesn’t support RTL.

OK thanks. I’ll figure it out.

Hi ArtstudioWorks,

I’ve a question about the Revolution Slider. I gave the editor access to the plugin with the help of this topic:

Now the editor get messages like “access denied” but the plugin is working correctly. Do you have an idea how to remove the “access denied” messages?


I got the response from the plugin author:

but updating to 3.0.8 is not possible. Perhaps in the next theme update?

Please, send your dashboard details and url to my email

You’ve got mail ;)

Hi, I need to change the background color of the navigation menu. How can I do?

You can do it via theme options -> styling -> ‘Navigation Link Hover Background Color’

Hi, is this theme woocommerce friendly?


Hi, sorry i don’t know about that, but we do not strip any wordpress functionality.


the portfolio-item link on breadcrumbs on every project page leads to a 404 page. how can i fix this? i have tried to rename in the theme options this slug with “portfolio” as i have my portfolio page under “portfolio” name, but then the project pages under portfolio/project-page goes to 404 error

could you help me?

(i’m working on a client website that have bought this theme, i have not bought it directly)

thanks a lot

Please mail me and give me dashboard details(login/pass) and url.

Good afternoon, Using the slide on the homepage? I am not able to insert.

Please, follow instructions in documentation.

How to leave home without the feature blog? In the style homepage 2.

Go to dashboard- > settings-> reading and set fron page as static page. Please, read instructions in documentation!

I need to change the hover colour on the icon “the arrow within the grey circle” .

Hi, icons implemented as image and you able to change color only via PS, but you can use icons as font in this case icons color can be changed

Your theme look amazing.

Just 2 questions:

1) Is there a documentation available before to buy it? It can be useful to know if theme is easy to use or not. Sometimes themes look great but admin panel become impossible to use for my customer (to much feature / options etc.) Maybe is it better if you have an admin preview to test ;)

2) Can I use the lastest project element with images going to pages. I mean, I won’t use the portfolio but present some collections of product, and would like to use this element in homepage to redirect to each collection.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, 1) documentation – 2) It is easy to implement this option.

Simply amazing theme.

Bought and customized like 50 themes in 4 years and this one of the best I met: easy to customize, many very useful options and everything is very intuitive. Clearly an amazing job and even what I will ask is not possible, you deserve 5 stars!

Now I have 2 quick questions:

1) I m actually migrate an HTML website that I coded to wordpress. I have one page with a mansory filter to order collections page:

I need to have the same function with your theme.

I check the portfolio but design is not approriate (even in fullside mode). I suppose that I have to create articles to manage category and create a category filter like you did on this page:

What I need in the same function by in order to filter some pages, and if not possible, some articles.

Can U tell me how to proceed?


Last question: Do you need to save wide and sidebuside ‘portfolio item page’ layout? I can create layout with sidebar and you will be able to select it when you edit page.

No I won’t need anymore the initial wide and sidebuside ‘portfolio item page’

If I can choose my own sidebar for each portfolio-item, it will be amazing, then I will be able to include widgets depending on each page, perfect! :)

One more time: T H A N K S !!!

check your email! :)

Hi, thanks again for all the hard work you put in this theme. We’re having trouble with the Revolution Slider in iPad. We tested with both Chrome and Safari, and the browser crashes as soon as the slider is loaded. Any ideas?

Go to slider setting and try to set up slider sizes regarding your screen resolutions.


Your custom works fine, was done super quickly, if I could choose 10 stars I will cause you quikcly deserve it.

Good luck with sales, great job!!!


Thank you for the great theme.

I have one query, is there shortcode to add recent blog posts in a page that would be displayed similarly as “recent projects” (image with blog post name and splub of text).

Is that a possibility?



Hi, it is not possible, but i will add this option with next update. Next update will be released in two days.

Thank you so much, Perfect! Again thank you for a great template!


I appreciated the theme. Congratulations!

I am creating a new page and I would like to show in this posts elements. How can I set the code just to show a specific post category in this page? Also I need to show a post grid paginated with 4 columns and 3 rows. Could you give me a cloud please?

Thank you!


Hi, This option isn’t available for blog posts only for portfolio posts. But i can add this option in next update, within a week.


I would like to:

1. Delete the little gray border line on theme (menu and sliders) 2. Eliminate the space between contact map and top 3. I do not want to show feature images inside the posts but I have to set it up to show thumbnail on headlines

Please, see images (printscreen) on:

Thank you!


Hi, 1) delete code below from \wp-content\themes\energy\style.css
.rev_slider_wrapper {
border: 1px solid #dadada;
#no-title {
border-top: 1px solid #dddddd;
2) delete code below from \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\css\shortcodes.css
section#map {
padding-top: 55px;
3) add to custom css area (in theme options) code below
.post-image {
display: none;