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Demo is missing left/right lines on ‘boxes’,.. the rounder corner images are there.. but, that’s it ;)


Hm, can you send me more details? Thanks!

Hi, Sorry for my silly question but I do not know how it works. I am a novice at this. I have a web site powered by osCommerce. And this will pull products out of it and give me their email to customers? Or is it only template where I customizes products and all other emails as I am working alone? thank you

Hello @ogar,

If I understand correctly.. you can update the template by hand or with a automatically module from your eComm – to extract the products from the site in the newsletter ;)

Hello there.

I am a designer and think the email template is more than great but have some doubts as I am not good a programming.

Can I use it In group mail, Can I reestructure the template as I want, with more rows or change the order of the panels.

Can I integrated with facebook and twitter?

On the daily basis, Can I drop the pictures and thtas it or Should I resize everything everytime i want to attach a picture. Is it possible to upload the images from the URL .

Can I easily put like a crossed price tags…

Thank you very much

About to buy it… ;)

Hello Juanan,

Sure! All templates was designed and coded based on strong HTML skills, wich will alow n/a customization, but you need to know the HTML language code, adapted on email comm,

Kindest regards,

Hi, this is very usefull One question how do I install this template in a mail ?


Hello Claudia,

You have to use an Email Marketing service provider, like Campaign Monitor,

Hi, The png-files (like: are missing or cannot be found.