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I am trying to use tabs using the visual editor, however: When I click the ‘green plus’ icon to add more tabs it does not allow me to.

Please advise

and the same issue with the tour section…. Accordian seems to be working fine though

Hi, please can you provide me your dashboard details (login/pass) and url via email

Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob….So heres another question Where can I change the font, font size etc of the navigation in the header??


Hi, you can find this in theme options -> styling -> navigation

We recently purchased this theme (it was on a different account, so I won’t be listed as “purchased”), and it works well, but there’s a few issues I need to resolve.

1) The “Energy” logo automatically keeps reappearing in the footer even after I remove it. I will remove it from the Footer menu in Theme Options, and it will disappear briefly, but shortly thereafter it reappears, on both the site and the Theme Options > Footer menu. This needs to be fixed.

2) How do I remove the div bar with id=”title”? The one with “Blog Title Here” and “Your Blog Subtitle Here”. Is this done in Theme Options, or do I need to dig into the code? If the latter, where and what do I need to remove?

3) This is for anyone, since it’s not listed as a compatible browser, but any ideas on how to get the responsive to cooperate in IE6?

It doesn’t reappear instantly, it seems to occur whenever a change happens in Theme Options and then the options are updated, or just at random. Just tell me what code snippet or change to go in footer.php and I should be fine.

if you need to remove logo in footer open footer.php an remove code below
<?php if($options_data['media_small_logo'] != "") { ?>
  <a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/"><img src="<?php echo $options_data['media_small_logo']; ?>" alt="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" class="copyright-logo" /></a>
<?php } ?>

That did it. Thank you!


I really like the new black v8 header, it’s my favorite! but I would like to know how to remove the social icons from the same header? I want to replace the social icons with a space to use for my Menus instead of starting on a new line.

Ok then, here you go:

check your email.

Thank you very much!

I believe i am getting the portfolio names and breadcrumbs and permalinks twisted around and thus a 404 error. I renamed “portfolio-item” to “projects” in the theme editor (portfolio), and also renamed the permalinks accordingly. After I did that, none of the detail pages would load. Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong? (

Hi, i have no problem with your Projects. Look – projects page – project details page

Hi there, great theme… Just one question: How do I increase the max number of testimonials shown in the carrousel? Currently this seems to be limited to 10.

Hi, you need to set parameter num=”-1” in testimonial_carousel shortcode and it will show all posts from testimonials

Great, thanks!


What’s the name of the default font used on “Alert Messages” ?

Hi, we used standard themes font – “Open Sans” and font weight is bold.

Man, I love your fast response time. Thank you!

How can i make the testimonials link to the website of the person who said the testimonial.

How can i make the testimonials link to the website of the person who said the testimonial.

Hi, sorry for the late response. 1) set url in testimonial post 2) download and reload shortcodes.php to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\

Thank you, can you please make the Testimonial Name and Picture and Testimonial the hyperlink, not “Visit Site” Thanks

Hi, i have added link to author thumb and testimonial text.

I am using Home Version 2 and I wanted to change the default # of tabs in the tabset section on the home page from 3 to 4…where can i locate the css file to modify that? I currently have column count at “ten”.


Hi, go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\css\shortcodes.css find code below
.tab a h5 {
margin: 0;
padding: 10px 18px;
text-align: center;
and replace with
.tab a h5 {
margin: 0;
padding: 10px 10px;
text-align: center;

to say that you are awesome is an understatement..

I just updated to version 2.2 and while it solved some problems for me, it created a new one in the main navigation. I’m using the 3rd header layout option and it reduced the width of the nav div from 700px to 580px. I think this is because it changed the div class from 12 columns to 10. Any reason for this; any workaround?

preview (though I’m working on it, so it’s in flux):

sorry, I changed the header to something that worked better. try it now….

ok, go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\headers\header-version3.php
line 81 – change ‘six’ to ‘four’
line 90 – change ‘ten’ to ‘twelve’

perfect, thanks! I didn’t set this up as a child theme, so I’ll have to keep that change in mind when I install future updates. Thanks for your prompt support—much better than I’ve received from some other authors.

Hi there! I like the theme very much. However, I am having issues with the separator headline feature when viewed in responsive mode. When viewed on a mobile device, the separator headline gets cutoff.

If you view the site I’m working on,, on a mobile device, you will see what I mean. I’m also attaching a screen capture from my iphone so you can see.

Please let me know how I can fix this.


check your e-mail.

How can i decrease the bottom margin of my pre-footer (widgetized footer)?

Hi, go to style.css and find code below
#footer {
border-top: 10px solid #333333;
padding: 40px 0;
background: #444444;
color: #999999;
change padding value, to increase bottom padding you need to change ‘40px 0’ with ‘40px 0 60px 0’ – 60px(it is bottom value)


I have 2 questions about latest work carousel shortcode :

1) is it possible to make it play like a slideshow, meaning that it goes to the right to see orther work then come back automatically to the left.

2) how to use this feature with links to others kind of page, statics for example, or simply to some portfolio that are not the latest ones.

Thanks :)

Hi, 1) it is not possible 2) i cannot understand what do you mean?

Hi there! Is it possible to not see the breadcrumbs with normal pages and to see it only in the portfolio item pages? thanks!

Hi, yes it is, you can on/off breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page editor. In some case you need to have subtitle text if you need to disable breadcrumbs.

Noob here thinking about purchasing your theme ASAP. I’ve done a 3 WP sites now, but I haven’t used one with a ‘Revolution Slider’, can I use a basic slider or Nivo slider? Also wondering if you have a link to additional screen shots of the backend controls – I’m trying to match your theme with a client who has ver limited HTML/CSS knowledge. Thanks!!

Hi, you can use another slider but my theme configured with revolution slider( it is very easy to use) and you need to put your slider instead revolution in php file (titlebar.php) and option with slider select for page will not work. I suggest you to use revolution slider.

How can i make the testimonials carousel use more than 10 testimonials. I have 15.


Hi, you need to set parameter num for testimonials carousel shortcode.

how do i do that?

go to edit page with testimonials and find testimonial_carousel shortcode cahge or add parameter num=”15”

Loving this theme, defo worth 5 stars! :)

Quick question, is there a shortcode or a way to add twitter feed to a page in a column?


Hi, you can use twitter in sidebar (as widget) or install plugin for that and use as shortcode.


I added some text to a page and I want to add the “read more” with the icon to. How can I do that please?


You need not add text and read more button as separate part, you can use shortcode for that. Use code below
[iconbox icon="puzzle" icon_size="big" title="Site composition"]It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum.[gap height="22"]<a href="#">Learn more</a>[/iconbox]

also replace ’#’ in tag with your url

Love the theme. Nice work.

But, I am trying to make the logo appear bigger in the header. I know I can adjust the Margins in the Theme Options but it doesn’t let me change the size that the logo appears on the page. How can I adjust the logo size?

you need to find this file via ftp connection, or if your host provide you ftp manager use it. Next, in this file you need to find text like “four columns” and “twelve columns”, change this size with you needs (the max width=16 columns)

I have been able to edit the columns to make the logo bigger, but now it is pushing my navigation menu to be lower and in the center of the page instead of aligned evenly with the logo and aligned to the right like it use to be. Here is my test website I am working on:

hi, you have increased columns for logo but columns size for navigation still ‘twelve’, you need to change ‘twelve’ with ‘ten’ (in the file where you change logo columns size)