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is there any site with code snippets to rebuild pages or elements as shown in the demo? Or do i have to import the dummy data?


Hey! Sorry no there is no site with code snippets, you would need to install the dummy data

Hi! I’m running 2.1 now (, the update page says “No Updates available. You are running the latest version! Great!” How can i update to 2.4?

If you have entered the correct API and username you can also try to visit the dashboard->updates page in your backend. If the userdata is correct the theme should be listed as a theme to update

Hi Kriesi,

Please which component in the page builder should I use to mimic the “THE OFFICE” section in this example page?

Thanks in advance.


Its a color section element with a fixed background. inside is a textelement. The color scheme of the section is set to “socket” (the socket color scheme is necessary to make the text inside white)

Thanks! worked like a charm!

Great ;)

Hi there,

Love the theme. But I need to know before buying- is there a custom content area for individual product category archive pages?



Hey Nic!

I am actually not sure what you mean by that. what exactly do you want to do?

Hi Kriesi.

I have updated my site to WP 3.7 the version of Enfold that I have is 1.5.1 and when updated the new wp it broke my slider on the home page and the rest of the site. i have downloaded the new version of Enfold which file do i update? or do i have to overwrite all the files? please help. this will be my first time updating Enfold since the first time i purchased



this is what shows:

LayerSlider: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.10.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

Hey! you need to at least update the config-layerslider folder to remove that error but I would suggest to replace the whole themem since we added a lot of new features and improvements :)


I’m having trouble with my galleries:

Whenever I create one it pulls the same early images in instead of the images I added to the page?

Is there some way that you should be adding images into a gallery?

Thanks for your help,


Hey Kris! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? might be a bug but we will need to investigate this further.

Please add the link and also describe which elements you used exactly, as well as the settings for those elements.


Of course, sorry I didnt do this first – just wanted to do a quick post in case this was something you’d come across before!? Thanks, Kris

Haven’t had any issues like this yet, lets see what we can find out :)

I updated Enfold to 2.4.1 and Wordpress to 3.7. Since updating both, my galleries page no longer works properly. The galleries themselves are fine, but the link below should display a 2×2 grid with clickable links to the individual galleries. The same goes for the “Videos” leadpage.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add the link to your site and also tell us if you have made any changes (modified code, activated plugins etc)

Hi there,

Are there any plans to add swipe functionality for galleries/portfolio images?

I agree. once I have found a suitable replacement I will do the necessary test and eventually add it to the theme :)

Sounds good, this looks like an excellent theme. I’m looking forward to working with it. I used Choices for a previous client and was very happy with it and the great support that came with it.

Thanks :)

if you liked choices I am sure you will like this one even more, even if its a little different to use ;)

Hi I activated the WooCommerce and encountered an error on Shop Page

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/vincms/public_html/wp-includes/post.php on line 1038

A little help would be appreciated.

Thanks Jay

Hey Jay! Which theme version, wordpress version and woocommerce version are you running? all the latest? If not please do an update and then post me a link to the page if the error persists

Great looking theme. Any plans of releasing an HTML/non-WP version?

No, sorry, currently no plans for that…

it is possible to increase the white space between a fullsize image slider and a text block ?

thanks for quick help !

But what about this ?

there is to much whitespace between

Hey! the link throws a 404 error :/

Hi Kriesi i use this Lightbox Plugin. For me by Far the best

thanks for the suggestion

Hi Kriesi,

Great Theme. But i want to ask, why did you prefer LayerSlider, not Slider Revolution?

i want o learn your opinion about this sliders, the reason: you`r doing always gut works, thats why your opinion is for me important, thanks

no special reason. they seemed to have a similar feature set so I just went with one of them ;D

I’d like to add a favicon.. Could you point me in the right direction asI could not find under the theme options..

go to your backend and upload one at enfold->theme options ;)

After the new update, the follwing fix doesn’t work anymore? :(

I don’t want the header/logo to be resized when I scroll down the page. Add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:

#header_main .container, .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a { height: 88px !important; line-height: 88px !important; }

hm, mind dropping me a link to your installation?

How do we define the main product image for a woo page and have thumbnails underneath it like your sample site? I attached a gallery to the main TinyMCE window and your theme zaps it over to the product description tab.

It looks like the main pic scrapes from the “featured image”. Curious how to have the thumbnails appear under than image, like your example

Hey! woocommerce comes with an extra option for galleries:

Simply use that one ;)

Hi Kriesi,

Mate, is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.7?


No problems reported yet, and I couldn’t find any issues myself so I would say yes :)

Can you explain why so many elements in the demo page have “Creative Work” schema assigned to them? Is it possible to edit the schema settings?

Yes of course. you can either do that by filtering or by editing the demo elements directly. Problem in general is that so many elements have no distinctive content type and can be used for so many different things that its hard to make everyone happy by default :)

If you want to do the editing and don’t know how you can open a thread in our support forum at

My theme will guide you through the process ;)

Howdy, something is cutting off my product gallery images.

when it first loads the page, I can see the images ok, then it seems like a slider function with an arrow comes in and messes things up.

Sorry but that does not seem to be my theme :)

does anyone know what the problem might be?

You should contact the theme author. no one here will be able to help you with that :)

Thank you for making such a powerful theme, and clean coding that makes Google SEO ranking easier, I checked your page load with the Google Analytics and and that is one of the reasons I went with the theme. I previously used another template on themeforest from another company, only to discover after putting it on our site that the coding was poor, causing slow downs and ALOT of database queries, making slow load times. What good are all the features if it does not have clean coding? I look forward to using this theme right away. Thank you again! Gary

Glad you like it Gary, thanks for the nice testimonial!