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hi, is there a way to limit title carachter lenght (ie. 30 chars) when blog displayed in masonry style, without mess with the code? thanks.

Hey! I am sorry but without changing the code there is no way to do that, sorry…

Hi, Great Theme and thank you for the last update. I keep getting this error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4864 bytes) in /hermes/bosnaweb02a/b1440/ipw.createin1/public_html/equip2gosite/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/toggles.php on line 165 Please advice on what i should do to solve this problem. Thanks

it happens when i installed the BuddyPress plugin. Can i use BuddyPress with the Enfold theme?

Hey! The problem you are encountering is due to the fact that you are running on a server that does not use a lot of memory for your php files. Unfortunately both enfold, as well as buddypress got so many backend options that especially in the admin panel they need that memory.

There are 2 ways you can use to increase memory:

Either you try to increase the memory yourself:

or you simply ask your service provider to increase it in the server settings if the above method doesnt work :)

Is the Layer Slider (Revolutionary, ect.) you use in your theme support WPML?

Can I built a many sliders for many LANG?

Thank you

Yes thats possible. Since you would create a different page for another language you can also attach a different layerslider to the page with different elements for another language :)

Hi, great theme. how can i make masonry-portfolio page ?

Hey! Switch to the advanced layout editor, add a fullwidth masonry element from the “content elements” tab and then select the portfolio post type as a category :)

Hi there,

I was thinking of purchasing this theme, but first I would like to know if it would be possible to change the link of the the logo in the header. I do not want the logo to link to the homepage, but rather I would like it to link to the parent companies website.

Thanks =) jazeppi

There is no theme option for this but we provide a simple wordpress hook to change the link with a php function.

If you want we can provide that function which you would then either need to add to your functions.php file or to your child themes function.php file ;)

Just stopped by to say great work!

Thanks a lot :)

Hi folks,

I really enjoyed the theme but i need a LOGIN feature at the top of the theme (similar to the one as SISTINA theme – Do you know if there is an option to include this feature or if i could install a plugin or something to get the same result?



Hey! Unfortunately this would currently only work with a customization or maybe a plugin that adds a popup item to the main menu (not sure if there is one available)

It will get easier in the future to use plugins and shortcodes in the header but I can’t tell when this will be ready now…

I know this has probably been answered in the 109 pages of comments but I didn’t want to go through them all. :). I would like to set up Enfold as a blog for homepage with with a slider, featured area/boxes and full blog posts in that order. Is this doable? Thanks. Greg

I want to end with the blog and footer…so thanks. The blog will have pagination, right?

RE the blog layout BELOW..great news on the support ie blog entries! thanks.

Blog can or cannot have pagination in that case, you can change it however you like :)

I wanted to know if I purchased your theme can I add a payment page for my customers to pay for services rendered. Second, is the theme fee a one time payment or annually? Thanks for your help and great theme.

Hey! Not sure which kind of payment page you need. The theme supports woocommerce out of the box, which you can download for free and test if it has the features you need :)

The license fee is a one time fee ;)


Is there a way for the posts/pages to go beyond 960 width?

Thanks, Jack

Hey! Yes, the theme also comes with a large-width option which uses approx. 1200px width by default :)

Is there somewhere on your demo that I can see this?

Unfortunately not. I am planning to improve the demo styleswitcher but currently there is no way to change that setting

hi guys,

is there a nice update that came out ? (bcoz i noticed a date change in theme profile page)

would love to see import/export & unlimited skins! u know… new features r always welcome ;-)

btw, congrats for the continuous improvements!


Thanks. nothing big currently, just an item page update. Next one is in the pipeline and will add a few of those features ;)

Stay tuned ;D

Big congratulations on becoming the 5th biggest selling theme on TF!! You have done this in just 7 months and I do not believe anyone has risen this fast before. The theme keeps getting better and will continue to rise to the top. Again, congratulations!

Thanks! Will see if I can ever compete with Avadas numbers but I am of course extremely happy with the current position as well ;D


There hasn’t been a changelog for the last few versions. I’m contemplating a couple of themes, but I’d like to know what’s changing in the themes before I purchase one.


