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Have you had reports of the theme configuration(s) getting “stuck”? I’ve been seeing some weird things happening in trying to setup/configure the theme – swtiching between different layouts, options, etc.

For instance – the default email address was shown in the topbar that was enabled. I entered in a real address, and now it’s dissapeared – nothign I can do or enter or toggle will bring it back. The phone number is there.

Also, same with the search bar in the header – regardless if I switch it on/off in the options, it’s stuck there always on (assuming the header has a spot for it.)

And some other anomolies like that.

Any thoughts?

Hi, i can not understand what is wrong, can you send me screenshots to my email and would be nice if you send me url to your site.

hi, i have a problem with the portfolio.
im using hebrew (rtl) wordpress and the categories filter just doesnt work :(
here is a link:
please help

ops sorry i see it now :) ok i will try and report

no still not working… pls help i have to finish this site until tommorow :(((((

Check your email.

I am trying to integrate your theme into a Real Estate site using an IDX plugin. Overall, great, but found an issue that is a roadblock. The IDX plugin generates one-off/unique listing pages on the fly (they are not editable pages). Here is a sample listing page:

When it does this, 2 things are happening:

1. The page is trying to put a default Revolution Slider in place that is in error. I’m using a set of sliders on the home page, but no-where else. 2. No sidebar is being generated. The IDX plugin allows me to select the “default” page for listing details (default, full page width, navigation left, etc.) and none of them fix these. I could get away with the full page width setting to get rid of the empty sidebar, but that’s not desirable from our design – we need the sidebar.

I realize this is a bit advanced, but do you have any ideas?

Thanks, Blake

Hi, i have checked your page and sidebar is empty, regarding revolution slider you need to select slider what you need to show, you need to use options below the content editor.

Thank you.

Yes, the sidebar is empty – that is part of the problem. The page is supposed to be the “default” for which I do have sidebars defined, but when it’s rendered, there is nothing.

There is no “page” to edit. Again, the IDX plugin generates new pages on the fly – it’s supposed to use the “dfault” page. It seems that the default page is trying to put in a undefined slider which is showing an error.

Thanks again, Blake

go to page.php (root theme directory) and remove line below
<?php get_template_part( 'framework/inc/titlebar' ); ?>
regarding sidebar (line 29) you can try to use your sidebar name to show.

Hello! How would I go about creating a button class so that it is automatically centered in it’s respective column?

Hi, can you send me your site url and dashboard details(login/pass) to my email

The “font-ok” icon will not work. [icon icon=”font-ok” size=”14px” color=”#99002f”] Shows a blank space.

Hi, can you send me your site url and dashboard details(login/pass) to my email

Hello, this theme works fine in wordpress 3.8?

Hi, sorry for the late response, we had holiday. Not sure, but when i tried to update wordpress everything was fine, but we will update theme soon.

I have the same problem, how can it be solved? joshuawarduku PURCHASED 6 months ago Flag hi there, thanks for the great theme! just installed the demo pages and trying to configure the demo menu which hasnt (everything is jumbled and no primary menu showing) but in the primary menu it is shown as the demo content i clicked save menu and updated but still no menu. all scrambled and messed up. any instructions on how to fix the menu to get the demo ? if you want to see what i mean.

thanks a lot. getting my head round the comprehensive theme! but stuck on the menu set up…my email is if you cant reply on here. cheers! josh

not my e-mail

check your email.

Everything is floating right.

Hi, sorry for the late response, can you be pointed and describe me what you need to have and what is wrong.

Good day. I am unable to even upload this theme in Wordpress 3.8, I am on a tight deadline to complete this site and would like to use your theme, also would like to not have spent the money on the purchase for nothing please let me know.

Hi, what is the problem? Can you send me error message?

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

Hi, check your e-mail.


i have got the following problem: I used the portfolio slider on my home page to show my clients special offers. This works quiet great, but there are no alt=”...” tags in the tags. How can i fix this?

Check it out:


give me your email i will send you file to reload.

Thank you very much for your support! Please send the file to

check your email.

I like the theme very much & would like to purchase it. But I want to make sure it works with Wordpress 3.8. Per post 9 days ago you indicated you would update theme shortly. When will it be ready – does the current version work correctly in 3.8? Thank you.

Hi, we have tested theme with wordpress 3.8 and it works fine.

Thank you for quick response!

I’m having problems with the portfolio. to load the tab all the images are stacked one on top of another. how can I solve the problem?

Hi, please can you send me ( screenshots or url where can i see errors?

Hi, I am having the exact same issue as iamrwood

Cannot upload onto WP 3.8, on a tight deadline etc.

Error message is:”Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ok will give that a shot, thank you!

Hi there, I’ve changed both to 14M (the is only slightly larger than 10M), unfortunately no change; I’m receiving the same failure notice.

Is there another solution?

I found a solution. All good.

Can’t find documentation for the Energy theme. Is there a link somewhere for this please. Mainly having problems with the homepage slider.



I have a problem with the links.

When I enter the link to my facebook. ex.

When I klick the facebook icon, i go to

How can this be sorted out?

The best


solved it


When click a link in my menu i always get the path to the specific page like this (under the title): TITEL Home > Pages > TITEL

How do I remove that? change language for this specific purpose?

BR boba

Hi, the file with bread crumbs located in \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\breadcrumbs.php , but if you need to change title like categories or archive go to \wp-content\themes\energy\framework\inc\titlebar-blog.php

Hi, thank you for reply – I managed to change the word for “Home” But i cant find where i change the name for “pages”

Thank you

BR boba

The name for “pages” generated from pages title name

Not sure if this is the right place to direct this question…

Ever since the update to Visual Composer, one of our pages (that we know of) will repeatedly give us the following message in a dialog box:

“Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.”

…whenever we go into it for the first time, or make an update to it. We’ll click the “Convert To New Version” button that’s in that same dialog box, edit like usual, but if we click Update again, or leave and come back into it, the message will reappear.

Again, only happening on one page.

Hi, please send me your dashboard details to my email

Umm, I don’t know how to do that.

Send me your site dashboard details, i mean login and pass for your wordpress, also link.

When setting up my home page I’m having trouble using the “Add Bloglist” option and showing the Title of the blog post above the excerpt. I tried variations of the yes/no code, but still just see the 2 lines of text, no title.

Here’s the code I’m using based on your shortcode: [bloglist posts=”2” show_title=”yes” style=”1” title=”Recent Posts”] My website is

Hi, you need to use parameter [.... show_post_title=”yes” ...]

Hi. can you help me? how to enable the wpautop (paragraph and line break) code without add the code in the editor by myself? especially the line break. thanks

Hi, please send me ( your dashboard details (login/pass, url) i will check what is wrong.


Supper professional theme!

I am using your theme to build a site in French language. Please tell me how can I translate the “Previous post” & “Next post” text?


Hi, you can find this words in \wp-content\themes\energy\single.php lines 41,42