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Hi, Nice theme. I am considering to buy it, but need clearity on two issues first: Can I use blog with sidebar instead the author-thingy? Can I implement gallery with thumbnails?

Blog with sidebar is of course possible. what exactly do you mean by author thingy? :)

Implementing a gallery with thumbnails is of course also possible :)

Hi, it´s me again.

1) Please, in a wordpress multisite network, it is possible to use a different localization files .po, .mo, for each site in the network using your theme?

Eg: In one site in the network your theme will be in english, in other site in the network your theme will be portuguese, etc.

2) If possible, is this solution customized inside this theme (dashboard) or would be done within the filemanager (cpanel) ?

Thank you.

Hey. the theme does not provide any settings for that. the wordpress documentation says the following:

Multi-Site Installations If you have a site network (Wordpress multisite), the language is set on a per-blog basis through the “Site language” option in the Settings->General subpanel.

You can set the default language for the entire network under the Network Admin->Settings panel (“Default Language”).


Thanks for the answer. I purchased your theme and it was able to do that easy and smooth. :)

Thank you for that nice theme.

Great to hear ;)

Hi, Do you or do you know anyone that has Enfold ‘templates’ for sale?

I’m a bit stuck for designing and would welcome someone else’s design input with the theme

Hey! I am not sure what exactly you mean with enfold ‘templates’? If you need someone to customize the theme for you I would recommend our customization partner WerkPress:

Hi Kriesi, I’m new to WP and want to create a video mag of sorts. Enfold looks amazing and it has some very cool features. I would like to monetize my site with some advertising. Would I be able to do that with your site with some sort of plugin or would I need a different theme all together?

If not, would I be able to create form pages to gather data from users and create reports from that data?

Thanks for bearing with this newbie. I have a couple of other ideas for this theme so I’m sure I’ll find a use for it somewhere. It’s brilliant! Cheers

Hey! The theme does not come with any advertising options out of the box so yes, would need to use a plugin for that. Unfortunately I have never used a plugin to embed ads so I cant really suggest anything good.

Creating form pages with the theme itself is possible but by default all forms are sent to an email address. If you want to process that data you would either need to intercept that and store the form to a database or once again use a plugin dedicated to that task (I would suggest #2) ;)

Thanks for the quick response.

You are welcome ;)

Hi Kriesi How to add a thumbnail on my video clips?

Hey! The theme currently does not offer a way to do this. you would either use a image and add a link to that image to the video, or use a plugin that allows to add a thumbnail :)

when do you think a new update of the theme will come up? thanks

I am currently working on it. hope to release it within the next 7 days :)

Just a quick pre-sale question.

I need to create several pages with tabs with large amount of content: - Is it possible to use tables in tabs? - Are tabs sortable after being created? - Can I use custom html in tabs? - Can I use Google or Bing maps in tabs? - Can I use form in your tables?

Many thanks.


- You can add a html table to a tab, yes. (they use their own instance of the wordpress text editor)

- You can sort tabs in your backend and change their position, yes

- Works with google maps

- Using forms within the table shortcode has never been tested. it probably would work since you can add any html but can’t really imagine that it would look nice :)

Thanks for the info. Also can the gallery shortcode be placed in the tabs? Thanks again!

Well its not activated by default for the template builder, but you can copy the shortcode into that tabs element text editor if necessary :)

We tried to install the dummy files NOTHING there!

did you install the dummy content by using the dummy content file importer in your backend at enfold->theme options?

We downloaded everything: Enfold and Enfold Child and it is an empty theme with: Es konnte leider nichts gefunden werden!!!!!!!

Hey! Are you sure you are trying to install the correct theme folder?

Here is a trouble shooting video that might help:


I am interested in purchasing the Enfold theme and would like your suggestion based on my needs.

I have an errand service and so what we have are a set of questions that our clients will answer and then pay us for our service. Would you suggest using the Shop feature or use a form builder such as Gravity form and incorporate it into the theme?

Most questions are Yes or No type questions and some require inputting an address. An important part allows the client to input the amount that they want us to spend on a transaction. The Shipping option should be available as well. Once that is done clients pay the total.


Hey! This sounds more like a task for gravity forms if you ask me. Unless you can find a woocommerce extension that does exactly that I think you would have a hard time to reproduce this flow with the woocommerce default shop plugin…

@DaraEmerson you have to go to Enfold Theme Options in Wordpress Backend. The first Button on the top “Inport Demo data”

thanks ;)

FONT STYLING Where can we access and define font styles for ALL the major sections of the site? Where can we access custom css for the fonts? At the moment we are hunting around for where we can create our own style sheet for the type.