Hey! The major changelogs has been posted, the smaller sub-sub version were just bug fixes. next major release is coming soon though ;)

Hi, I was thinking of buying this theme. I am a photographer and need to showcase my pictures in full W x H pixels. I need to know if the slideshow option that is being showcased in this theme supports images as and would not crop them. For example my images could vary lets say 5760×3870 and another one 2250×1500. I need to be able to use them as is and just display full screen on a page template using the “slideshow” option you are providing. Can I be doing this without any issues? Please let me know. That would help me determine whether to buy or not. thank you

Hey! You can use the slideshow with the default image ratio activated and upload those images and they will display uncropped and the slider will also adapt to the size of the images. However there is no option to force the slider to display as fullscreen in that case. It will stretch across the full browser width and the height will be determined by the image size

Hi, ThemeForest reports a new update: Last Update 14 November 13

I downloaded Enfold but I do not see any updates. The files are identical to the previous version. Even style.css shows version 2.4.2

Hey! Sorry for the confusion, this was just a item page update, no theme files did change :)

Next update is coming soon though, so stay tuned :)

Hello Again,

I am having an issue with the icons and according function on the front page.  They no longer expand.  This may be an item that takes some digging into but I was hoping this was something you had seen before.

Thank you

Hey! Not seen something like that before but without a link its quite impossible to tell :)

Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Thank you for the response and I will be sure to do that. You do an excellent job with support and it is much appreciated.

Thanks! :)

Hey Kriesi,

I posted this on the support forum, but I don’t think it’s going to get passed up to you. Some small issues/tweaks related to Firefox that are really simple to fix:

Firefox 25 (on OS X at least—I haven’t tried on Windows) now seems to scale images poorly with image-rendering: optimizequality. It’s especially noticeable on the fixed header scaled logo with Enfold, or the logo slider on your Enfold demo home. I guess I’d recommend axing the rule from images for now, unless you have a better idea. I’m not sure if it’s a Firefox bug or Mozilla deprecated it or what. I hope this isn’t just my Firefox; I’m kind of paranoid about that since I don’t see this issue being discussed anywhere.

FF25 also supports -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale, which improves the sharpness of icon fonts in OS X if you apply it to them. It’s the same method as -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased. I guess you don’t use the Webkit one either, but there’s the new Firefox technique if you ever want to. Larger icons can look less “full” (although more accurate in shape), but it improves smaller icons a lot. You can see a big difference if you apply font smoothing to the “Check Forum” icon box on your Enfold demo home.

Last, this has been bugging me since Enfold v1.0. Firefox will apply a faux bold to fonts that have no bold weight if that’s what the CSS rules say it should be, so the search icon in the header is always bold in Firefox. Adding font-weight: normal to it would be nice. This can be a problem other places too, but there’s no easy solution with the way Enfold is currently set up—we’d need to be able to load more Google font weights, be able to change the font weights of headings, or both (although I know those changes are easy enough to do manually).

Thanks! They’re minor things, but it is clear from your work that you love perfection.

Hey! No worries, everything gets passed up to me but thanks for making sure :)

I will take a look at all of this once i have finished the features for the next update ;)

I too am trying to figure out how to set the order of my portfolio items. I’d love to be able to specify how I want them to appear (in which order). Love the theme!

Hey! Changing the order by default is not possible, you would need to add a sorting filter to the functions.php file.

If you need help with that feel free to open up a thread in our support forum, my team will guide you trough the process :)


Im trying to post a question in forum I couldn’t see a post or a start button to put my question there. Anyway I have a question is it possible to the following (please check the attached file.)

Would require some css modifications.

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.avia-section {
border-bottom: 2px solid #3A3;

You can also add a unique id to each section when editing the section and then add a custom thickness or color if needed :)

I installed Enfold locally and have no plugins. I am running wordpress 3.7.1. The theme worked well uploading the sample content. But one HUGE issue for me. The drag and drop functionality is only working on the page type (not a post). Is this really how it works? The main reason I bought was the drag and drop functionality. Please tell me I am missing something.

Page view with drag-and-drop Aria working well:


Post view with drag-and-drop Aria broken:


I have not touched either WP or the theme, both virgin installs

Hey! This is correct, thats how the theme is supposed to work. The template builder uses a different php file to render its entries and especially fullwidth entries would break the layout of the blog in many cases. Since Blog Posts are intended to be used for articles and news we also figured a template builder would not be necessary for these kind of entries…