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Has established itself to the test server your design theme. It is very slow, there are a variety of errors. If you go to a standard theme, all the problems disappear. Can you help me with this problem?

Here is site:

Sorry for my English

Hey! This is indeed very slow. Unfortunately this is probably something with your server setting since its the first time I experienced this, out of the 14000 sales the theme made.

Have you asked your hosting provider if the can check what might be the cause for the error? If there is a specific function used that does not work well with your current server setting for example?

With the problem sorted out. I do not know what exactly a bug, but this behavior occurs after the topic the following steps:

1. Import Dummy Content 2. Rename a page that displays the content on the homepage. In this case, specify the name of the page in Cyrillic.

Repeated on another test server. After these steps, the various scripts or do not pass a timeout or at the limit of allocated memory.

Solution: you just have to resave once again renamed the page.

Thank you for your help.

Hello, I love the theme and would like to buy it, but first I would like to take some questions.

It is possible to create a one page website with custom sections parallax?

The portfolio works using Ajax navigation one page using filters by category?

thank you

:bigsmile: Thanksss :bigsmile:

Hello Kriesi,

I am very satisfied with the theme, great job ..

could help me with 2 questions;

01 – What is the name and where is the php file that can control the height of parallax-slider (One Page Portfolio)?

02 – What is the name and where is the php file that can control the amount of columns in “Ajax Portfolio”? I would have at least 6 columns and if possible leave fullwidth.

thank you

Happy new year Kriesi team


1.) the fullscreen parallax slider is generated by the file:


at about line 260 of that file there is an experimental array item that we did comment out of the active code that lets you control the height based on a percentage base.

2.) enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia_shortcodes/portfolio.php

you can add additional column numbers in line 70. if you add for example the number “6” you would also need to go to line 296 and add something like this;

case "6": $grid = 'av_one_sixth';  if($preview_mode == 'auto') $image_size = 'portfolio_small'; break;

Hi – i have a problem. After the latest update its very slow and when i change the design in the “styling” (colors) its not responding and so on. What can that be?

Hey Jane! Mind posting a thread in the forum with a link to your site so we can take a look? You probably already did post a link once but unfortunately I can’t remember with all the requests we get :)

I am experiencing the same thing as ^InfinityJane2013^. In addition to the styling options being very finicky, i have a couple other questions.

1. Is it possible to add a caption to the iframe pop up for the images in the gallery. currently i am filling in the alt tags and it places that info on the top left of the image, but i need something more obvious. Possible?

3. How do i change the default font sizes? I cannot find it in the styling options. Please advise.

Thanks, the theme rocks!

1.) Unfortunately not sorry. This would require some heavy customizations to either the theme code or the lightbox, both which is unfortunately out of the scope of the default support because it would take so long :(

2.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:

How do I remove the Enfold logo that continues to appear on the top left of my site?

Hey! In your backend at enfold->theme options simply upload a new logo to replace the default one :)

How do you create the shop function as showed in your live preview?

Best regards,


Hey! I have used the woocommerce shop plugin and the template builder. as soon as the plugin is active the theme provides a few extra elements like shop grid and shop carousel which you can then add to any page :)

Hi Kriesi,

When I look at my page on an ipad, i cannot change the size with my fingers, all other sites i can change, is there something I did wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Hey! This is a setting in the themes backend that can be changed: You can either use the default responsive behavior or deactivate it and use the fixed layout at enfold->general settings->Responsive Layout Dropdown

I will try! Thanks!

(posted on your forum too)

I was a tad confused on how to add soundcloud embeds to the theme. Theme works perfectly, but is not obvious that you have to paste the link as a video.

Theme recognizes Soundcloud and embeds perfectly. You have to treat it as a video. And paste the url in the field for a link. I went to \wp-content\themes\enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\video.php and hacked a few lines of code, as the embed was coming up screwy due to the 16-9 default format for videos (the dropdown for custom sizes is way down scrolled and prob won’t be noticed by some novice users).

function shortcode_handler($atts, $content = "", $shortcodename = "", $meta = "") { if(preg_match('/soundcloud/',$atts['src'])&&($atts['height']>4)){ $atts['height']=4;//resets the height to 4 (from 9) so the embed looks better $atts['format']='custom'; }

Basically the hack just helps ensure your users don’t have to go in and start chopping away at the automatically-generated shortcode. I tested it as a single post view, and as a syndicated news item. To get it to show up in a feed, make sure your settings are “full content”. Just put “read more” breaks in the post to chop it in the news feed wherever you like for each post.

Using the custom format, users can change the dimensions of the iframe, but like I said, it might be missed. This hack corrects that oversight with 4 lines of code.

Thanks for the suggestion, will take it into account when we release the next patch :)

Hello First Amazing Job guys ;) before buying just one question, is that only the first header shrinking? or can we shrink all of them? Thanks

You can also shrink the bigger one :) A future update will provide even more control and allow you to shrink any header but I cant tell yet when this option will be available :)

After working for a while on one post (e.g. saving it multiple times) it becomes very buggy. Had this numerous times on various installs (with most recent version).

Once the page/post is “corrupt” the bugs vary. For example the “color sections” won’t end (it seems that it opens the , but won’t close it). This also cause very weird artifacts further down the page.

