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Hi. Your theme is great!

How can I use the ’’LearnMore ->” button anywhere I want? What is the shortcode to put it anywhere?

Thank you

Hi thanks for the reply. But that html code does not show the small arrow just like in your front page

Nevermind. It works perfectly

Oh, sorry i forgot to wrap code in tag, and it was inserted as url:)
<a href="your_url" class="more">Learn more</a>


I copied and pasted the icon boxes that are on your home page for this theme. But it continues to be green even though I have changed my Theme Options to other colors. Where can I change the color of the icon box icons as well as the “learn more” link hover?

I am using it in a wamp server on my computer :/ not online. Basically, the “learn more”“links on your front page right under the icon boxes. They still show your colors on my site, even though I have changed the theme options to an orange color. How can I get those links to change to my colors?

ok, give me your email, i will send you file to reload.


Your theme looks fantastic! I’m very interested in buying it. I just have two questions:

Question 1. I would like a different header layout with:

1) the logo in the left side of the header

2) social media icons in the right side of the header

3) the menu shown as a bar (colored div) below the header.

Like this:

Is it possible to do so with your theme?

Question 2. Is Visual Composer included in the price?

Hi, 1) We have nine predefined headers layouts 2) Visual composer included.

Amazing! Thank you. Can’t wait to set it up on my site!

I am trying to add an indicator to my navigation menu that there it contains a submenu within it. Any ideas…would I modify the style.css 961? A simple arrow down button would work.
Hi, regarding your last question, try to increase or decrease carousel items. regarding indicator for menu items with dropdown, you need to add to your style.css code for indicator e.g.
#navigation .menu > > a {
background: url(framework/images/arrow_down.png) center 90% no-repeat;

I added this into the style.css but still nothing is coming up. Please note that the menu items I am using as the parent are custom menu items that I created that link to # so it doesnt go to a blank page. The children are all legitimate pages but the parents are custom created menu items.

Did you upload image (arrow_down.png) to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\images\

Hi, I would like to add a language flag link in the header menu in the above right corner. I currently do have a plugin under the revolution slider of the homepage.

Do I integrate this in the header.php? Where and how would I put it in there?

Hi, i can help you to make it, but i need to have your wordpress dashboard details(login/pass) and ftp details (ftp host/login/pass). Please, send it to my email

Thank you so much again for your above and beyond support – excellent experience :)


I sent you some email (, I still meet problem with galleries, I cannot have different gallery in a same page like wordpress normally let us do it.

Thanks for your help (this is my last stuff before to launch my customer website ;)).


Hi, sorry, but as i said earlier it is not possible to have lightbox with different images regarding to your galleries.

Hi, Does theme work on WP 3.7 ?


Hi, i have checked it and i have no problem with wordpress ver. 3.7.1

Hi, I am in need of an “external link” icon. For example, External link PNG.

Are there more icons available?

Thank you

Hi, you can go to and select your own icons for your site, after there you need to copy and replace from downloaded package two folder (‘css’ and ‘font’) to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\css\

Thank you!

This Launch Details button decided to start showing up for three new portfolios I created, but is missing on the others. how do I get rid of it?

This Launch Details button decided to start showing up for three new portfolios I created, but is missing on the others. how do I get rid of it?

Hi, you nee to go portfolio item and leave blank ‘Project link’ option.

Hi! once I have the. xml, how can I do to see the demo on my website?


Hi, please follow instructions in documentation, or read this

thanks!! so easy!!

Hello, can I have a sidebar on my homepage?

Hi, yes it is. You need to change ‘page template’ to ‘default template’ or ‘Page: Sidebar Left’

Do you have a page of the icons I can use without having to add them manually?


Do I get a PSD file with the theme?


Hi, yes it is. Psd files included.

Hello. We are not able to find the Revolution Slider plugin, in the downloaded package. Any help?

Thank you.

Hi, you have rovolution slider plugin included in \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\recommended-plugins\

Oh I see. Sorry about that. Thank you.

Hi! I’m very happy with this theme…I have a question related to the header typography. It’s possible to change it?? How can I change it??

Thak you for the attention!

I found it! gracias!

is there a way to change the order in which portfolio items show up using the [portfolio] tag or some code in the portfolio pages themselves?

There are no way to change portfolio items order with options or parameter only if change code in php file. If you need to know more contact us via e-mail.

There’s more a suggestion than a comment. Could be possible to have two po.edit files, for front end and back end. In my case, I only have to translate te public part of theme.

Some elements aren’t translating: Learn more, date format, previous post under comment in sigle post.

Great theme!


Love the theme!

I’m looking to edit the header. I’d like the logo to be on the left and larger and another image on the right rather than social media icons or the search bar. Is there anyway to do this?

Thank you again for this great theme!

Hi, you can find headers files in \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\headers\ choose file by your header variant number

Thank you for the quick reply. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with the file and/or which number fits my description. A little more help would be great! thank you!!


Is there an easy way to adjust the standard width of your non-wide theme styles? I’ve got one site that needs to be near the 1100px range for various reasons.

I tried to hack my way through one by overriding a bunch of .column classes in the custom CSS panel, but it got clunky and a bit hard to calculate/manage (and then when I made another change/test in the theme options, many of those broke)

Great job on the theme, btw – it’s one of my favorites!

Hi, sorry but there are no way to adjust content for 1100px, only way to change columns width in css file.

Okay, thanks. That’s what I thought but wanted to check.