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Hello, I find the solution to the main page to see the 4 latest blog post with the title and the photo outstanding. I only enconrado an option that does not satisfy me: [bloglist posts = “4” show_title = “yes” style = “1” title = “Last Post”] Regards

Hello, I find the solution to the main page to see the 4 latest blog post with the title and the photo outstanding. I only found an option that does not satisfy me: [bloglist posts = “4” show_title = “yes” style = “1” title = “Last Post”] Regards

Thanks for all your help guys! The theme is amazing, we love it. Client wants the little black “up arrow” on the subnav to go away; but I can’t find how you got that in there.

Can you tell me where that is, it’s not in the css from what i can see, but maybe I’m just missing it.


find and remove code below from your style.css
#navigation .menu > li > .sub-menu:before {
content: "";
border-left: 5px solid transparent;
border-right: 5px solid transparent;
border-bottom: 7px solid #beda39;
position: absolute;
top: -10px;
left: 15px;
z-index: 999;
width: 0;
height: 0;

Hello, I find the solution to the main page to see the 4 latest blog post with the title and the photo outstanding. I only found an option that does not satisfy me: [bloglist posts = “4” show_title = “yes” style = “1” title = “Last Post”] Regards

Do you need to display four posts instead portfolio items?

You see the title, featured image for each post.

I need the post also appear in two columns.

This option is not the title: [bloglist posts = “4” show_title = “yes” style = “1” title = “Last Post”]

I understand now?

please, give me screenshot with mockup, because i cannot understand what you need.

Hi there, Loving this theme. Just want to know where the icons are? For example I want to change the icons in the home page boxes.


Thanks, can I customise the icon colours such as the puzzle or ok icon? Where are those icons located? Thanks

if you use icon from this list , you can add code below to your style.css and set color
.iconbox .icon.big i {
color: #48BB64;

Thanks so much. :)

One other quick thing guys, and thanks for all the good support:

Social Icons -

They don’t show correctly in Chrome, and when I inspect the source I see that something is telling all these classes to display none>

.social-facebook-link, .social-fbook, .social-fixed-bar, .social-follow, .social-foot, .social-google, .social-google-link, .social-group, .social-group-top, .social-h, .social-header, .social-height, .social-helpers, .social-icon, .social-icon-buttons, .social-icon-container, .social-icons, .social-icons-container, .social-inner, .social-item

Also, in Admin > Theme Options > Header, under Social Icons it says: “(Configure Icons in Social Media)” – Where is that? I can’t find it.

Thanks you guys! - j

give me your site url., please private message me for credentials – but look the same thing happens on the Energy demo site:

Notice in Chrome browser the social icons are hidden:

look, i have no problem with social icons.

Hi there. This theme is absolutely fantastic. Two small things. 1) – Can’t use child theme. screws up style sheet 2) – Make one tiny change to the font sizes in the theme options and it screws the entire style up (font colours go bright green, social icons come down into the middle of the header and it just goes all crazy) and I have to import from a saved theme options file.


Hi, we have no child theme, but i can help you create that within a three days.

Hi, Other than via the code is there another way to turn off breadcrumbs from page titles?


You can use option in page editor. If breadcrumbs still shows, you need to insert subtitle instead.

Hi any chance of getting some help here. Site has to be liver over the weekend and now I can’t even change the background without the site breaking. Really need help ASAP.

have emailed you the admin details from your profile.


you have problem with second header variant, what did you change in file header-variant2.php

Hi there. I have made no changes to the file at all.

I have downloaded and put onto a test server and the same thing happens.



Try to use another header variant.

Is there a <br />-filter on the frontend? In the Backend I created a page with 2 lines via “shift + enter”.

But in frontend there is no brake.

Whats wrong?

Hi, sorry for the late response. We have removed tag
from shortcodes, because it can cause some problem with layout.

OK thanks.

Hi and thanks for the great template. I have one problem with the template Related Posts – does not work.

you can see blog post here

It’s just a blank … Although Check to enable Related Posts marked as active in Theme Options

Hi, please be sure that your posts related by tags.

Thanks – works great!

Hi How do i change the font size in the menu’s? OR make the menu size wider? Ive tried to change the font size and even font type, but nothing changes? style.css Please help

Hi, you can change menu font style in the theme options -> navigation

Ok. I’m sure I’m totally missing it… but where do you change the base color from green to something else? I’m not seeing it anywhere in the control panel. Thanks in advance.

Hi, give me your site url?

Hi, please, give me your email, i will send you some files to reload, regarding icons color –

Hello, I’ve got a problem with Visual Composer. It seems that it ignores shortcodes that comes from theme. Is there any solution to force it to interpret shortcdes correctly?