Once the page is corrupt it almost always results in this when saving: (thus it keeps loading).

Currently I’m working on a BIG page and I really cannot rebuild it. I need to be able to fix this big ASAP. Can you point me in the right direction to see/edit the source of the page?

Thanks in advance. Hope you can help me on short notice. While the bug is here, the theme/site is worthless to me :(

Even worse – I just spend quite some time rebuilding the page.. and the issue is still there!

Mental note to myself: don’t use this theme when you’re on a deadline.. :(

Just tried to add a support ticket to your system.. To make it even better, it gives a 404 when trying to send the ticket. The result? Writing a lenghty topic for nothing. Yeah!

Hey! Sorry for all the problems, not really sure what is going on here and why you couldnt post on the support forum but I do of course understand the frustration. Would you mind trying to create another topic shortly describing the problem and posting us a link to the site? I have only encountered this issue once and it was because of extensive use of html fragments that were nested incorrectly in the template builder. are you using any additional html?

After a first inspection we will probably also need access to your backend so we can try to see whats going on here, since even when I create pages with 100 elements I don’t run into trouble like you.

Please also include a list of plugins you are running…

Hi Kriesi, love this theme!

The Easy Slider on my web do not work. It did work but it has stopped working. What can i do?

How many webs can i create with your theme an how can i updated?

Thanks in advance!


Hey Antonio! Slideshows seem to work fine for me, guess you already applied the update? :)

pre sales question. do you allow sub heading parallax scrolling? like found in this website :

I mean when you click the header, it will scroll you to a certain section of the page.

Anyway I found out you can do it with this theme, from earlier replies!

Ah, yes of course thats possible :)

Hi, is possible to increase the width of the mega-menu?

Hey! Unfortunately not, the mega menu is bound to the same dimensions as the grid system. changing one would mean chaning both which in turn would be a delicate customization job…

Hi, cool theme! I need to know if there is a way to eliminate the breadcrump? Thanks for your support ;)

Do you want to remove the whole subheader?

hen add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .title_container {display:none;}

not really, i would like to remove only the breadcrumb string

Tnanks again

then use

#top .title_container .breadcrumb {display:none;}

Hi! I’m italian, so … sorry for my basic english! Where do I find the “demo content”? Because i want to install the demo content in my website.

Thank iu :)

Hey! You can find it in your backend at Enfold->theme options-> import dummy content

Thank iu, dude!

Is there a way to replace the previous/next arrows in the portfolio preview (ajax_previous, ajax_next) with text or buttons with text and arrow icons?


Hey! Not without a html and css customization. You would need to edit the enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia_shortcodes/portfolio.php file and edit the output around line 274, then edit the css of the ajax_previous and ajax_next class to display those labels

Posted this over on support forums and am posting here as well. Couldn't add the font. The script returned the following error: Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 1: parser error : Space required after the Public Identifier in /home/content/28/9115828/html/webdev/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/font-manager.class.php on line 177 Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> in /home/content/28/9115828/html/webdev/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/font-manager.class.php on line 177 Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: ^ in /home/content/28/9115828/html/webdev/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/font-manager.class.php on line 177

Please advise as I’m having issues uploading Fontello Zipped font packages. Seems others are as well. Theme is current and font-manager.php is most recent version. Struggling with this for a few days now and need to resolve quickly. If you can’t tell me what’s up with the errors I’m getting in line 177 of your font-manager.php is there a way to manually ftp a new Fontello package in via ftp perhaps. Thanks!

no worries, glad its solved! but it would be great if you could write down in your thread that this issue is resolved and maybe how it was resolved for other users to try the solution as well :)

will do!

great, thanks :)

Loving this theme more than the theme from Star Wars… is there an easy way I can use my company logo on thumbnail roll overs instead of the round circle with the curved arrow that appears?... I love the circle with the curved arrow, but it would be cool to have logo there… I’m guessing this is more complicated than I think it is….

k change it to

.image-overlay.overlay-type-extern .image-overlay-inside:before {
content: " " !important;
background-image: url('');
background-position: center center;
background-repeat: none; 

that should do the trick :)

Nice… your Ninja coding skills are second to none… I’ll give that a try tonight…


I have a couple more pre-sale questions:

1. To create a photo gallery page in my website I would have to chose between using one of the portfolio layouts you have or one of the sliders? Or is there another option?

2. Can I have a members only login area?

3. Is there a way I can include a login for a newsletter subscription?


Hey! The portfolio layouts are just samples, they are built with the template builder. you can create pretty much any layout you like here :)

2.) The theme doesnt support that out of the box, but there are a lot of plugins tailored for different needs that work just fine :)

3.) Same as 2. Not out of the box but most newsletter plugins come with newsletter signup widgets or shortcodes, and you can then place either one anywhere on your page with the template builder :)


i plan to start a new e-commerce project in a few days so is there a timeline of features/improvements coming ? especially on design styles/skinning etc


Hey! I am currently having a little trouble with one of the features I want to add with the next release so I cant really offer a timeline on styling right now. I guess within the next 2 subversions of the theme (2.5 or 2.6) we will add some more features for styling and headings but cant give any ETAs right now