In your documentation there is a tab “Fonts” under the section “Setting up Styling”. In our version this tab does NOT exist – extremely frustrating…especially when you advertise as “Focus on typography, usability “

So please let us know how we can easily adjust the type!!!! thank you for some solutions here

Hey Dara. There Font dropdowns were moved to Enfold->Styling into the General tab bellow the rough preview. there are 2 selec dropdowns that allow you to select a predefined font stack for headings and one for body text.

Hi Kriesi,

Dont know why but the main menu does not show when the horizontal display resolution is +-900 px.

Take a look here:

Thanks in advance!.

Hey! I actually was talking about another setting. change the setting you used to the old value and then change the “Responsive Header Main Menu” setting :)

Thank you very much Kriesi, it works now!. Btw ENFOLD is by far the most amazing WP theme I have ever used. Thanks! :)

Glad it worked and glad you like it! :)

I Have a client that is using your theme Flashlight for a photo portfolios. He would like to change to a responsive theme like this one, so how will the portfolio database be able to adapt? Is it based on the same “engine” or do we have to re-import all the material?

Its unfortunately a different “engine”. Enfold was rewriten from the ground. The portfolio custom post type is of course the same as in flashlight and the images would still be in the database and available to be displayed, but you would need to re-apply those images to a enfold gallery, slideshow, masonry, whatever elemenet

Not so bad for getting to be responsive, I will pass the info on to the client and suggest we buy the theme and upgrade his site. Thank you.

Glad I could help! Cheers!

And where I can change featured image size on single post page?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site so my team can provide any necessary css :)

Hello, I have two questions. Can I do fullscreen background images with this one. Would it be possible to have sound snippets in the portfolio. I would not need the singlePortfolio Pages, but the sound should be playable in the portfolio overview. (Like it is with videos in the angular theme) I know it will not work out of the box, but would it be possible.


Thanks for your answer. The Website would be for a recording studio and they have lots of speakers (for commercials, telephone services, etc) who they want to showcase. They do not really need a portfolio site but there are sound snippets of their voices. They would be embedded with mp3 Files either with the built in player or with a plugin. No soundcloud! So I would use the portfolio filters for the categories (male, female, kids,...) and the entries for the sound snippets. There it would be perfect if the player could be embedded in the portfolio overview page so that there is no need for a site for each speaker. There are about 150 speakers.

Ok if you would enable the embeding the sound snippet via a plugin and the plugin provides a shortcode this might actually work. you could then add the shortcode to the portfolio items excerpt text which can optionally be displayed for each item :)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Your themes are so great, if I can’t use it in this project I can definitely use it in an other one. Thanks for the great support. Really appreciate it.

Hello, I’m buying the theme enfold the ThemeForest. I would like you leave enfold in my service exactly as the DEMO inside ThemeForest. How much does installation service?

My experience from previous templates bought is that i can never replicate the same-the one the DEMO. That’s why i request this special service.

Thank you!!!

Hey! The theme comes with a one click content import button that will add about 95% of the theme demo to your installation, just with different images :)

ok, thank you. I will buy it.

Great. if you need any content on your site that is not available in the dummy file feel free to ask on our forum how to set it up ;)

Just purchased this theme… installed and it was easy, but isn’t the dummy data incomplete?

It looks partially as the current demo site, but it doesn’t have several menu items and their pages.

I was interested in the Masonry Blog and Portfolio.

You’ll update the theme in the upcoming days?


Hey! I am planning to add some major new features to the theme with the next update. Once that is done I will add some new demo pages to the dummy content file but it might take a little while until that is ready.

Masonry Blog and Portfolio are actually very simple to set up. You just need to add the fullwidth masonry element to a page and select the post type :)

Cool! Can’t wait to see the new features. I’ll give it a try and test it. Thanks!

Good themes! I have posted a ticket regarding comments in the tab. I need to add a comments tab in the portfolio pages. But according to your team, unfortunately that is not possible :( All I can do to modify, is just adding the comments in portfolio, but not in it’s tab. I would rate this themes with 5 stars only when this feature become available (at the moment 4 stars is for you)

Keep up the good work!

Sorry but the team is unfortunately correct, that would require a customization job that is out of the scope of usual support here on themeforest.

Hi, is there a way to disable to “back-to-top” button? Thank you.

Hey! You can easily hide the button with a line of custom css.

Add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#scroll-top-link {
display: none;