How do I use it? I’ve created textblock where I’ve wrote [clients] <ul><li><a ...=""><img ...="" /></a></li></ul>[/clients] What do I get? Lack of interpretation of shortcode – in other words: [clients] List of images [/clients]

I have found a solution. It was a block “Teaser (posts) Grid” who made a problem. When I deleted it from my home page shortcodes returned to work.

How can we do custom button coloring? In the live preview (Features>Elements page), I see purple and cyan blue buttons, but I can’t seem to figure out how to use other than those options:

“white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, gray, black, alternative-1, alternative-2, alternative-3”

Please help.

You need to write new css rules for your new button style. If you don’t know how to do that. I will write it for you. Add code below to the end of your style.css
.button.dark-gray {

Now you can use this style as parameter in your button shortcode e.g. [button link=”#” color=”dark-gray” size=”large”]Button[/button]

Thank you very much.

What about Alert messages? is it the same way as buttons?

.alert.status {

It doesn’t seem to be working, I want “status” to be the name of this alert type.

I got it :)

.alert-message.status {

Thanks again, I appreciate your great support. Would definitely recommend this to other people, especially with the support it comes with.

Couple questions:

Would the home page slider support a video and play on clicking it?

The theme will work well for my conversion, but I do have a custom need that im curious if you can do. On pages/posts I need an option to input a different phone number for each page near the social media icons in the title page header area. It would need to be an input area on the edit page area, probably not the page builder. If this is something you can do, please message me with cost/etc. Thanks!

Hi, regarding slider it support video and play when clicking it. regarding customiztion, please contact us via email

When I minimize my window to see what my website would look like on a tablet, the menu actually gets bigger before it gets smaller so the navigation links actually get thrown onto a second line.

Will you resize this and watch to see how the navigational menu doesn’t fit anymore as it gets smaller?

Hi, please send me screenshots with problem, because i can not see what is wrong.

Question : how to make the update to new version, considering that you gave me some custom files : sidebar-generator and single-portfolio ?

Thanks :)

Hi, you need to backup this files -> install new version -> copy backed files P.S. If you have changed some files, you will lose them after updating. Backup your files.

Hi, I purchased this theme a few weeks ago and everything has been going great so far. I’m trying to repurpose the “Portfolio” pages into a “Products” page. I was able to change the site navigation with ease… but when it comes to the actual portfolio template pages themselves, they seem to include the headlines “portfolio”, “portfolio item page” and “project details” on them.

My problem is, I can’t seem to find where those titles can be changed since the do not appear in the editable portfolio page itself. I’m guessing it’s in the style sheets or php somewhere… however I’m no php-wiz and I can’t seem to find where to make the changes?

Here’s my two examples from my site: 1. This one says the word “Portfolio” in the filter section. I’d like to change this to say “Products”.

2. This example not only says “Portfolio Item Page” but it also says “Project Details” further down on the page. I would actually like to just delete those two titles altogether if possible.

Other than that minor issue, I absolutely love this theme and the site is coming together well. Thanks in advance!

Hi, 1)Change “Portfolio” and “All projects” go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\portfolio\folio-filter.php (lines 4,6) 2)change “portfolio item page” and “project details” – go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\portfolio\sidebyside.php (lines 3,96), \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\portfolio\wide.php (lines 3,87)

regarding your last two questions: to remove icon go to style.css and remove code below (line 2032)
.portfolio-item .portfolio-page-item .portfolio-title a:before, .portfolio-item-one .portfolio-page-item .portfolio-title a:before {
content: '';
display: block;
float: left;
margin-right: 10px;
width: 35px;
height: 35px;
background: url(framework/images/portfolio-title-icon.png) center center no-repeat #525252;
to decrease font size go to style.css and find code below (line 2152)
.portfolio-item.four h4 {
font-size: 14px;

Thanks for the quick response. I made the styles.css updates in WP with ease – Thank you! But the only way I can see to update the three php files is on my computer via Dreamweaver – which I’ve done.

So how do I go about getting the php files back into WP without losing all the pages I’ve created in WP so far? (yes I’m a WP noob).

• I would assume I first export my site’s xml file.

• Then re-zip the entire “Energy” theme folder and upload the zip file back into WP.

• And then import the xml file so that all my content is restored. Correct?

Thanks for your help with this – I really appreciate it!

you need not to restore content data, when you reinstall theme (i mean when you re-zip theme with updates files) you will not fold your content.

I can never seem to find it, but where are the different Button Icon codes? The default is “cog” but where are the others?